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WACL, Snap, YouTube and Pinterest call for better representation of women in advertising, IRCODE’s adtech solution merges physical and digital advertising worlds, Adtech firm IRCODE has been launched, debuting what it describes as a first-to-market adtech solution designed to bridge the gap between traditional media and the digital worlds


Digital Marketing for Financial Services: Trends, Tips & More

Let’s dive into the importance of digital marketing for financial services, the current trends in the sector, and our top tips for achieving success with your strategy!

Navigating The Digital Marketing Landscape: Effective Strategies For Today's Market

In today's market, digital marketing tactics are rapidly evolving, adapting to changing consumer behaviors and powered by technological advancements that allow for better analytics. As the Chief Marketing and Technology Officer at my company, I have observed firsthand how the right digital strategies can transform consumer engagement, especially in industries like fitness, where the competition is not just with other brands but also with lifestyle choices..

Birdseye Adds New Features to its AI-Powered Email Marketing Platform to Automate and Enable Faster, More Profitable Retail Inventory Liquidation

Birdseye is an AI-powered, autonomous email marketing platform that provides a highly targeted approach to liquidating retail inventory. It uses AI to match shoppers to products based on their product preferences like size and color, willingness to pay, and other relevant attributes. After pinpointing the exact customer, Birdseye automatically delivers marketing campaigns only to those likely to be interested in the products. This approach enables retailers to provide engaging and personalized shopping experiences and offers that resonate and, most importantly, convert. (Graphic: Business Wire)

A Top Digital Marketing Agency in Canada For a Sustainable Growth in 2024

In today’s digital world, working with a top-notch digital marketing agency can significantly impact businesses looking to grow and succeed.

Headwaters Restaurant Sees Record Reservations After Digital Silk's Strategic Marketing Campaign

Headwaters Restaurant in Vermont is fully booked seven days a week thanks to Digital Silk's strategic digital transformation, which included a new website, integrated booking system, and targeted PPC and social campaigns.

Email Marketing Software Market is Booming Worldwide , Oracle, Salesforce, HubSpot, Klaviyo

Market Research Forecast published a new research publication on "Email Marketing Software Market Insights, to 2032" with 232 pages and enriched with self-explained Tables and charts in presentable format. In the Study you will find new evolving Trends, Drivers, Restraints, Opportunities generated by targeting market associated stakeholders. The growth of the Email Marketing Software market was mainly driven by the increasing R&D spending across the world.

9 Top Email Marketing Trends (2024 & 2025)

Whether email marketing is a proven channel for your business, or if you're just getting started with it, these are the top trends to follow.

How to Determine The Ideal Length of Your Marketing Emails Your Customers Will Actually Read

Wondering how long your marketing emails should be? Here's what consumers say — so you can send exactly what they like.

Internet Marketing: A Beginner’s Guide in 2024

Move over print ads and direct mail: Internet marketing is the new trend. Digital marketing accounts for 56% of total marketing spend, and the industry as a whole is expected to reach over $786 billion by 2026. This means that if your company isn’t already dabbling in online marketing, it needs to be. Use this beginner’s guide to internet marketing to learn more about the basics.

16 digital marketing platforms to check out in 2024

With thousands of apps on the market, knowing which marketing platform best suits your brand’s unique needs can be challenging. This article will break everything down for you, from explaining what a digital marketing platform is and its benefits to offering top digital marketing platform recommendations.

BulkResponse.com Revolutionizes Email Marketing with Cutting-Edge Solutions

BulkResponse.com, a leading provider of advanced email marketing solutions, is proud to announce the launch of its latest suite of tools designed to help businesses maximize their marketing efforts and achieve unparalleled success.

Orange Global Unveils Powerful Digital Marketing and Web Design Solutions

Orange Global, a leading digital marketing and web design agency, is excited to announce its comprehensive suite of services designed to propel businesses forward in the competitive digital world. Committed to innovation and exceptional results, Orange Global crafts customized solutions to address each client's needs, guaranteeing a strong online presence and measurable success.

14 K Business Solutions LLC: Elevating Digital Marketing with SEO Services, Social Media Marketing & Digital Strategies

14 K Business Solutions LLC, a leading digital marketing agency based in Philadelphia, proudly announces its commitment to providing top-tier SEO services, innovative social media marketing, and comprehensive digital marketing strategies. Specializing in transforming businesses through enhanced online visibility and engagement, 14 K Business Solutions LLC continues to set the benchmark for digital excellence..

Driving Hotel Digital Marketing Momentum

It's about connecting with our guests in meaningful ways and delivering experiences that exceed their expectations.

Navigating the Post-Tax Time Slump: How Businesses Can Shift Their Strategies to Maintain Revenue

As the Australian financial year draws to a close, businesses in Australia are bracing themselves for the traditional post-tax time slump in spending. However, this lull presents an opportunity for businesses to reassess their marketing strategies and adapt to the evolving digital landscape.

Industry KPIs: Email open rates climb dramatically as signal loss draws near

The news: Email open rates have increased significantly across advertising sectors over the last few years, per our Industry KPIs data provided by Klaviyo.

How To Improve Your Email Conversion Rate

Your marketing email conversion rate is the percentage of recipients who follow a call to action after opening your message. Learn how to optimize conversions.

Digital Marketing Statistics 2023: How Your Strategy Measures Up

These concepts are growing more powerful, and more marketers are leveraging them every year. And given how many people are active online on a daily basis, that’s hardly surprising!But to make the most of digital marketing, you need to understand what it’s about, how it’s been performing so far, and its key trends. Dive into this article to get these insights, and more!

Emerging Trends in Email Marketing: Staying Ahead of the Curve

As a channel for business promotion, email marketing remains one of the most powerful means of interacting with customers and keeping them up to date with the latest offers. However, the real potential of email marketing goes beyond driving sales. With a quality strategy, email can help build brand loyalty and convert new leads into regular clients. Then again, the revenue potential, varying from $36 to $42 per dollar spent, is reason enough to invest some effort into creative campaigns.

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