Top 7 tips for marketing a new product

So, your company has a new product it wants to sing and shout about? That’s great news! However, you need to ensure that your business is following a marketing plan if you want your campaign to be successful.

Baton Rouge, LA Digital Marketing Agency Shares Tips to Improve Local Search

Local digital marketing agency BlakSheep Creative has been helping businesses increase their visibility on the web since 2001. Company owner Clint L. Sanchez said small business owners can take several steps to improve their search engine rankings.

Five Email Marketing Tips For The Holiday Season

Each brand competes for the attention of the consumer and uses email marketing to broadcast its special offers. I think that if there is one thing all modern consumers can agree upon, it is that a deal will always be in demand.

These simple tips will improve your online selling strategy

Improving your online selling strategy will open your business up to millions of new customers around the globe.

Simple Tips to Grow Your Social Media Followers

Every brand has that constant battle on social media. The more followers you have, the more chance at engagement and, ultimately, growth. But how do you gain more followers consistently? We thought we’d put together a bit of a cheat sheet.

Email Design Tips to Boost Your Open Rates

7 Elements of a Great Email Design

Your Local Marketing Guide: Reach Customers in Your Area

The good news is that local marketing is pretty straightforward. You just need to know which marketing channels and strategies have the greatest impact on the relevant customers. Local marketing is about reaching a specific community within a particular area. The main idea is that your campaigns are limited to a physical radius. You’re not trying to reach huge global audiences with local marketing. Instead, your goal is to make your campaigns visible only to a well-defined target group.

HubSpot : The Ultimate Guide to B2B Marketing in 2022

By the end of this article, you'll have a better understanding of B2B marketing, the most effective B2B marketing strategies, and how you can tap into and convert your business audience. Plus, the trends you can expect in the B2B space in 2022, according to new research plus expert tips.

First-Party Data: Optimization Tips for Marketers

With the demise of third-party data, brands are presented with an opportunity to invest in modern data infrastructure and build trust with customers. But, how do marketers collect and optimize first-party data through better processes? Let us explore:

5 tips for selecting the right provider to power your email marketing campaigns

Having a reputation as a trusted email, Having the right people on hand if things go wrong, Having industry relationships matter, Data insight and scaled infrastructure enhances delivery, Engaged support and service makes everything quicker

MarTech Interview with João Pedro Resende, Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder at Hotmart

With the rise of the creator economy, it is now time for improved all-in-one creator platforms to help today’s creators implement better processes and partnerships; João Pedro Resende, Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder at Hotmart weighs in with some thoughts:

3 Tips on Marketing Your Small Business successfully

Marketing your small business can be overwhelming. With all the tips and tricks available, which does the new business owner choose to use? You may seem pulled in every direction; however, here are 8 tips for marketing your business regardless of the industry you’re in.

Make Your Newsletter Work for You in 2022

our senior care community’s newsletter is a highly valuable marketing tool. It’s also a line of communication with residents, their families, staff, and more. But are you maximizing your newsletter’s effectiveness and truly putting this tool to work for you? Evaluating and strategically changing your newsletter in 2022 can ensure you’re getting the most out of the time and effort that you put into every edition.

5 Methods to Improve your Blogging by Peter DeCaprio Using an Effective Email Marketing Strategy

Blogging is a great way to enter the world of social media and content marketing for your business. It not only helps in keeping your online community active but also provides you with a platform to be known by more people across the globe. In addition, blogging can boost up your search engine ranking if done properly. In fact, there are many tools that allow you to measure how effective your blog posts have been in terms of their reach and readership. The secret to all above said success is an effective email marketing strategy.

9 Tips to Build a Relationship with Your List and Make It Profitable

Then a few years later, the words “email is dead” started floating around. What?! No, it couldn’t be! But of course email marketing is not dead but alive and well. It has simply evolved as any tactic does (or should) to stay in pace with the needs of our audience. Email is concentrated on providing customer-centric experiences. Our communication should be more personalized and relevant to our readers.

Stand out this holiday season with some expert digital marketing tips

‘Christmas’ is trending on Social Media platforms. It’s clear we’re all looking forward to Christmas, with mentions significantly higher. To no surprise, with a disastrous year due to the Australian bushfires and the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re all looking forward to the Christmas sparkle. This holiday season we expect online shopping to hit record levels. With many events and celebrations spent in lockdown, now is the time to gift and be merry! So here we are with a handy survival guide to help you with your holiday marketing.

The key to successful customer engagement? Tried-and-true marketing methods

As the year comes to a close and planning for 2022 is in full swing, marketers have an opportunity to evaluate how they can make the most of the tools they already have. By thinking about and using them in new ways, tried and true methods will again become pivotal pieces of any marketing strategy. Looking for the best marketing tools to keep customers engaged? You may already have them up your sleeve.

3 Tricks for Getting More Email Clicks

agents and brokers feel largely optimistic

Email Reactivation - Strategies to Win Back Dormant Customers

Acquiring new customers will always be a goal but focusing on retention is key