2 in 5 in USA: Online Shopping Busted their Budget:AICPA Survey

Shopping online from the comfort of your home can be easy and convenient, but it also leads to increased spending if you’re not careful. Two in 5 Americans (41 percent) say the ability to shop online has made it harder for them to stick to a monthly budget. And with more than half of Americans saying they have increased their overall online shopping (56 percent) since the start of the pandemic and online retailers regularly hosting annual savings bonanzas— budgets beware. This all according to research conducted by The Harris Poll on behalf of the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) late in the fourth quarter of 2020.

Increase Lead Conversions With a Marketing Automation Audit

When was the last time you conducted a marketing automation audit? If your contacts are not converting to qualified leads, your marketing automation may be out of sync with the needs of your potential buyers. Improve your lead conversions with a marketing automation audit that uncovers missteps and gaps in your marketing content and lead nurturing.

Email Automation: The Driving Force That Accelerates Business Growth

It helps businesses get in touch with their customers and propels their growth through facilitating engagement, client servicing, and sales. Today, we will understand how you can use email marketing automation to accelerate your business’ growth. All you need is email campaign blueprints, HTML email marketing templates, and email marketing software. Read ahead to know more on the subject.

Email Marketing Strategy and Tips for Successful Campaigns to Use in 2021

Are you new to email marketing or wish to improve your current results? It is a huge topic indeed, but to succeed, you need to start small. With this post, you will make it easily: here we are explaining the essentials of email marketing and guiding you through the main steps for crafting effective email campaigns. You will find practical advice on how to plan your emails, choose email marketing service, and design engaging messages. Let’s start from the strategic goals of email marketing and then step-by-step move to the practical implementation and useful resources.

4 Ways to Win Big With Email Marketing

E-mail marketing might elicit a yawn from digital marketers focused on more bleeding-edge and trendy technologies, like social media marketing or targeted content marketing. But those folks are missing out on one of the most powerful arrows in any marketer's quiver; a cheap solution that delivers steady, successful results.

Four Smart Ways To Reduce Cart Abandonment

Let's look at several strategies you can use to not only reduce cart abandonment but also to convince customers to complete their order the first time they add an item to their cart.

Why Artificial Intelligence Is a Game-Changer for Your Post-Pandemic Marketing

The technology doesn't have to be as complicated as you think. Here's how to use it right.

The Six Trends Transforming Email Marketing

When implemented correctly, email marketing will generate new leads. But while it may seem simple enough, there are considerations to follow to ensure its success. To see growth in your clientele as an advisor, here is my list of email marketing trends.These are the six e-mail marketing trends that advisors need to follow.

Emotional marketing – what to know

Using emotional tethers and pulls to appeal to people isn’t a particularly new concept. It has been done throughout the ages as a way of strengthening arguments and persuading audiences to see things a certain way. Emotional marketing makes use of messaging which deliberately targets specific human emotions through various triggers. These can target one or several different emotions in an effort to get an audience to perform a specific action aligning with a call to action (CTA).

E-commerce Marketing Strategies: Tactics for More Sales

Once you create your online store, you have to decide the measures to promote your brand for your target market. But before creating a marketing strategy to increase sales. It is essential to determine the e-commerce marketing channels to get more qualified leads to your online store.

Business Marketing: Understanding the Basics Right to Email Automation

Email automation is an automatic email campaign set once to target the audience at the needful moment. It meets a certain trigger, and as opposed to other manually created and sent emails, these automated ones have the attribute to enhance revenue for your business. This beauty of email automation has resulted in massive responses to these tools with defined triggers without you ever taking the burden to do it yourself.

10 Ways To Personalize Your Marketing Messaging To Create Loyal Customers [Infographic]

Are you looking for ways to improve your email marketing strategy? Personalizing your messaging can be a great way to boost customer loyalty and retention.The team from CleverTap share their tips for success in this infographic. They break things down by the following messaging platforms: Email marketing, Text message, In-app messages.Check out the infographic for more detail.

How to keep your customers engaged through clever marketing

In a recent Validity Inc. webinar, The Next Big Thing APAC, a number of industry experts discussed how businesses can go about engaging their customers post-COVID-19. Time and time again the same best practices came up – segmentation, personalisation and gamification. And according to the experts, these strategies are only going to keep growing in popularity and usage. So, if your marketing program is in need of a refresh in 2021, here are three tips to get you started.

50 Restaurant Marketing Tips

Restaurant owners looking for more revenue need to have an advertising strategy. Even if you’re looking for mostly local customers, you’ll need to consider online strategies. Read on to find out how these 50 restaurant marketing tips can help.

9 Ways to Increase Email Open and Click-Through Rates

Email is an affordable way to engage your prospects and nurture your existing customers. In fact, Litmus Research found that the ROI on email marketing is 38-to-1. Why wouldn’t you want to optimize your email marketing strategy? To do that, let’s talk through how you can increase email open and click-through rates.

Five steps to launching traffic-generating and engaging strategy in a new niche (+ tools for each step)

Jorge Zuñiga Blanco explains the importance of digital marketing in eCommerce to increase sales, and the various tools that are needed for a complete digital marketing strategy. These tools can greatly optimize the process, because they allow from managing the blog to creating demands for post-production, saving time and increasing efficiency.

The Anatomy of Reviews

Once you start collecting reviews efficiently, effectively, and using them internally to drive value externally to your customers (and highlighting them in the process!) you’ll create an always-on feedback loop: capturing reviews, leveraging reviews to create better products, using reviews to tell your story externally, closing new customers, and capturing reviews from them to start the process all over again.