10 Big Ways Infographics Benefit Your Content Strategy

Are you using infographics as part of your content strategy? You may be missing out on valuable digital marketing opportunities if not.

Salesforce com : How Salesforce Built Its First Email Design System – And How You Can, Too

This blog covers why and how we built our first email design system at Salesforce - and how you can, too. First, a bit of background. Several years ago, our email marketing team built an automated email send engine using Salesforce's digital marketing platform, Marketing Cloud.

5 Best Sales Automation Tools for 2022

Sales automation tools increase your productivity without compromising quality. However, knowing which tools are preferred for your business to expedite your lead and demand generation process is vital.

Mobile Optimization

Mobile optimization is the process of making a website user-friendly when accessed by mobile devices. This creates a user experience tailored to a specific device type. Mobile optimization alters website content for ease of use and accessibility and improves rankings on search engine results pages (SERP).

Effective Email Marketing Strategies to Boost Sales

Most marketing channels are saturated, but email gives you the leverage to stand out. But, what matters the most here is to build a relationship with your target audience. The best email marketing strategies are an amalgamation of data, intuition, and creativity. There’s so much that marketers can achieve with email if they master the right ideas- empowered by the right tools. In this blog, you’ll learn the most effective email marketing strategies to ramp up your revenue!

AiTrillion Recognized as a Momentum Leader in G2’s Winter 2022 Personalized Software Category

G2, the leading B2B software and services review platform for users, buyers, investors, and industry analysts, has recognized AiTrillion as one of the momentum leaders in the most trending personalized software category. AiTrillion, leading ecommerce marketing automation platform, is the first-ever SaaS-based Artificial Intelligence enabled all-in-one sales and marketing automation platform for eCommerce sellers in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, India and in other countries globally.

Growing Businesses Increase Opportunities for New Customers by 110% with ActiveCampaign

To close out a year of rapid growth and success, customers of ActiveCampaign, the leader in Customer Experience Automation (CXA), reported a 110% average increase in new leads compared to last year and a 94% improvement in the amount of leads that became customers, proving the effectiveness of ActiveCampaign’s platform.

A marketer’s 2022 guide to Marketo: What it does today

This guide will walk you through some of the key capabilities of Marketo, one of the cornerstone platforms in the marketing automation space.

MarTech Innovator Mobiz Launches Personalized SMS Marketing Tool for Small and Medium Businesses

Mobiz allows users to harness the power of personalized marketing and SMS delivery by creating and sending customer-unique, customized and templatized landing pages. The platform also offers features that enable businesses to compliantly capture customer information to build and enrich their subscriber lists. This enables business owners to grow their client base and establish more meaningful connections to their existing community by offering content relevant to their needs through personalization.

How to Develop an Email Marketing Strategy That Drives Sales (+ Examples)

E-mail Marketing. Everyone’s doing it. You receive them every day. You may even have an inbox exclusively designated for that purpose. And as a business owner, you may be wondering what’s the best way to launch your own campaign. Or maybe you already have one, but your open and click through rates are lacking. How can you move forward? Thankfully, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. You can follow a tried and true blueprint…. And try a gazillion different iterations until you get that golden ticket. How so? Keep reading.

Website Design Tools for Tailored Online Content

The quality of an online presence has never been more important, and businesses are doing whatever they can to keep their web design on point. Take a look at our list of five amazing tools that can help web designers, business owners, or budding amateurs optimize their websites and tailor content for target audiences.

BayEngage from TargetBay: An effective mailchimp alternative

If there are cheaper and more affordable email marketing software available like BayEngage, why go for the expensive and ineffective ones?

How to Improve Email Deliverability and Open Rates

Tips on how startups can improve email deliverability rates

Shopify vs WooCommerce

An all-in-one ecommerce platform or a powerful, open-source plugin?

Brand Wings Strengthens Its Sales Enablement Platform with Email Campaign Builder

Brand Wings today announced the launch of Email Campaign Builder, a powerful new feature included in the Brand Wings sales enablement platform. Email Campaign Builder makes it easy for sales representatives to send highly personalized brand-compliant emails to their contacts in any volume and receive analytics on the campaign’s effectiveness.

ActiveCampaign helps Businesses Increase Opportunities by 110%

The leader in customer experience automation (CXA) achieves strong momentum into Q1 2022 with positive customer satisfaction, new product capabilities and headcount growth

Why and How to Use Mailchimp in WordPress

Sending bulk messages to your subscribers to promote your business in the hope that they'll reciprocate is often far from enough. A successful email marketing campaign requires an analytical and creative approach coupled with excellent software tools to effectively manage mailing strategy, design, deliverability, automation, and other aspects. There are lots of email marketing services out there that can help you grow your business and reach your audience in a productive way. In this article, we'll look at Mailchimp, one of the most popular and cost-effective email-related services, with over 10 million clients, including TED and Vimeo. We’ll discuss why it adds value to your WordPress website and how to use it on WP.


To the surprise of many, Microsoft hasn’t developed any serious solution for email signatures, leaving the doors wide open for organizations like Letsignit, a French company determined to become a world leader in email marketing signatures. It even has the support of Microsoft (Microsoft France was involved in the development) as well as large investment funds, and is currently expanding internationally.

Best Holiday Email Examples/Templates

Best Vacation E-mail Examples/Templates

CommentSold Acquires Vizzlie to Simplify Social Media Marketing for Retailers

Tool Enables CommentSold Merchants to Easily Customize and Schedule Facebook Posts, Comments and Other Customer Communications