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Indian Digital Marketing Market Key Players, Size, Share, Demands, Trends, Growth Rate and Forecasts to 2028

The new report by Expert Market Research titled, ‘Indian Digital Marketing Market Size, Share, Price, Trends, Growth, Report and Forecast 2023-2028’, gives an in-depth analysis of the Indian digital marketing market, assessing the market based on its segments like end-user industries and digital channels. The report tracks the latest trends in the industry and studies their impact on the overall market. It also assesses the market dynamics, covering the key demand and price indicators, along with analysing the market based on the SWOT and Porter’s Five Forces models.

How your business can leverage email marketing for closer customer relationships

Advanced and mid-market companies are looking for more effective methods to personalize their marketing efforts and cater to a diverse customer base. In pursuit of this goal, email marketing can be a valuable and lucrative tool for these companies to leverage. Follow these dos and don'ts to increase your chances of getting noticed in your customers' inboxes.

ActiveCampaign Introduces Content Generation Powered by AI

ActiveCampaign, the leader in marketing automation, email marketing, and CRM, is investing in AI by launching tools that generate content for marketing messaging and sales outreach, while empowering businesses to create and iterate on the best marketing strategies. The beta release of ActiveCampaign AI is available now in its email designer and will provide customers with in-context content generation while building out their emails. Once a prompt is received, AI will generate three options to choose from, and the user can further refine with specific feedback until they get the version that best suits their needs.

ActiveCampaign Expands in LATAM, Invests in Improved Customer Experience

ActiveCampaign, the leader in marketing automation, email marketing and CRM, is putting down roots in San José, Costa Rica and will have 100 employees in the hub within 12 months. Latin America is one of the company's fastest growing regions, with local businesses growing through the power of ActiveCampaign's platform every day. With offices in Brazil and Colombia already, ActiveCampaign is making a larger investment in the region by expanding engineering and customer teams to improve the global customer experience and operations of the business.

Experts on How Australian and New Zealand Online Retailers Can Maximise Multi-Channel Marketing

A recent study from e-commerce company Cart.com found that over 80% of consumers in Australia and New Zealand use multiple channels to make purchasing decisions.

Emotive.io Acquires Bloom Digital and Launches Emotive Attribution, Expanding Its All-in-One Growth Platform for eCommerce Brands

Emotive.io, the leading all-in-one growth platform for eCommerce brands, is excited to announce its recent acquisition of Bloom Digital, a renowned marketing agency specializing in SMS marketing, email marketing, and paid advertising. This strategic acquisition strengthens Emotive.io's position as a comprehensive solution for eCommerce growth and enables the launch of a new product, Emotive Attribution, aimed at helping merchants optimize their marketing spend across all channels using a first-party pixel.

Secret Email System Review- Worth It? Know the Truth[ 2023 Update]

In today's age, so many businesses are making the move to the digital world. If you're having difficulty with your online business, why not take a look at the Secret Email System? It can be an incredibly helpful tool for driving revenue in no time. Let's take a brief look at the importance of email marketing and how it can benefit you. Email marketing is a great way to connect with your audience. In 2023, more than half of the world's population used email according to the Radicati Group, and this number is estimated to climb to 4.3 billion by 2023. It's vital that email marketing isn't overlooked.

Get easy access to critical applications with Everlytic and Zapier integration

Seamless and simple: Zapier's integration with Everlytic redefines access to essential applications for customers.

12 key components of a successful email marketing campaign

To help you create a successful email marketing campaign, we've gathered insights from 12 industry experts, including freelance designers, CEOs, and email marketing specialists. From being relatable to your readers to mastering the pre-campaign process, these professionals share their first-hand experiences and elaborate on the key components that make an email marketing campaign truly effective.

Invoca connects digital marketing to 1-1 consultative sales in the contact center

A conversation with Gregg Johnson, CEO at Invoca, about the need for end-to-end processes that connect digital marketing through to contact center agents in consultative sales roles.

Outsource Email Support Service Market to Witness Growth Acceleration , Digital Minds BPO, WOW24-7, Invensis

Outsource email support service is a service that allows businesses to outsource their email support needs to a third-party provider. This provider will then provide customer support for the businesss email accounts. This can be a helpful service for businesses that receive a high volume of email inquiries and do not have the resources to staff a customer support team to handle them.

What Is A Digital Marketing Strategy? 5 Steps To Create One

A digital marketing strategy is part of a larger business plan that outlines how to reach its overarching business goals using digital channels.

Evolve Global Marketing Launches Innovative New Website Template That Can Be Launched in 7 Business Days

Evolve Global Marketing, a digital marketing agency, has announced the launch of its educational campaign, which includes online courses, templates, and free resources. Part of this educational push is the agency's "The Only Website Template You Will Ever Need", which Evolve Global says has the potential to allow anyone to design and launch a website within 7 days.

A guide to how email marketing platforms help brands succeed

All email platform providers send emails, but their technologies – both software and hardware – and approaches for doing so can differ.

Staples Canada automates email promotions

Staples Canada is aligning its email marketing efforts with offers made on its e-commerce site

Online Shoppers Statistics – By Holiday Shoppers, Social Media, E-mail Marketing, Demographics, Country And Online Behavior

Online Shoppers Statistics: Online shopping has become a daily habit, as we scroll through our phones, we order milk and other grocery items easily. These online facilities are increasing the customer database, and many shoppers prefer doorstep deliveries. Today, on the internet millions of websites have loaded their goods and products, and it has become a rat race between SEO wars of companies. All these things apart, there’s not a single item we can’t buy online, even insurance and bank account opening has become 100% online. Check out these Online Shopping Statistics along with exclusive content of the most common brands in the United States of America by category, and let us know what you prefer online or offline shopping.

Yotpo Announces Email Marketing For eCommerce Brands, Leveraging Full Platform Connections to Drive Retention

Unlike other email marketing tools, Yotpo Email is integrated into a full suite of retention solutions, which unlocks unique connections with other products that enable brands to deliver a more cohesive customer experience across all touchpoints. Most notably, Yotpo Email connects seamlessly with Yotpo SMS, allowing brands to leverage their two most powerful channels in one place.

E-Commerce Growth Strategy: Email List Building Accelerator Software Updated

Focusing on retargeting prospects who have visited a store and left without making a purchase, the new VLC Lead Capture System is designed to rapidly grow email lists with proven engagement strategies. DefDevice identifies anonymous visitors and matches them to its database, providing clients with their full name and email address.

Keap Earns TrustRadius Top Rated CRM Software Recognition for 2023

Keap, the leader in sales and marketing automation software for small businesses, today announced it has been recognized by TrustRadius as a Top Rated CRM Software for 2023. This recognition is based on the unbiased feedback and reviews of verified TrustRadius users, who have praised Keap for its ease of use, affordability and powerful features.

Best Marketing Automation Software: Boost Your ROI

Discover the top marketing and automation tools and software solutions and unlock the potential of your marketing efforts with this in-depth guide. Read on to learn about the benefits, key features, and factors to consider when choosing the best software for your business. In this comprehensive guide, we will cover the best marketing automation software available in the market, detailing their features, benefits, and potential drawbacks. By the end of this post, you will be equipped with the knowledge and resources to choose the perfect email marketing tool and automation software for your business. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to streamline your marketing efforts and drive impressive results.

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