6 Ways to Automate Your eCommerce Business

Using eCommerce automation will help you put many business processes in auto-pilot mode and improve your sales and ROI. This is the reason why top eCommerce businesses are moving towards automation, and you can, too, if you want to boost your metrics.

Benefits of sending marketing emails

Email marketing is an efficient way to make relationships with clients.

10 Tips for Starting a Business Blog That’s Built to Scale

There are many business benefits of a blog with high-quality content. Learn how to set the foundation for a successful enterprise blog.

How to Make Content Marketing Work In a World Saturated With Content

While you should keep an eye on your competitors efforts, content marketing is about meeting the needs of potential customers through high-quality, original content.

Improve your Campaign with Gift Card Emails: Best Practices and Examples

Gift card newsletters can do lots of things: earn loyalty, advocate brand, strengthen relationships, drive traffic to the website, and raise revenue. They work exceptionally well with cart recovery programs and all other types of re-engagement campaigns. They result in returns with a reasonable sacrifice.

Email Marketing Through the Eyes of AI

With Apple's iOS 14 update in the wild, it's time for digital marketers to evaluate their current plans and explore new strategies. Rather than relying on targeted advertising through app data tracking, this allows companies to engage with users in new ways including making more personalized connections. These new strategies can help brands develop relationships and communities among consumers, instead of implementing disconnected or impersonal ads. Here's how.

How Email Marketing Drives Business Success.

Email marketing is effective, convenient, and affordable.


However, it’s one thing to design and launch a site… and it’s another to generate endless traffic and sales from your online store. To achieve success when selling on these platforms, there are still a few things that you need to know — all of which will be highlighted in this article.

Email marketing automation for B2B: How to effectively manage and acquire contacts

The growing popularity of social media and other communication channels has certainly not obscured the communicative power of email marketing, which is still great strategy to reach, inform,engage users.

5 less explored marketing channels that can bring a lot of value

In this article, let’s look at five less-explored marketing channels that can still bring a lot of value to your business.

What Is CTR in Email?

Click-through rate is a critical metric by which a small business can measure its email marketing success.

E-commerce accounts for half of manufacturing sales

Sana Commerce’s latest finding reveal that e-commerce accounts for half of manufacturing sales revenue


If you are overwhelmed to know precisely the perks of using email marketing, then below, we are listing them to help you get to know and promote your business –