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7 Data-Driven Ways to Create Better Content for Your Campaign

What makes content great? This is a question you are likely to ask yourself when you sit down to launch your next campaign. Before you begin to type, take a second to consider some larger aspects of content strategy, and let some new research to be your guide.

Rule NO. 2


Using words like "private" or "secret" convey exclusivity and positively impact response rates

5 Simple Social Media Strategies to Build Your Email List

Social media continues to evolve into a fundamental tool for most business owners. If you aren't leveraging certain social media platforms in your marketing, then you are missing out on an opportunity to build your email list.

Holiday Email Marketing: 3 Ways to Save Time

The busy holiday season is heating up. With it come increased marketing duties, such as creating and executing email campaigns, which take time.

Rule NO. 41


Using words like new in your subject line will positively impact response rates

Top 7 Reasons People Unsubscribe From Your Email List

Email marketing pros discuss the main reasons people unsubscribe from email lists and offer advice on what you can do to decrease unsubscribe rates.

Why Dynamic Content Will Deliver for the Marketing Industry

In recent years, a number of so-called game changers have hit our industry. Automation, retargeting, social influencers -- these are just a few to have laid claim on the title of "The Next Big Thing" in marketing. Today, dynamic content is the new contender, and for good reason.

9 Reasons Small Businesses Shouldn't Use A Personal Email Account To Do Their Email Marketing

If you’re like a lot of small businesses and organizations, you may be using a personal email account — like Gmail, Outlook, AOL, or Yahoo — to communicate with a group of email contacts.

What effect could wearables have on email marketing?

While marketing departments are still heavily engrossed in formulating strategies for conquering mobile users, another hyped-up and disruptive technology is here to make their tasks even more challenging. Yes, we are talking about wearable devices.

Email Marketing A Top B2B Lead Generation Tool

Email marketing is the fourth most effective and second most common B2B lead-generation tool, according to a B2B Lead Generation Trend Report released Tuesday.

Gmail Ads: What’s New (And Not New) With This Native Ad Type

Gmail Ads, formerly known as Gmail Sponsored Promotions, are now a standard part of the AdWords toolbox. Columnist Susan Waldes explains how they work so that you can start taking advantage of them.

It's Alive! Six Ways to Create an Engaged Email List

Email marketing is about quality, not quantity. Here a half dozen tips to help marketers focus on the latter. Despite numerous claims that it's dead, email continues to live on. And while the channel may be alive and well, the subscribers featured on marketers' lists can sometimes show the same level of engagement as someone six feet under

Worldata Email Marketing Calendar

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How to Double Your Landing Page Conversion Rates

Recently, I’ve been reviewing several of our customers’ AdWords campaigns and suggesting areas for improvement.

Choosing an ESP: The Inside Scoop

There has been a recent surge in articles and posts about selecting a new ESP - everything from why one would or should to how to go about it from beginning through RFP. Some are opinions by pundits based on what they have observed or picked up in meetings and conversations. Better ones comes from the first-hand experience of day-to-day email marketers sharing their experiences of going through the process.