Mobile Marketing: What to Watch in 2017

Mobile marketing has had an enormous impact on how brands interact with marketers in 2016.

Social Takes A Battering As Email Drives 18x More Black Friday Sales

Ever need something to put the social team in its place? Well, how about this very simple statistic? According to the data crunchers at Adobe Digital Index, social accounted for just under 1% of Black Friday sales.

Email as a Service: Bridging the Gap Between Digital Marketing and Brick-And-Mortar Experiences

Contributor Jason Warnock explains how email as a service can connect your email marketing with in-store customer experiences and offers tips on how to include it in your own marketing emails.

4 Ways to Cater to Your Email Marketing Audience

Email marketing is an essential part of any and all marketing strategies now.

Getting the Most out of Your Holiday Emails

With the holidays in full swing, columnist Scott Heimes offers tips on how to plan a successful email marketing campaign that engages your subscribers.

Segment Your Email Marketing in 3 Easy Steps

Do you want better open and click rates for your e-newsletters? Segmentation is the solution. But before you groan and think, “I don’t have the resources for that kind of customized approach,” hear us out.

3 Facts About Email Marketing That Make or Break Campaigns

Does your brand obsess over marketing? Good. Does your marketing team constantly try to stay up to date and fresh with their marketing? Great. Do they tend to abandon older technologies, and assume that they’re obsolete? Hold up.

8 Tips To Make Your Holiday Email Marketing Campaign Successful

The festive season is around the corner. It’s time now to shop online and get profit of the best discount offers or other holiday plans proposed by leading brands for their products and services too.

A Four-Step Guide To Creating Your Digital Marketing Plan

In today’s hyper-connected world, your business can thrive or die based on your company’s unique digital marketing plan. Many of your customers will come directly from an online location.

8 Ways to Improve Your Email Marketing Performance

Email marketing provides you with a lot of data to evaluate performance and make improvements.

How to Solve 5 Common Email Marketing Problems

Retailers have plenty of data on hand that can help address these widely shared challenges. Segmentation has been proven time and time again to significantly impact email marketing metrics, and retailers in particular have plenty of consumer behavior to segment on, including purchase patterns, browsing activity, email engagement, geo-location and more.

Four Predictions for Email Marketing in 2017

Here’s what will happen with email in 2017: Nothing. Nothing is going to change until we as marketers change how we think about email. Look at the last 10 years or so.