3 Email Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

Mistakes happen to all of us, no matter how infallible we believe ourselves to be. Some are big mistakes, some small, some expensive, some of no consequence -- but they are mistakes nonetheless, and we should be learning from each and every one of them.

Nine Ways to Insure Your Email Invite

Email invitations are standard operating procedure for corporate events these days. But even seasoned pros will admit that keeping electronic messages out of the electronic trash is becoming a greater challenge.

Customers Are Mobile -- Is Your Email Marketing?

There would seem to be a paradox in email marketing. A mobile consumer base is checking their phones more than ever, making them easier to reach and target than ever before -- yet at the same time, there is a 10% drop in people reporting to Adobe researchers that they find branded emails interesting enough to engage with. So on the one hand we have three in four -- as a rough average -- checking their mobile inboxes more often that their desktop equivalent, stating they much prefer to deal with email on the phone. Yet when they get to that inbox they are not engaging less with branded messages.

5 Phrases You Should Never Use in a Sales Email

Good email copywriting speaks to individuals, not consumer groups. The reader wants the writing to appeal to her unique wants, needs, and pain points. Cliches do just the opposite. Using a canned email template, or overly familiar phrases that add no value, only expose the sender's laziness. By failing to craft a thoughtful and relevant email from scratch, you greatly reduce your chances of making a strong connection with your prospective customers. From the reader's perspective, cliches feel hollow.

How to Craft a Clever, Clickable and Concise Email

Over the course of an hour, our career experts covered an array of questions ranging from how to craft a clever and clickable subject line, to images and how to optimize them to their fullest potential.

5 Simple Fixes To Improve Your Email Marketing and Generate Results

When done properly, email marketing has the potential to be one of the most effective and persuasive forms of marketing, providing the highest ROI for your business. However, most companies don’t implement email marketing strategies the right way, and as a result they don’t generate the kinds of results a business expects.