The Best Email Marketing Tools of 2022

It is very important to work with the best email marketing tools to achieve optimum results. As you know, updates regarding the best email marketing tools are quite frequent, so you may be a little behind the times if you haven’t researched the topic in a while. That is why we have prepared an updated list regarding the best email marketing tools of 2022 and its features.

What is lead generation software?

Software to turn prospective customers into sales

Digital marketing: Best practices and strategies for your brand

Now that the internet is so deeply intertwined with our everyday lives, maybe the real question is “what isn’t digital marketing?”. That’s what we’ll be exploring in this article, along with the foundational channels and tactics marketers will need to keep in mind as they plan for success today, tomorrow and beyond.

3 E-Commerce Strategies Grocery Retailers Can’t Live Without

A must-read for grocers looking to grow their digital revenue. Here are three of the most important strategies that online grocers can use to offer incredible customer journeys.

Are Your Email Marketing Campaigns Failing to Make An Impact and Generate Results?

Why Email Marketing Isn’t Dead: Everyone is using and will be using email, Email marketing delivers strong ROI, It is the preferred business communication, Email marketing is flexible and measurable, Emails are cost-effective. There are around 5.5 billion email accounts in use and 90% of emails are delivered to the correct inbox globally.

5 Effective Inbound Marketing Strategies For Growing Your Startup

Inbound marketing has become increasingly popular in the marketing and advertising world. In contrast to outbound marketing (e.g. cold calling, email blasts and ads) where companies directly advertise their products to the public, inbound marketing involves creating engaging, informative content (e.g. blog posts, ebooks, infographics) to draw people to your website or business. Generally, inbound marketing strategies are less expensive and will generate a higher rate of return in the long term. They can generate 3X more leads than outbound marketing techniques. If you are looking to dive into inbound marketing but are not sure where to begin, these five strategies are a great place to start.

Five Ways Anyone Can Build Their Personal Brand

The good news is that there are many tactics available to lawyers at any stage of their careers – such as content marketing, social media, public speaking and volunteering, among others – that will enable them to build a stronger personal brand and achieve the ultimate goal of revenue generation.

How Blogging Helps Content Marketing? Important Benefits Explained !

The unique advantages of blogging should never be underestimated. As 90% of businesses use blogs for marketing purposes, blogging undoubtedly remains crucial for sustained website traffic and Search Engine Optimization (SEO), product promotion, and communication with the customer base. Content marketing and blogging share the same goal of growth. Businesses that build a positive legacy should consider blogging more relevant than ever. With a sharp focus on insightful blogging, proper SEO techniques, and an omnichannel strategy for distribution, a synergized digital marketing strategy can achieve new heights.

How to Automate and Optimize Direct Mail Campaigns

Direct mail has long been an effective marketing strategy. Why has it taken a back seat to digital channels?  The primary reason is that direct mail campaign execution has historically required lots of time and manual effort. Many organizations have also taken a siloed approach to direct mail, making it difficult to measure success in conjunction with other strategies. These obstacles prevent marketers from taking advantage of the power of direct mail. As we enter the new world of omnichannel marketing, marketers need to bolster their omnichannel strategy and combine digital and physical channels. Marketers today must take advantage of various channels to stand out in a noisy market, engage with consumers, and drive revenue growth and ROI.

10 Tried-and-True Tactics That Can Help Boost Your Online Sales

As the amount of e-commerce channels and online competitors increase, businesses must choose the right tactics to stand out.

Marketing Technology Leader Knak Launches Inspiration Centre

Knak inspires enterprise marketing teams with hundreds of emails and landing pages that they can transform to design their own campaign in minutes with no coding required