founder Chase Chappell talks about differentiation in the crowded digital ad space

Last year was incredible for digital advertising in the United States. The digital ad spending went well over the $200 billion mark in 2021, after an unprecedented 38.3% increase since 2020, according to data from eMarketer. Projections for 2022 see the rise slow down but remain in the double digits with 13.6%, for an estimated digital ad spending that’s just shy of $240 billion.

Is Your Email Marketing Software The Right One? 5-Point Assessment Guide

According to a Litmus study, every $1 invested in email marketing yields a profit of $36 —which is quite a return. Moreover, 78% of marketers say email marketing is crucial for the success of a business. Why? Some of the reasons are hidden in the fact that email marketing is personal, customizable, and measurable. When leveraging it for business growth, your email marketing software can make all the difference. However, with the hundreds of tools out there, where do you begin? This five-point guide will help you choose the right software for your business.

CartStack’s RezRecover Solution Leverages BEDS© and Conditional Content to Re-Engage Prospective Travelers and Recover Lost Bookings

CartStack, the leading eCommerce technology start-up behind RezRecover, which has set out to help hospitality and travel companies combat rampant booking abandonment rates, has unveiled its proprietary personalization feature: BEDS©. Developed specifically for hotels, BEDS© refers to the company’s unique tracking code, which can capture key information from abandoned booking data. Using RezRecover’s booking engine integration records data from visitors’ abandoned bookings, hotels can truly maximize the personalization they offer prospective guests, which helps to improve engagement and recover lost bookings.

Web Analytics Global Market Report 2022

The global web analytics market is expected to grow from $4.56 billion in 2021 to $5.56 billion in 2022 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 21.73%. The web analytics market is expected to reach $11.35 billion in 2026 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 19.57%. The web analytics market consists of sales of web analytics solutions/software and services by entities (organizations, sole traders, and partnerships) that is used to assist businesses in promoting a specific products to the potential customers.It helps in analyzing the behavior of website visitors.

Everything You Need to Know About the Marketing Funnel

One of the most fundamental and basic tools of marketing that every business has to understand is the marketing funnel. This important tool helps to categorize important data and gives companies the insight they need to make meaningful decisions. If you have been wondering about what a market funnel is and how it can help improve your entire marketing strategy - here is everything you need to know!

Marketing for large scale retail: 4 winning examples

1. What is the future for large-scale retail? Examples and trends of online development2. Success stories #1: the irresistible rise of Ecommerce 3. Success stories #2: the digital flyer4. Success stories #3: Email marketing (the Iperal case) 5. Success stories #4: quick or instant commerce 6. Creating spaces for conversation in large-scale retail: the interactive experience of Doxee

The Rise of the Ecommerce Marketer

No matter your role — merchant, marketer, or enthusiast — it’s an excellent time to get involved. A new generation of ecommerce professionals — more focused on marketing and sales than technology — is emerging. And this change will almost certainly disrupt the market and create opportunities.

'MageMontreal' Unveils Its Range of 'Migrate to Adobe Commerce' Services for E-Commerce Platforms

MageMontreal, the Canada-based certified e-commerce platform developer, has launched a suite of services designed to help retailers migrate their e-commerce platforms to Adobe Commerce (formerly known as Magento Enterprise). This new service provides e-commerce platforms with advanced and dynamic website designs and development solutions, in order to remove the burden of ever-increasing technical complexities. The firm ensures that migrating to Adobe Commerce will assist the businesses in handling their bulk volume of products, product-related data, as well as a large number of online shoppers simultaneously.

Artificial Intelligence And The Future Of Marketing

Marketing is one of the areas of business operations where it is widely predicted that artificial intelligence (AI) will drive enormous change. In fact, a McKinsey study found that, along with sales, it is the single business function where it will have the most financial impact. This means that if you’re a marketer and you’re not using AI, you’re missing out on the benefits of what is possibly the most transformational technology.

HubSpot's growing CRM takes on Salesforce -- but not head-on

No one is saying that HubSpot is building a 'baby Salesforce' for small to medium-sized businesses. But it looks a lot like that is exactly what's happening.

Should Marketers Use Conversational AI to Enable Better Online Journeys?

Conversational AI can enable eCommerce and retailer/e-tailer units to drive better customer experiences during the holiday rush. Brand marketers belonging to these segments need to strengthen their conversational AI experience to differentiate their customer journeys… Offers Users a Simple, Automated Email Marketing Platform founders created the company to provide an easy, modern platform allowing users to build an effective email marketing strategy with dedicated support at every level. Various features and functionality make the ideal platform for business owners who want automated email marketing and digital communication.

The Advantage Plus Advantage; How Disney’s Kingdom Becomes A Fortress

Advantage + Shopping, Meta’s new solution for DTC and ecommerce sellers, is said to be a hit performance driver and takes a similar approach to Performance Max, which puts a retailer’s product catalog, creative and targeting parameters into the Google machine. Google then finds customers across Gmail, Maps, Search, YouTube and the Google ad network. Mobile Dev Memo has a good breakdown.

Salesforce offers new pricing option with 'Easy' subscription

The Salesforce Easy subscription offers CRM, customer service and rudimentary email marketing in a self-service subscription and lowest per-seat price.

Boost Creative Control with a Headless Architecture

By adopting a headless architecture, brands enjoy best-of-breed capabilities without disrupting any of their operations. While it may require more hands-on management than an all-in-one SaaS platform, this approach provides more flexibility, efficiency, and, above all, the delivery of a robust and engaging experience for a growing visual-first audience.

College Startup: Or Why You Should Study Marketing as a Business Owner

Starting early in your college days and giving wings to your business idea means you have more time to experiment in the market, create better networking, greater risk-taking abilities, scope to upgrade your business skills and have more years to remain in the business world. With so many advantages, you can’t ignore the opportunity that lies ahead for you in the business world. With correct strategies and the right skills, including sales and marketing and finance, the sky’s the limit.

FindMine Closes New Venture Round

Proceeds from the investment will be used to accelerate go-to-market activities and advance development of FindMine’s AI-powered content engine. Driven by predictive intelligence and merchant sales data, FindMine helps brands articulate their unique points of view to increase revenue and inventory performance across multiple sales channels – including e-commerce, email campaigns and targeted messaging, advertising and social media campaigns, and in-store applications such as kiosks, personal shopper programs and sales associates platforms.

What is Klaviyo? An Introduction to Shopify’s Latest $100M Investment

In this short guide, we’ll explore the benefits of using Klaviyo, how it automates marketing emails and SMS campaigns, how brands can harness the power of personalized cross-channel communications.

5 Keys to Better Transactional Emails

Transactional emails are automated messages based on a visitor’s interaction with website.

Does your email copy persuade or sell?

They aren't the same, and if you get it wrong, you'll leave money on the table.