Ten Ways to Freshen-Up Your Email Marketing

For 10 years, email has remained at the top of the ROI charts in our annual Email Marketing Industry Census. Interestingly, though, email marketing budgets have hardly shifted in that time, remaining around 15% of overall spend. So, though it seems like email is working well, companies are not increasing investment in the channel.

6 Key Email Marketing Tips for Fall

Fall is a critical period for your email marketing Opens a New Window. campaigns. How you execute your marketing strategies this season can make or break your holiday sales, swing the pendulum on customer engagement, and help your business build strong momentum into the winter to last through 2017.

Low Email CTR? Here’s Why You Should Delete Subscribers

By 2018, you’ll get over 140 emails each day. Billions are already sent daily, adding up to trillions annually (how many zeroes is that even?!). Email service providers attempt to help, scanning and filtering the questionable stuff out before it even hits your inbox. You thought Facebook’s declining organic reach is bad? Wait until all of your emails go unread, straight into the email abyss (also known as the Promotions tab). Surprisingly, one solution to improve results is actually through deleting email subscribers. Here’s why, and how to do it strategically to jumpstart your lackluster email results.

37 Email Marketing Stats You Can’t Afford to Miss

This is a question that many brands and advertisers continue to ask themselves on a daily basis. The truth is, email marketing is still the best way to increase engagement and get a response from your audience almost immediately. Even with mobile usage on the rise, email should still be a priority — especially if you are doing any type of online retargeting advertising where you can target your audience based on their email address.

5 Effective Strategies for Startups to Grow Their Email Lists

A high-quality email list can get the traction you need on a product launch, encourage higher numbers of store visits, and strengthen the relationship between you and your customers. These strategies are going to ensure that your email list grows at an exponential rate.