How AI Can Boost Your Small Business Marketing Efforts

Thanks to the dynamic nature of the AI world, small businesses like yours can now leverage the power of this futuristic tool at an affordable price. There are many AI tools for small business marketing that can help boost your reach and target the right audience. Coming to the real deal, here is how AI can boost your small business marketing efforts:

Increase Lead Conversions With a Marketing Automation Audit

When was the last time you conducted a marketing automation audit? If your contacts are not converting to qualified leads, your marketing automation may be out of sync with the needs of your potential buyers. Improve your lead conversions with a marketing automation audit that uncovers missteps and gaps in your marketing content and lead nurturing.

Email Marketing Examples Small Businesses Can Follow Post-Pandemic

There are always right ways and wrong ways to do email marketing.For lead generation efforts to yield a solid return on marketing investment, the right way is to follow proven email marketing best practices or face information overload.This is true for either marketing to business-to-consumer (B2C) or business-to-business (B2B).

Email Marketing Strategy and Tips for Successful Campaigns to Use in 2021

Are you new to email marketing or wish to improve your current results? It is a huge topic indeed, but to succeed, you need to start small. With this post, you will make it easily: here we are explaining the essentials of email marketing and guiding you through the main steps for crafting effective email campaigns. You will find practical advice on how to plan your emails, choose email marketing service, and design engaging messages. Let’s start from the strategic goals of email marketing and then step-by-step move to the practical implementation and useful resources.

Need More First-party Leads? Grow Your Email List

Eliminating third-party cookies and automatic iOS tracking is the latest in the evolution of digital marketing. Email went through a similar change in 2003 with the U.S. CAN-SPAM Act. The law imposed transparency on email senders, among other requirements. The ultimate effect was to clean up the industry and improve the experience for consumers. It paved the way for email to become a dominant marketing channel.Growing a subscriber list is now a marketing priority. Here are five ways to do that.

Hey Advertisers: Here’s What Tracking Looks Like in a Post-Cookie World

The main issue on most marketers’ minds this year is data privacy, not only because of changing legislation like the CCPA, but also because of Big Tech’s changing policies — mainly Apple’s App Tracking policy, and, of course, the end of third-party cookies on Chrome. What’s more, antitrust activity against Big Tech is heating up. A Big Tech breakup resulting in an independent YouTube, Instagram or WhatsApp would change the targeting landscape entirely.

La Verne Chamber Of Commerce: How To Start Email Marketing

See the latest announcement from La Verne Chamber of Commerce.

How to Create Order Confirmation Emails for Ecommerce

Alongside order placement, all the purchase-related communication has also moved online. And order confirmation emails have become a significant part of retailers’ email marketing, fulfilling several important roles: Keeping this importance in mind, marketers should create confirmations with much attention, following the best email marketing practices. Let’s see how to do it and how to use confirmation emails to drive revenue for your company.

Email Marketing Software – Maximizing Your Advertising Efforts

Here are three ways to get to know your subscribers:

Six ways to attract and retain customers with SMS.

Here are some of the different ways you can use text message marketing in your overall marketing plan.

Email Marketing Funnel Optimisation: 4 Essential Tips For Building a Highly Convertible Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing funnels are excellent tools for helping to guide your prospective customers from A to B whilst minimising the risk of them getting lost along the way. Guiding your audience down this path can help you to gain a greater level of influence over your customers while achieving your conversion goals. But how can you work to ensure that you’re developing a highly convertible email marketing campaign? And how can you adapt your funnel for the greatest level of success? Let’s explore the intricacies of email marketing whilst looking at four essential tips for building the best possible campaign:

15 Marketing Tools to Boost Your Startup’s Growth in 2021

Beyond having a talented and restless marketing team, startups should always look for helpful tools to enhance their performance. Luckily, there are thousands of SaaS companies developing all kinds of marketing-related solutions to help businesses better understand their customers, create and manage campaigns, and track performances, among other many things. Looking into all different features, advantages, and pricing, we’ve selected 15 awesome marketing solutions that can help you boost your company’s growth. Here you go:

8 Must-Have Skills for an Expert Content Marketer

Experts won’t just hand you a blog post to publish. They will build an entire strategy, execution plan and analytics dashboard to keep you up to date on what is working, where and why.

Emmanuella Elenbalu: Still Not Using Email Marketing? These Tips Will Show you Why your Brand Needs it

Maybe you still doubt the effectiveness of this channel because of your personal experience. I get it that too many spam messages and promotional contents from God-knows-where have a way of dampening one’s belief in this channel. On second thought, are there brands you anticipate getting an email from? Are there contents you engage with and never get lost in your folder? If there are, you can also make other people anticipate getting emails from your own brand.Here are 4 reasons why email marketing works:

A Few Analytics Tools That Should Be Part Of Your MarTech Stack

A Marketing Technology Stack is a set of digital tools used by digital marketers to effectively perform marketing activities across various digital platforms. Analytical tools are a set of charts, maps, and diagrams designed to collect, interpret, and present data for a wide range of applications and organizations. Here are a few top analytical tools that can enhance the efficacy of your MarTech stack and marketing processes significantly:

4 Social Media Marketing Trends to Implement in Your 2021 Strategy

With the rise of social media comes the increase in marketing being leveraged across these platforms. Each day, more businesses are realizing the infinite potential that social media marketing has. Even brick-and-mortar businesses that have existed in the same capacity for decades are now jumping on the social media bandwagon — and rightly so.

50 Restaurant Marketing Tips

Restaurant owners looking for more revenue need to have an advertising strategy. Even if you’re looking for mostly local customers, you’ll need to consider online strategies. Read on to find out how these 50 restaurant marketing tips can help.

How to Write an Eye-Catching Networking Email Subject Line

Crafting a professional looking and eye-catching subject line will help you better your digital networking skills. This often overlooked part of writing an email determines how good (or bad) a business email’s first impression is. Luckily, we have gathered some tips and ideas that can help you create an attention-grabbing subject line for that important message that could launch your career.

Benchmark Email Marketing: Using Your Campaign Data for Good

At first, benchmark email marketing can seem like it’s just for SEO experts and the high-budget marketing departments of major corporations. Not so. With a marketer-friendly email service provider, you can track your campaign performance over time and start driving more traffic with your emails.

Seven Common Mistakes Growing E-Commerce Businesses Make

Starting an e-commerce business is difficult, and it doesn’t become easier as you scale. Instead, the challenges become different. Knowing what to do and what mistakes to avoid can increase your chances of success. Here are seven marketing mistakes I often see growing e-commerce businesses make: