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SevenRooms, a global guest experience and retention platform for the hospitality industry, has announced a new solution and expansion of its marketing suite for hospitality operators worldwide: Email Marketing. The product will work in conjunction with SevenRooms' Automated Emails, personalized, trigger-based emails sent to customers on behalf of the operator, to continue to engage guests once they've visited a venue.

RunSignup Announces New Zapier App Integration

The companies have joined efforts to provide a simplified option for integrating RunSignup with a variety of other packaged applications without the need for complicated programming. This partnership with Sidekick Solutions utilizes Zapier, a leading integration platform, to simplify the process of connecting RunSignup with other critical systems such as Salesforce.com, DonorPerfect and Mailchimp to name a few. The RunSignup Zapier App is now available on the Zapier platform. Zapier provides a no-code, point and click interface that walks you through the creation of workflows (called “Zaps”) between RunSignup and a library of over 5000 other applications. While the RunSignup Zapier App is open and available to any user interested in building their own integration, customers with complex integrations can take advantage of the partnership with Sidekick Solutions for assistance with integrations.

Revolutionizing Email Marketing: Introducing Emailsforce.com, the Solution for Successful Campaigns

Emailsforce.com, a leading email marketing platform, has officially launched its game-changing solution for businesses of all sizes. The platform is designed to help businesses create, send, and optimize effective email marketing campaigns that drive engagement, conversions, and revenue.

A Comprehensive Guide To Email Deliverability: What it is, How to Optimize, and Why You Should Care

What Email Deliverability Is, What Should You Care About Email Deliverability, What The Most Important Indicators of Email Deliverability Are

Email Marketing: An In-Depth Guide

From developing a strategy to building a list to tracking results, this guide covers everything email marketing.

Top Email Marketing Trends For 2023

Low investment and high return — that’s the most significant advantage that marketers see in email marketing. According to Statista, the number of email users worldwide is estimated to exceed more than half the world population at a whopping 4.3 Billion by 2025. This makes email marketing the most effective tool for businesses to reach out to their target audiences for several years. With advancements in technology, the email marketing landscape is constantly evolving, and we need to keep up with the trends to stay ahead of the competition. As we look ahead to 2023, here are the latest email marketing trends that we need to keep an eye on to scale up the email marketing efforts.

3 Reasons Why You Should Verify Customer Email Addresses

Email is the dominant communication channel of our time. With 4.3 billion users worldwide, more people use email now than ever. As a marketing channel, email is lucrative, but your success depends so much on the quality of your email list. Verifying your customer email addresses is thus a must

Behavioral marketing platform Wunderkind nabs $76M

Wunderkind’s found success without a doubt, boasting a customer base of more than 1,000 brands and publishers in the luxury, direct-to-consumer and tech spaces — including Rag & Bone, HelloFresh, Uniqlo, Sonos and See’s Candy. (In 2020, Wunderkind — then known as BounceX — reported $100 million in annual recurring revenue.) Last year, Wunderkind’s revenue grew 35% year over year, Ingram says, and the company’s poised to grow the top line again this year.

Top 4 Magento 2 Extensions to Double Your Sales in 2023

In this article, we will explore the top Magento 2 extensions that can help you maximize your online sales and take your business to new heights.

4 emails that customers will love — and help them love you

Sending helpful emails lets customers feel more attached to your brand, making it more likely for them to purchase your product or service.

Business Marketing: Understanding the Basics Right to Email Automation

Email automation is an automatic email campaign set once to target the audience at the needful moment. It meets a certain trigger, and as opposed to other manually created and sent emails, these automated ones have the attribute to enhance revenue for your business. This beauty of email automation has resulted in massive responses to these tools with defined triggers without you ever taking the burden to do it yourself.

Listrak Benchmark Report Reveals What It Takes to Engage Shoppers

Listrak Inc.’s latest Cross-Channel Benchmark report was built on campaign performance across the company’s entire client base of more than 1,000 brands and retailers. The data culled totaled 112 billion email and SMS/MMS messages, compiled from Jan. 1 through Dec. 31, 2022. The results showed the importance of personalization and how text and email marketing, working in tandem, can drive Customer Lifetime Value, or CLV.

ActiveCampaign Helps Customers Kick off the New Year with Additional Growth Accelerator Apps

Kicking off the new year, ActiveCampaign, the leader in customer experience automation (CXA), celebrates the addition of several new Growth Accelerator Apps. These new apps promise to help ActiveCampaign customers better automate events, surveys, data storage, direct mail and more.

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