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Personalization in Email Marketing for Services is Mostly a Pipe Dream

Automated personalization has proven disappointing for services businesses. Here’s why along with a few thoughts about what can be done to overcome the limitations of automation.

Choosing the Best Email Marketing Services and Software

Learn how to find the best email marketing service.

Rule NO. 51


Check your spelling! Misspellings in your subject line are a faux pas that will lower your open rates.

Rule NO. 12


Including "You" or "Your" in your subject line boosts response rate.

How to Use Data to Drive Your Email Marketing

Ways you can leverage data to improve the performance of your campaigns.

The Psychology Behind Effective Email Marketing

Nancy Harhut offers her insight into psychology and how it influences email marketing.

Email Marketing Trends Taking Place Right Now

Implement these trends the next time you send out a message.

Why Now Is the Time to Dive into Interactive Email Marketing Campaigns

Learn how interactive emails could play a role in marketing transformation.

6 Ways To Improve Your Email Marketing Campaigns And Boost Sales Online

These practices are quite straightforward, and not complex, but they represent simple ways to help your business improve your email marketing.

Why Organizations Should Consider Switching To Plain-Text Email Marketing

Ultimately, you need to ask yourself: does this message deserve the pomp and circumstance?

Rule NO. 23


Starting your subject line with a special character like a "#," could negatively impact deliverability.

The Case for Customer Reactivation

Let’s review the strategies that are most effective in stimulating a renewed relationship with your dormant customers.

Top Tips: Email Marketing

Sharing tips to make your Email Marketing rock.

2017 Worldata Email Marketing Calendar

Get the 2017 B2B and B2C Email Marketing Calendar Today!

Reducing chaos and stress in email marketing

While email marketing is a powerful way for marketers to communicate, it can also be chaotic.

How Do Your Email Marketing Automation Efforts Score?

Thanks to the rise of analytic dashboards, email marketing automation is easier to measure after the fact.