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Tonia Ryan: Launching Modern-Day Marketing Strategies for Squared Realty

Tonia Ryan, Vice President of luxury real estate brand Squared Realty, is launching modern-day marketing strategies to accommodate recent advancements in digital communications technology. Social media, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and targeted ads are just a few of the methods that Tonia utilizes to promote Squared Realty's brand, though she also has experience in renovating more traditional marketing techniques such as print media and events to ensure potential clients can be reached no matter which type of communication they prefer.

Why the lines between digital advertising and direct mail are blurring

direct mail and digital. While they may seem odd bedfellows, the combined tactics of these two channels are creating an authentic and increasingly effective omnichannel approach to performance marketing.

Disney deepens CTV strategy with new shoppable formats, ‘advergaming’

Topgolf served as charter advertiser for a Beat the Clock challenge ad format that can be played using a TV remote.

NP Digital launches New Mail Grader Tool To Audit Email Marketing

Mail Grader Is the Agency’s Free Auditing and Insights Tool Available to the Public

Amazon tests tool that lets brands contact shoppers in departure from its tight control over customers

Amazon is quietly rolling out a way for some brands on its site to engage with shoppers, in a move that represents a departure from its historically tight controls over customer data.

9 Top Email Marketing Trends (2024 & 2025)

Whether email marketing is a proven channel for your business, or if you're just getting started with it, these are the top trends to follow.

Marketing to Millennials: 8 Email Marketing Stats & Facts Retailers Need to Know

Are you a retailer offering products aimed at Millennials? Want to know why you should invest more into email marketing to target your Millennial audience?

New Digital Marketing Agency in Peshawar Offers Top-Notch Solutions for Small Businesses

The launch of Peshawar's Digital Marketing firm- the progressive firm that has the aim to provide the newest digital marketing strategies and tools to the local businesses is soon to be the elements of revolution in the Peshawar economic landscape.

6 Unusual But Proven Email Marketing Hacks

Even if your email marketing game is on point, there’s always more you could be doing. Companies use email as an avenue to promote a product, establish a relationship with leads and customers, and support overall productivity. While having good email marketing tactics can do a lot of positive things for a company, not having them can lead to the opposite result. Therefore, it’s important to always pay attention to new email marketing tricks that can help you.

Email Marketing Trends for 2024

Explore our list of 2024 email marketing trends below and learn strategies to help improve your overall hotel email marketing performance.

TECH TALK WITH MIKE: Four most effective ways to grow your email list

It is estimated that there are more than three billion email users globally, and this figure is bound to grow past four billion by the end of 2023. This is a clear indication that you shouldn’t miss out on this form of marketing. If you have just started marketing via email and are finding it challenging to build your subscriber list, several resourceful tactics can come handy.

Marketers brace for impact of summaries in Apple Mail, Gmail

Email is the top area where marketers are increasing their budgets. Some 62% of US B2B and B2C marketers had increased their email marketing campaign in the past 12 months, according to April 2023 data from SeQuel Response and ISG. But recent email updates from Apple and Gmail add new challenges to email marketing, especially for B2B marketers.

10 search marketing takeaways from digital marketing leader Aaron Levy at SMX Advanced

Here are some highlights of his keynote talk, which included a look back at what the search marketing industry has been through, how the new wave of AI change is nothing new and his bet on the fact that search isn’t going away anytime soon.

B2C marketing automation: The tools, tactics and prerequisites for success

Marketing automation in B2C uses different tactics and goals than in B2B, but in the end, it's all about revenue.

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