How to Re-Engage Your Stagnant Email List

There are several reasons why a lead list might become stagnant. Today, we hope to shed some light on some of the common causes of engagement dropoff. We will also go over some of the techniques we’ve used in the past to re-engage our subscribers.

Factoreal's newest feature is the next-level addition to a true all-in-one customer engagement suite

With this new convenient addition, Factoreal will permit marketers to control offsite and onsite messaging, connecting with subscribers at a whole new level for a deep-insight omnichannel customer experience.

How To Write A Marketing Plan

Ready to reinvigorate your marketing? First, you need a plan. In this article, I’ll outline how to create a marketing plan for your business.

How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing the Future of Digital Marketing

According to a survey conducted by PwC, 72% of business leaders use AI for their business advantage. The Digital marketing world has been restructured immensely since the emergence of AI. It helps companies develop powerful digital strategies, optimizes campaigns, and improves return on investment.

All that every organisation should know about the implementation of email hunter systems

This is considered to be the top-notch quality software that can pull literally anyone’s email only and the functionality will not even stop here because it can even be capable of linking to different kinds of social media accounts as well so that lookup of the email address can be undertaken very professionally.

Deciding Factors: How Do You Choose Between Email And Direct Marketing?

As a multi-channel data provider, I know firsthand that both email and direct mail can drive powerful results, especially for acquisition campaigns, which aim to bring new prospects into your fold. Comparing them side-by-side as stand-alone channels, there are two big questions to answer: How much does it cost? And does it actually work? Let’s take a look.

Reasons why Email Marketing is not dead and remains effective for Ecommerce

SEO gets improved by Email Marketing, For marketers the highest Return on Investment gets generated by Email marketing

How Artificial Intelligence impacts the Future of Digital Marketing

Considering that user behaviour and data analytics play an important role in digital marketing, leveraging AI will be the most efficient way to maximize business operations. Especially when you consider building strategies for SEO(Search Engine Optimization), PPC(Pay Per Click) and Social Media Marketing, Artificial Intelligence stands out as the trendy choice.

SOS agencies: here’s how to digitize your customers’ entire journey and help them achieve their business goals 

Digitization has represented both a formidable driver of change, capable of shaping a technologically new world, and the response to the needs that have arisen as a result of this change

Why Your Next Pop-Up Event Should Have a Tailored Business Plan

The spread of COVID-19 has made business difficult for brick-and-mortar businesses to make a profit. And as social distancing restrictions have lifted, many businesses have struggled to open their doors back up. The flexible pop-up shop format provides those businesses with a simple solution.

Data and confused: The increasing complexity of digital ad targeting

Four key factors that determine whether a business can survive in the complex post-cookie future.

How To Tap Into Emotions Via Seasonal Marketing (And Why It Matters)

Seasonal marketing refers to marketing that revolves around special holidays. As cultural and popular business events like Christmas or Black Friday come around, there’s heightened excitement, which forms the perfect foil to support your marketing efforts.

9 of the Best Marketing Automation Software for Small Businesses

No matter the industry, the market, or size, every business can benefit from marketing automation software solutions. Choosing the right vendor and solution can be a complicated process, though, especially as a small business, where budget and functionalities are crucial, which is why our editors have compiled the following list of the best marketing automation software for small businesses and teams. The companies are listed in alphabetical order.

Display Advertising Is on Fire: How to Get the Most Out of It

Digital marketing has undergone a massive transformation, and the eMarketer report is showing it’s not done yet. As more marketers shift to digital advertising, and display advertising specifically, it will be even more important to deliver the kind of connected, omni-channel experiences that buyers want. Thankfully, new digital marketing tools and strategies are available that make it possible to deliver those experiences at scale in a way that’s cost-effective, quick and easy to use.