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Rule NO. 60


Do not start your emails with Re: or Fwd:. This may appear deceiving to email recipients.

No Diamonds Necessary: Effective Email List Re-Engagement Tips

Email marketing can be a very effective strategy for the growth and success of your business. Keeping your customers engaged for the long run, however, can prove quite challenging.Email lists tend to die out over the years through user inactivity. Launching a re-engagement campaign should be a top priority marketing strategy.

What Email Marketers Should Know About the EU's New Data Law

All businesses that send emails to a predefined database will be affected by the new GDPR bill – so how can they prepare ahead of time?

Ranked: 11 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Subject Lines

To give retailers some inspiration for the rest of the holiday season, Website Magazine has put together a list of email subject lines sent out between Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday. Each subject line has been put to the test with best practice algorithm testing tool, Here is how they ranked.

Rule NO. 2


Using words like "private" or "secret" convey exclusivity and positively impact response rates.

4 Reasons Why Email Marketing Is an Asset for All Small Businesses

Why then, in this era of real-time socially driven marketing, do businesses continue to feature email as a staple of their marketing strategy? As recently as 2014, more than half of marketers surveyed by the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) planned to increase spending on their email channel, citing their impressive return on investment as the driving factor. So what is it about this veteran marketing channel that keeps savvy businesses coming back for more?

6 Tips to Improve Email Marketing Deliverability in 2016

Now that mailbox providers have added the ability for consumers to block specific email addresses, marketers will increasingly be held accountable and need to be more responsible when sending email marketing campaigns. Below are six tips to increase the deliverability and success of an email marketing campaign.

10 Types of Marketing Emails to Rock Your Business

There are many types of marketing emails you can send to your audience so understanding which types make the most sense for your business is an essential first step. Let’s explore the most common types of marketing emails so that you can plan your email design and strategy accordingly.

Email Address Quality – The Benefits of a Clean List

Whether you realize it or not, there’s a price tag attached to every email address in your database. How well you manage the quality of those addresses can mean the difference between: A profit or a loss on your email marketing efforts; A Rolodex of satisfied customers or a costly lawsuit; and a lucrative holiday season or missed sales goals and irate executives.

You've Got Mail: The Comprehensive Email Marketing Guide

In the year 2016, email marketing is no longer an option for businesses, it's a requirement. Regardless of industry or function, email marketing is a relatively affordable and highly beneficial marketing function. It allows you to have direct contact with your customer, and in many cases, can provide an opportunity to not only engage, but garner sales as well. Still need convincing that email marketing is a must?

The Top 5 Best Practices to Boost B2B Lead Generation

B2B lead generation is no walk in the park. It takes time, effort, and money. But with the proper tools and knowledge, you can speed up the process and make life a lot easier for yourself. A key part of the process is having the right Call-to-Action.

3 Ingredients for High Converting Landing Pages

First impressions matter. And, for many online visitors, a landing page is the first impression or interaction they’ll have with your business. Uncovering a win on one landing page could lead to exponential wins on similar landing pages as well.

3 Secrets About Email Marketing and Sending out Your Own Newsletters

While it may not seem as hip or cutting edge as the latest form of social media, Smart Insights reveals that email campaigns get 50 to 100 times more clicks than Facebook and Twitter. Of course, email marketing isn’t magic; you still have to do it right. That means sending emails to the right people with the right subject line at the right time. We’re going to tell you how to accomplish all three based on our experience sending millions of emails a week.

13 Email Marketing Tips to Increase Open Rates, Click-through, and Shares

Email marketing is one of the most affordable and effective ways to consistently engage customers and prospects. But to ensure their message is read and distributed, brands need to focus on improving three important metrics: open rates, click-through rates, and forwards. Below, we define each metric, highlight its importance, and describe strategies to improve your current stats.

7 Tips to Create Compelling Email Subject Lines

here are however, external factors and limitations sometimes imposed by the email send provider that limit your control.On the other hand, you have complete control over your subject line and it can make the biggest impact on the success or failure of your campaign.