Is Your Email Marketing Software The Right One? 5-Point Assessment Guide

According to a Litmus study, every $1 invested in email marketing yields a profit of $36 —which is quite a return. Moreover, 78% of marketers say email marketing is crucial for the success of a business. Why? Some of the reasons are hidden in the fact that email marketing is personal, customizable, and measurable. When leveraging it for business growth, your email marketing software can make all the difference. However, with the hundreds of tools out there, where do you begin? This five-point guide will help you choose the right software for your business.

Codecrew Releases Its First-Ever Top 50 Email Marketing Campaigns – Boutique Email Marketing Agency Codecrew Releases Their First-Ever Bi-annual Lookbook.

Boutique email marketing agency CodeCrew releases their first-ever bi-annual lookbook.

Ai Writing Software For Marketing The Basics, Part 1

While artificial intelligence is by no means new, it continues to progress and expand across many industries. And more businesses are finding ways to introduce AI into different departments. Most recently, marketing teams began using AI in the form of content generators to deal with the ever-growing demand for content production. So, we've created a miniseries on how businesses can leverage AI writing software in their marketing departments. In this first installment, we’ll cover the basics of this technology and its marketing use cases.

Blueshift Announces 2022 Omnies Award Winners and Honorees for Marketing Excellence and Innovation

Orchestration Category Winner: Zumper, Marketing with AI Category Winner:, New Rising Star Category Winner: Sweetwater, Innovative Campaign Category Winner: italki, Engagement Category Winner: Slickdeals, Engagement Category Winner: Udacity, Strategic First-Party Data Category Winner: 14 West, Strategic First-Party Data Category Winner: LendingTree

Your Perfect Holiday Email Marketing Template

Last year’s Black Friday/Cyber Monday period (BFCM) shed light on how consumers respond to different subject lines, calls-to-action, message content, and advertised discounts during the busiest time of the year. Brands can use this information to craft holiday emails that increase engagement and sales. Here’s how.

What is No-Code? The Best Tools to Get Started

Gone are the days when creating a digital product, like a website, newsletter, or application, was available only to those with specific skills or a decent amount of money to hire a professional development team. In 2022, lack of knowledge of programming languages and tight finances are no longer an obstacle: everyone can do this thanks to no-code solutions.

Marketing for large scale retail: 4 winning examples

1. What is the future for large-scale retail? Examples and trends of online development2. Success stories #1: the irresistible rise of Ecommerce 3. Success stories #2: the digital flyer4. Success stories #3: Email marketing (the Iperal case) 5. Success stories #4: quick or instant commerce 6. Creating spaces for conversation in large-scale retail: the interactive experience of Doxee

Out-of-office message examples and templates

Below are tips on what to include and avoid in your out-of-office message, along with some examples you can tweak to meet your specific needs.

The Top 10 Most Essential Tools That Every Startup Needs To Be Successful

It might be challenging to know where to begin when starting a new business. However, you can launch your company quickly if you have the correct tools. Many people believe they need to have a lot of money or that establishing a business is out of their price range. To succeed, you will need to have the correct tools and resources because there is fierce competition. This article will discuss the top 10 affordable and accessible tools you can use to start business without going bankrupt.

4 Ways Brands Can Prepare Their Email Marketing Program for BFCM

Black Friday and Cyber Monday (BFCM) are right around the corner, and many ecommerce brands are already planning for another uncertain year. Between inflation, increased marketing costs — especially paid ads — seasonal shipping costs surcharges and potential supply chain disruptions, finding every last opportunity to increase profits during the busiest time of the year is critical for brands. While email marketing continues to be a consistent high-performing channel, it doesn’t mean messages can’t be improved for a greater chance of conversion. Here are four data-backed ways to increase your email marketing performance this holiday season.

10 Best Landing Page Builders For Marketers 2022

Landing pages are the one-page websites that you build for your online marketing campaigns. They help you focus on a single conversion goal, like getting people to sign up for an email list or download an ebook. Landing page builder software is essential for any marketer looking to acquire leads on the internet. Offers Users a Simple, Automated Email Marketing Platform founders created the company to provide an easy, modern platform allowing users to build an effective email marketing strategy with dedicated support at every level. Various features and functionality make the ideal platform for business owners who want automated email marketing and digital communication.

Five ways to use email marketing to grow your business

Build an email list, Establish your sending frequency and goals, Segment your audience, Improve the open rate of the emails, Test your emails

Cookie Countdown: Preparing for a B2B Marketing Future Without Third-Party Cookies

Let’s go through the pros and cons of some cookie alternatives and take a close look at why B2B marketers should strongly consider the powerful combination of omnichannel account-based marketing (ABM) and IP-based technologies.

Constellation Introduces Easy-To-Use Email Marketing Tools for Homebuilders

Constellation HomeBuilder Systems, the largest provider of home building software solutions and services, introduces BuildTopia Marketing, a powerful email marketing tool for residential home builders enabling them to easily create marketing campaigns and send beautiful emails with just a few clicks. This module is available exclusively as part of the company’s BuildTopia Enterprise offering.

RMS North America Releases Complete Campground Marketing Toolkit

RMS North America, a leading provider of cloud-based reservation and property management systems to the hospitality industry, today released its Complete Campground Marketing Toolkit. Campground owners and managers will now have access to email templates, a first-time camper guide, an industry report, and actionable insights on current marketing best practices within the comprehensive toolkit. Resources specifically designed to help campground owners and managers kickstart marketing efforts.

E-mail Marketing is Still the Best Way to Build a Loyal Customer Base

Want an easy and intuitive way to create sophisticated automated marketing campaigns? Want to send gorgeous, customized emails that actually reach the inboxes of potential customers and clients? Then you need to take a look at Campaigner.

Tips to create successful email campaigns

Many people rely on emails to keep up with news about their favourite brands and need regular newsletters that are sent out via email. More than four billion people now use email daily, making it the largest social network in the world, so it makes sense for anyone marketing or selling something to constantly sharpen their skills on this channel. Emailers and newsletters are key tools for keeping your customers informed and for encouraging them to visit your digital properties. This type of marketing is also relatively affordable. And it is a growing channel. Hubspot reported in July 2022 that over the previous 12 months, 77% of marketers saw an increase in email engagement. And with a return on investment of $44 for every $1 it’s no wonder that 37% of brands are increasing their email budget, and only 1.3% are making cuts (Litmus, 2021). So, how do you ensure your brand gets a piece of this massive pie? Here are a few tips from the team at Flow Communications:

Starting a Business with Little Funds? These 8 Services Can Help You Launch Without Breaking The Bank

Fortunately, we’re in the golden age of technology, and the phrase “there’s an app for that.” There are tons of resources and programs out there that can help you get your business off the ground. Best of all, these sites can help with every aspect of your new company, from developing the idea to marketing it and securing investors. While many different apps and websites are available, we’ve compiled a list of the top eight. These options will help you launch faster and build an audience as quickly as possible. From there, the sky’s the limit. Let’s check out these sites and what they have to offer.

Campaigns By Pipedrive Aims To Optimize Email Marketing

Pipedrive, a CRM revenue management platform, released Campaigns by Pipedrive, a new tool designed to provide users with a centralized place to manage their email marketing campaigns. The company aims to give customers a chance to better meet business goals and objectives across teams on the same platform.