Marketing: Taking full advantage of email marketing

According to Hubspot’s report “The State of Email Marketing in 2020,” for every $1 spent on email marketing, the return on investment is $38.

10 Examples Of B2B Customer Experience Transformation For COVID

These 10 B2B companies have pivoted their businesses to continue to offer great customer experiences, even in uncertain times.

7 Steps to a Winning Pre-Launch App Marketing Strategy

a proper and effective plan needs to be formulated, which should include development stages, pre and post-launch marketing strategies, and other factors that suit the business objectives thoroughly.

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In this article, we will point out 5 unique email marketing ideas for any unforeseen situation such as the ones arising from pandemics and lockdowns.

Three Essential Digital Marketing Channels In 2020

Here are three well-established digital marketing channels that you should consider either adding to your strategy or ramping up.

Start using video in email marketing with these 7 examples

Video email marketing can be a very important marketing strategy if used properly- just an embedded video and a subject line, and you will have a loyal client base, multiple lead generations, and a strong content looped around the brand.

Virtual Takeover: B2B Brands Move Their Events Online

The COVID-19 crisis is driving B2B marketers to forego live events in favor of virtual content, according to new research from BrightTALK. And email is a prime way to promote these online experiences.

The Best Marketing Automation Software for 2020

Digital marketing means choosing the best route to specific customer audience segments and doing so across a constantly changing landscape of channels.

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This article will explain in detail the various elements of 360-degree marketing.

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When you’re getting ready to lean more into your digital marketing strategy, you can look through this list of tools for what speaks to you and helps you get to where you need to go.

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