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Rule NO. 60


Do not start your emails with Re: or Fwd:. This may appear deceiving to email recipients.

How to Be Successful in Twitter Marketing

Indeed, Twitter is an effective social media tool for marketers to connect and engage with their target market. Publications such as BBC News World, Fox News, and New York Times have maintained a steady presence on Twitter. Popular brands like Chanel, Samsung, Starbucks, PlayStation, Victoria’s Secret have also joined and successfully leveraged on Twitter to connect with their audience. So the question is, how do we build a community around our digital campfire?

How to Make Your Email Marketing Engaging to Millennials

How can email marketers engage millennials? Columnist Scott Heimes offers tips on how to grab the attention of millennial recipients and retain their trust.

Why Cross-Channel Is the Future of Email Marketing

Customers are engaging with your brand across an increasing number of touchpoints – websites, social media, in-store, mobile and tablets; but regardless of how they engage, they expect a customised, personalised, and consistent experience.

Beat the Heat this Summer with Smart Subject Lines

The infographic below shares best practices for marketers to beat the heat and keep contacts engaged all summer long. Subject line tips and tricks like emojis, brevity, personalization and segmentation can help cut through the clutter and get messages across to customers. Marketers should be timely, use data, and get creative with content to boost open rates and make this summer an email marketing success.

10 Email Marketing Secrets to Acquire and Retain More Retail Customers

What’s the most effective way for retailers to both acquire and retain customers? According to a recent survey of retail businesses by WBR Digital for Emarsys, it’s email — by far. More than eight in 10 businesses surveyed (81 percent) say they depend on email for customer acquisition, while 80 percent rely on it for customer retention. In addition, nearly three-fourths say email marketing is a priority in their marketing budgets. How can your retail business best use email marketing to acquire and retain more customers? Here are 10 tactics successful retailers use.

3 Stats That Will Force You to Re-Examine Your Email Marketing Strategy

Email marketing has been proclaimed dead time and again. Yet the statistics always prove the naysayers wrong. This time we have some new numbers from a 2016 study that shows email marketing has the highest and consistently growing ROI. We examine how to take advantage of this evergreen marketing channel.

Five Ways to Improve Your B2B Digital Marketing Data Strategy

Modern B2B digital marketing often isn’t as neat and clean as it may appear. In trying to get it right, marketers typically grapple with data’s mechanics, its application, and ultimately its purpose. Today, the most acute challenge is linking tailored messages to optimal contact timing. It’s a multi-layered, complex and difficult-to-get-right problem. Since it’s no longer sufficient for us to be smart with data-driven marketing insights and channels, we must also be timely, or, in some circumstances, even immediate.

5 Tips for Click-Worthy Subject Lines

Even as a marketer, I'm guilty of it: When I wake up and check my email (because, let's face it, it's the first thing we all do every morning), I scroll through my inbox for anything irrelevant to me and delete it without a second thought. It's the same decision process that prompts me to flag certain emails for reading later, and to open and respond to others immediately. The "from" name for every message plays a major role in this, but in many cases, it's the email's subject line that lays the foundation for my decision.

Email Marketing to Millennials: 3 Ways to Reach the Largest Consumer Generation

With over 80 million people in the generational cohort, millennials compose the largest demographic of consumers in the United States. The sheer size and spending power of millennials — which Accenture estimates to be about $600 billion each year — makes this generation the main target of many consumer businesses. E-commerce brands that can capture the hearts, minds and wallets of millennials are poised to see incredible success. Conversely, those that fail to do so will quickly fall behind.

What to Include in Automated Emails, for Ecommerce

Business owners typically despise chain emails. We delete most “template” emails — such as pitching services — within seconds. When it comes to ecommerce, though, stock messages can help increase sales. Yes, properly formatted automated messages can do wonders for ecommerce businesses of all sizes.

The Simple 3-Step Process to Converting Paid Traffic Through Email Marketing

If you put in the work on the front end and create a high-quality email autoresponder sequence, you will be able to convert paid traffic with almost no effort at all. While this may sound like an impossible task (if you have never created an autoresponder sequence before), it is actually a lot easier than you think. So, here are three simple steps to creating an epic autoresponder series that will allow you to generate massive amounts of income . . . while you sleep. Sound like something you are interested in? Here are the steps.

Email Marketing Myths You Thought Were Facts

Last year, the number of emails sent and received totaled over 205 billion. The world is, without a doubt, addicted to our inboxes. And because of that, despite what the clickbait-generating marketing “gurus” want you to believe, no, email marketing is not dead. Nor will it be dead in the foreseeable future.

Five Simple but Often Overlooked Ways to Boost Your Email Marketing

Is your email marketing growing stale? Are run-of-the-mill approaches not working for you? If you're up for trying something different, here are five relatively unconventional actions that might seem scary... but may also be just what you need to do to boost your email marketing.

6 Ways to Tune Up Your Email Marketing

Email is one of the top ways to reach customers and prospective customers. There are many different ideologies when it comes to the most effective email marketing techniques, but there are some tried and true basics that apply across the board. I’ve tested several strategies over the years managing the email newsletters and lists for multiple sites, and share my favorite email marketing tips below. Remember, the goal is to increase opens and encourage readers to take action.