Bi-Weekly Roundup: Latest Social Media News & Digital Media Trends

So, we’ve rounded up some of the latest social media news and digital media trends from around the web. Keep on reading to discover some of the new updates from Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Essential B2C Marketing Implementations

Essential B2C marketing implementations. Technology and regulatory changes will require preparation.We asked marketing experts how they plan to tackle the next 12 months—here are the 18 topics they zeroed in on.

How to Maximize the Value of Your SMS Strategy

We want to talk about one of the best ways to connect smartphone users. The topic today is SMS marketing. SMS stands for short message service. Simply put, SMS refers to text messages. Business owners and marketing teams send promotional text messages to users who opt-in to get them to engage with their site. We will look at several ways you can maximize the value of your SMS strategy and turn more visitors into customers.

Tips to leverage Artificial Intelligence to boost your brand’s marketing strategies

A superior customer-centric result can be envisioned with AI, and that will give brands an upper hand in striking a chord with their existing and potential customers. Here are some contributions of AI that can enable it to find a place in your brand’s marketing strategies.

Top 10 Real Estate Marketing Trends of 2021

April 2021: The experts’ predictions from the end of 2020 are slowly becoming this year’s trends. Like every industry, real estate must keep up with technological progress and the consumer demands that shape it. Having a website with property listings and advertising on Google is no longer enough to compete and to remain relevant. Marketing evolved to embrace all kinds of channels and technologies that meet potential buyers wherever they are. Here are the top 20 real estate marketing trends of 2021.

Four Ways To Skyrocket The Growth Of Your Personal Brand

If you’re interested in creating a personal brand to advance your career, stick around. Today, my goal is to show you several steps you can take to grow your personal brand and put yourself in a more advantageous spot as a professional.Let’s get started!


Below are some common mistakes you’re probably making with your content marketing.

5 Tips to Increase Conversion Rates, Make Sure Your Message is Received

The numbers vary, but the average email open rate stands around 15% to 25%.(1) That means up to 85% of leads (and thus conversions) never have a chance because they are never seen by potential customers. Smart marketers know that conversion consistency is the key to more open rates, and this is achieved by learning about the customer and using that customer learning to fuel what the marketing department is doing. The end result is better performance, i.e., conversions. As Sky Cassidy, host of the podcast If You Market They Will Come, explains, "Some marketers have these flashes of brilliance but they're not consistent with it, they don't have a patented, repeatable methodology. Consistency wins."


If you use the internet then you probably know of YouTube. It is one of the biggest social media platforms with millions of active users. Initially, it was just a platform to share videos globally but now many people use this as a mean to earn their living. This is why the platform has become so competitive. Every day hundreds of hours of content are uploaded on the platform. This can make it tough for people to grow their channels. If you feel that artificially boosting the subscriber count can help in promoting your channel and content better then you can use this list of best sites to buy YouTube subscribers.

Why Marketers Should Get Back on Board With Email Newsletters

If you’re already writing content for social media, consider taking that little bit of extra time to package it in an email newsletter. It’s a low-risk and low-commit tactic that has the power to bring you closer to your customers. At the same time, you can work towards growing an email list that can be repurposed and plugged into campaign targeting.

10 Tips for Creating Real Estate Video Ads

Did you know that 73 percent of sellers prefer working with agencies that use real estate video marketing? Whether it’s a walkthrough of the property or a Q&A session, sellers expect their agents to use video marketing to reach the right buyers and sell their properties.For real estate agents,this demand presents a few challenges.How do you make an engaging real estate video to impress both sellers and buyers alike,and how do you track a video’s performance for your marketing purposes?Luckily it is not as hard as it might seem.Although real estate videos serve a unique purpose,they’re similar to regular marketing videos in many ways,so don’t be intimidated by them.Let’s take a closer look at why real estate videos are worth the effort and how you fit them into your overall video marketing strategy.

How To Use Marketing Infographics To Attract Customers

Digital marketing infographics have the potential to attract and retain audience attention. This is necessary in an online world that has become jam-packed with content.

Top Strategies For Marketing Channels and Brands

The best practices of each of these channels involve attracting customers in order to build relationships with customers and convert them into sales.

4 Ways to Refine Your Lead Generation Strategy for Today’s Marketing Landscape

Let’s take a deeper look into how marketers can adapt to the changing world around them by refining their lead generation strategy to optimize funnels for better lead generation in the post-pandemic era.


One of the most sought-after productivity tools is Microsoft Office 365. Below are some handy, easy-to-follow tips and tricks to help you get the most out of Microsoft Office 365.

13 Tips for Writing Product Descriptions That Convert

Learn how to write ecommerce product descriptions that convert and sell using these using 13 tips (includes examples and templates).

A Simplified Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing includes content marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, website development and design, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, lead generation, lead nurturing, and email marketing. To ensure your digital marketing strategy is successful, it’s important to analyze each action. This way, you will know if your efforts are reaching your intended audience and if your audience is interested in what presented.

Legal Marketing Campaign Measurement and Analytics: Part 8 Good2bSocial Academy

This week, we’re diving into the final module of the course, law firm readership analytics. Good2bSocial’s Digital Marketing Certification provides legal marketers with a framework for understanding digital technologies in the context of marketing and business development for law firms and helps law firms’ assess the baseline knowledge of their staff or potential hires. The course features webinars, articles and videos on key legal marketing topics, including how to measure law firm website analytics.

Internet Marketing Strategies That Works

The most effective way to achieve success in what is internet marketing is to use content creation in addition to search engine optimization, Pay per Click and pay-per-play strategies.

Eight Critical Components Of A Valuable Client Newsletter (And Why You Should Include Them)

Here, eight members of Young Entrepreneur Council discuss some of the components every newsletter should include in order to pique and maintain reader interest. Ensure these components make it into your newsletter design plan to help you build a list with impact.