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Email Marketing Is Still Key for Boosting Conversion – Here’s Where to Focus Your Brand Strategy

Email marketing has the highest ROI of any customer acquisition strategy, according to Dotdigital.

The Pandemic Jury: Email Marketers Weigh In On New And Old Tools,CX: What's Next? Brands Forced To Respond To Changing Customer Patterns,B2B Succumbs To Digital: Buyers Prefer It To Other Sales Channels

In a sign of the new digital reality, 75% say the new digital sales model is more effective or as much so than before.

How to Improve Client Engagement With Email Marketing Automation

Here, we’ll run you through the benefits of email marketing automation, and outline how you can use it to boost client engagement – and your company’s bottom line.

Email Tech Stacks Up: Brands Evaluate Tools Prior To Holiday Shopping Peak

Email marketing tools are among the top solutions that firms are evaluating for inclusion in their tech stacks, according to a study by ClickZ.

How Workplace Automation Software Can Help Your Business

Workflow automation can save your business money and boost your employees' productivity. Here's how.

SMBs Show Their Grit: Owners Like Being On Their Own Despite Tough Conditions

The news is full of stories about small businesses going under due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But that hasn’t dimmed the entrepreneurial spirit, according to a study released Friday by American Express.

How to Use AI to Create a Data-Driven Digital Marketing Strategy for Your Startup

This article is for you if you’re working on setting up a digital marketing strategy for your startup. It outlines what data-driven digital marketing is, where AI comes into play, and how you can make the best use of this technology’s potential. With what you’ll learn here, your startup’s digital marketing strategy can excel from the beginning.

Using Digital Transformation To Combat Business Growth Stagnation

If implemented correctly, digital transformation can be an important enabler of growth.

Boost conversion rates with these five email marketing automation strategies

To strengthen a business’ potential and boost conversion with email automation, here are five email marketing automation strategies.


Email marketing continues to be an integral part of content marketing.

Why The Connected Consumer is at The Heart of The Digital World

Connected consumers like to be kept informed generally. They want to get all the updates about their recent orders, they want to know new products they may like, and they especially like news about offers, discounts, and rewards for loyal customers. They will enjoy being asked about their review and to rate their services.

Facebook Email Marketing: A Game-Changing Tool You Need To Try

With the new Facebook email marketing, businesses on Facebook can connect the missing link to reach a wider audience through the personal touch of email marketing.

The 3 Pillars of a Successful Email Marketing Campaigns

Successful email programs are built with three pillars, and each is vital to both understanding email marketing campaigns and informing other marketing strategies and goals.

10 ‘must have’ features for your email validation tool

Email marketing is quite simple in its approach yet continues to get major results.

Email Marketing Funnel: The Guide

In this blog post we are going to talk all about how to create an email marketing funnel from scratch and the best tools you can use for creating one.

3 Ways Email Validation API Can Help Marketers

Integrating an email validator API into the customer signup process ensures that the email addresses you send marketing content to receive messages. Therefore, such tools can help reduce hard bounces. In particular, marketers can benefit from an email validation API in three ways.


From design concepts to artificial intelligence, there’s a lot going on with email technology these days that could improve your promotion strategies. Here’s what you should watch for.


Chief Marketer surveyed 147 marketers in February and early March, and 494 in late April and early May.