4 Social-Media Mistakes Your Business Can't Afford to Make

Social media marketing is something you need to be doing. It’s too effective when it comes to growing your business to ignore it. As more businesses make it a larger component of its marketing strategies, I see more mistakes being made. Here are four mistakes you don't want to make on social media.

3 Things you Should Know About Landing Page Optimization

Landing pages. They can be incredibly useful for lead generation and increasing conversions for your website, but so many people fail to understand the small details that can lead to major results for your business overall. In this article, I’ll cover four simple things you should be doing with your landing pages in order to optimize them for better conversions.

How Effective Is Your Email Marketing?

Email is still one of marketing’s greatest tactics, but how effective is your email marketing?

5 Phrases You Should Never Use in a Sales Email

Good email copywriting speaks to individuals, not consumer groups. The reader wants the writing to appeal to her unique wants, needs, and pain points. Cliches do just the opposite. Using a canned email template, or overly familiar phrases that add no value, only expose the sender's laziness. By failing to craft a thoughtful and relevant email from scratch, you greatly reduce your chances of making a strong connection with your prospective customers. From the reader's perspective, cliches feel hollow.

Quick & Easy Ways to Improve Lead Conversions

Traffic is up, but lead conversion numbers aren’t improving. The end of your reporting period is coming up fast, and you need a quick fix for jump-starting lead conversions. What’s a marketer to do? Here are some of our favorite quick and easy ways to improve lead conversions on your website.