The Personal Touch: The Agent-Client Connection in a Digital World

When it comes time to get a quote, your independent agency needs to have the right technology. Agencies should be using automated email campaigns and social media to create brand recognition. You need to be optimizing your website and using Google My Business to show up in local search results. Your insurance agency website needs to have a quoting engine to provide consumers with live, fast quotes.So,how can your agents maximize their personal touch in a digital world?

Has the Rise of the CDP Changed How Companies Use CRMs?

Companies are increasingly adding customer data platforms (CDPs) to their martech stacks. The CDP Institute estimates industry revenue will reach $1.55 billion in 2021, a 20% increase over 2020, with other reports expecting more double-digit growth in the future.

5 Digital Marketing Trends For Your Business In 2021

In order for your business to continue to experience growth in the 21st century, you must adapt and adjust your digital marketing strategies.

3 Account-based Marketing Mistakes to Avoid from Today!

Marketing (and even!) sales activities today require deeper targeted efforts to enable better business ROI. At a time when the world is still reeling from the second year of an ongoing pandemic, the onus lies on marketing and sales teams to drive dedicated efforts to achieve faster results, keeping the various economic, local (especially true for global companies serving a global audience) and overall business operation challenges that the pandemic brings up.

Bennet Schwartz Discusses How Technology Changed The Marketing Industry

Bennet schwartz discusses how technology has changed the field of marketing, explaining how these updates are influencing the industry.

A Beginner's Guide to Internet Marketing

What is Internet Marketing? Internet marketing is one of the best tools to get your product or service noticed by prospective customers over the World Wide Web. The basic purpose of Internet marketing is to promote businesses through creating a positive long-term impact on customers while also reaching the right audience at the right time. One can use social media platforms for this purpose along with the traditional marketing techniques like search engine optimization, Pay per Click etc.

Why You Need an Email Database for Real Estate Marketing

Email databases tend to deprecate when users unsubscribe, become inactive, or change their email addresses. It is up to you to maintain your database up to date, and here are strategies you could employ:

How To Successfully Implement Marketing Automation And Avoid Common Mistakes

Marketing automation is now the new normal for businesses who aim to streamline their daily routine process – email marketing being first – and get great ROI.


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50 Years of Email

But if the history of email tells us anything, it's that email isn't going away any time soon Celebrating 50 Years of Email, By cloudHQ

Four Steps Direct-Mail Marketers Can Take To Succeed In 2021 And Beyond

It takes patience, persistence and support internally and externally. You'll need to aggregate, clean and structure your data. But I believe this is the future of marketing and the future of direct mail. And it's here today.

Can Email Be the ‘Brain’ of Your Business?

For us, the brain of an eCommerce business is not about the IQ of the owner – its actually about email. Yes, Email. Over the past few years, email marketing has had a resurgence in popularity, with rising cost of paid advertising and the ever-changing landscape and ‘ethical issues’ over some of the major companies that provide platforms for us as businesses. During this time, companies like Klaviyo have pushed email beyond just being a way to deliver an automated message – email can now be treated like a ‘nucleus’ for all eCommerce brand marketing. Here’s how.

50 Years of Email

But if the history of email tells us anything, it's that email isn't going away any time soon

The Secret to Making More Money With E-Commerce: Customer Retention, Part 1

In 2019, online retail sales surpassed $3.5 trillion worldwide, but the e-commerce boom was just getting started. With COVID-19 keeping everyone home, and brands pivoting operations to sell online, the events of 2020 created a unique ecosystem for the online marketplace to explode.

Analysing the haves and have nots for sales enablement: How can you become better?

Annual sales enablement benchmark report

Marketing Integrations: The Challenge of Getting Your Marketing Tech Stack to Play Nice

Having your tools play nice together, is critical for your teams to be aligned and drive consistent revenue and sales.

Internet Marketing Strategies That Works

The most effective way to achieve success in what is internet marketing is to use content creation in addition to search engine optimization, Pay per Click and pay-per-play strategies.

5 digital marketing strategies to boost the HR industry

With the adoption of digital media strategies,HR leaders are moving from playing the role of job hunters to real brand builders.Here's how.

5 cold calling tips to close more business

Cold calling is hard work, but with a thoughtful approach, you can keep the conversation going and get yourself one step closer to a sale.

4 Ways to Automate and Streamline Your Marketing With Advanced Tech

Whether you’re nursing a small startup or you have a booming business that’s bursting at the seams, the following solutions could provide exactly what you need at this precise moment in your company’s life: