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3 Email Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

Mistakes happen to all of us, no matter how infallible we believe ourselves to be. Some are big mistakes, some small, some expensive, some of no consequence -- but they are mistakes nonetheless, and we should be learning from each and every one of them.

Six Social Media Advertising Ideas to Make You Look Like a Big Deal

Perception is everything. In the business world, people are naturally attracted to the biggest names, whether you call them influencers, experts, or [insert industry here] rock stars. But what if you aren’t a big name yet? What if you’re just starting out and looking to make a name for yourself? How can you get on the radar of people you want to do business with in the future? Social media advertising makes it super easy to appear superbad. You can bias the way people think about you and make yourself (or your company) appear bigger than you are.

Rule NO. 59


Multiple punctuation marks in a row may trigger spam filters and get your emails sent to junk.

The Genius of Easy-Click Emails

A recent flight gives contributor Jason Warnock a glimpse into the future of email marketing and shows why marketers should care about easy-click emails.

Rule NO. 1


Less is more when it comes to exclamation marks. Do not use multiple in a row.

3 Things you Should Know About Landing Page Optimization

Landing pages. They can be incredibly useful for lead generation and increasing conversions for your website, but so many people fail to understand the small details that can lead to major results for your business overall. In this article, I’ll cover four simple things you should be doing with your landing pages in order to optimize them for better conversions.

3 Steps to More Sales By Split Testing: Email Marketing Tips

Take a look at that last promotion you sent. Go ahead, open it up. How is your subject? Interesting enough to open? How about your call to action? So intriguing that you want to click it? Good! But opens and clicks only measure interest. They’re not your end goal. Your goal is to make sales. It’s the revenue from customer purchases that keeps you afloat. So a broadcast’s true worth can be measured in the sales it generates. The trick is finding out how to put the message together in a way that prompts the most purchases. With a little setup, you can do this right in your AWeber account.

Customers Are Mobile -- Is Your Email Marketing?

There would seem to be a paradox in email marketing. A mobile consumer base is checking their phones more than ever, making them easier to reach and target than ever before -- yet at the same time, there is a 10% drop in people reporting to Adobe researchers that they find branded emails interesting enough to engage with. So on the one hand we have three in four -- as a rough average -- checking their mobile inboxes more often that their desktop equivalent, stating they much prefer to deal with email on the phone. Yet when they get to that inbox they are not engaging less with branded messages.

Email Marketing Is Still the King

According to a recent Adobe survey, time spent checking email increased by 17 percent over the last year among white-collar workers in the United States. When it comes to marketing, half of consumers prefer to be contacted by brands via email (followed by direct mail at 22 percent and social media at nine percent). This is great news for content marketers who are pushing hard to grow their subscriber lists – meaning they’re making a concerted effort to collect email addresses, and tracking their email list growth is one of their top performance metrics.

Common Mistakes Impact Your Email Marketing Workflow Success

Time and resources – marketers always seem to be running out of both. Thankfully, email marketing workflows can help you conserve both hours and manpower, provided they’re used correctly. Workflows are a series of emails that are automatically sent to subscribers based upon their behavior. Think of it like an automated “if this, then that” flowchart. Did the user click on a link in the email but abandon their shopping cart? If yes, they get a free shipping offer via email a few days later.

4 Benefits of Send Time Optimization in Email Marketing

"When is the best time to send an email?" is one of the most often asked questions in email marketing. Maybe even the most asked. It's also one of the hardest questions to answer, in any way other than "it depends." And the answer you get today can be influenced by things outside of your control tomorrow.

Email Marketing Advice for Retailers Heading Into Busy Holiday Season

With all the marketing tools at their disposal, retailers may be overlooking one of the most popular and effective channels: email. After 45 years, this workhorse of the digital marketer’s toolkit still offers the highest ROI of any channel, and is customers’ preferred method of contact. To help retailers get ahead of the coming holiday season, data solutions provider Return Path today released Email Marketing for Retailers, a new guide highlighting nine key factors that drive an effective email program. Following are a few of the report’s key insights.

Email Isn't Dead, or Dying. It's Thriving, Says Adobe

Email marketers rejoice. Despite all the naysayers, email usage at work is surging and consumers still see the communication medium as the best way to be contacted by a brand.

Deborah Lippmann's Six Tips for Polishing Your Email Strategy

Despite this success, Deborah Lippmann isn't done polishing up its program yet. Like many marketers, the brand is currently preparing for the upcoming holiday season. Lippmann shared some of his email marketing best practices that marketers can leverage this holiday season and all year long. Here are six.

Trust, Value And Technology Will Drive The Rebirth Of B2B Email Marketing

When a digital platform reaches the saturation point and overwhelmed users begin to automatically tune out content, what’s a marketer to do? We are about to see exactly that happen in the realm of B2B email marketing, a format that may soon be seeing shrinking returns as recipients, inundated by dozens of marketing emails bombarding their inboxes on a daily basis, begin unsubscribing from lists as fast as new emails come in.