4 Ways to Cater to Your Email Marketing Audience

Email marketing is an essential part of any and all marketing strategies now.

Ten Ways to Freshen-Up Your Email Marketing

For 10 years, email has remained at the top of the ROI charts in our annual Email Marketing Industry Census. Interestingly, though, email marketing budgets have hardly shifted in that time, remaining around 15% of overall spend. So, though it seems like email is working well, companies are not increasing investment in the channel.

Blending Social and Email for a Better Customer Experience

Do your email subscribers use social media? Let me ask this a different way. Is anyone not using social media? Like email, social media is a powerful marketing tool. This is especially true today as consumers expect more of a personal and engaging relationship with a brand, as opposed to just a transactional one.

Five Ways Marketers Can Improve Customer Experience Through Email

Marketing is all about personalisation. If your customers receive inappropriate communications, they’re likely to switch off and take their business elsewhere. Today, consumers expect the way brands speak to them to be tailored to their past habits and preferences; after all, they’re the ones with the buying power.

6 Social Media Marketing Tactics That Give the Best Bang for Your Buck

These six social media marketing tactics offer some of the most “bang for your buck,” giving you the biggest impact and broadest return for the least amount of initial investment.

6 Ecommerce Email Marketing Campaigns for Q4 2016

Powerful retail holidays — Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas — dominate the fourth quarter and should be the focus of ecommerce email marketing. Email volume increases significantly in the last quarter of the year. Ecommerce success can hinge on how well your email marketing performs. What follows are six email marketing campaign ideas, to spark your business’s creativity.

How Do I Make Sure My Site Is Mobile Friendly? A Checklist

Google has strengthened its mobile-friendly ranking signal even further, making it all the more important for webmasters to have a site which meets Google’s standards. With that in mind, how can you make sure that your site comes up to scratch? We’ve put together a handy checklist of things you should do (or not do) in order to get the cleanest bill of mobile health possible from Google.