5 High-Impact Marketing Tactics To Drive Sales For Your Software Company

With the exponential growth of software, technology, and internet companies in the Indian startup landscape, how you market your new solution is crucial to its success

MarTech Interview With Dennis Fois, CEO At Copper

Should the eventual death of third-party cookies serve as a catalyst in the future to B2B marketers? Dennis Fois, CEO at Copper dives deeper in this quick chat:

5 Email Marketing Best Practices for MSPs

Email marketing is the most effective way to drive activity that will grow business.

5 Email Marketing Trends to Boost Marketing Strategy

Throughout this article, I’ll be examining the five email marketing trends that can be used to support marketing efforts and help businesses stand out in a saturated market while working remotely.


To understand how to use email marketing effectively, we interviewed email marketers at this year’s fastest-growing startups. This post covers the most profitable tactics they use that capture 80% of the value using 20% of the effort.

Horrifying Yet All-Too-Common Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

My best advice in the new era is that marketing shouldn’t be a low-priority cost center in any business. Now's the time to charge at full speed, at your absolute best. Stop and think twice before making devastating decisions that have long-term unwanted consequences. Find a trusted and experienced digital marketer to partner with on the success of your business.

If you want to work in music, this Music Marketing Master Class Bundle has the answers you need

understand marketing funnels, and even use tactics like email marketing to help turn your artist into a household name. Spotify, Apple Music, Streaming gets users familiar with the streaming world, unlocking how platforms like Spotify, Amazon, Apple TIDAL, and others work, as well as how to pitch music to online music blogs, playlists, and radio stations.

Email Marketing Software – Maximizing Your Advertising Efforts

Here are three ways to get to know your subscribers:

Reasons Why Content Marketing is Above All in Business

While content marketing can strengthen consumer faith, increase SEO, and build your brand as an expert in the domain, poor content will not be adequate. The quality of content you issue is significant. The best content encourages constant brand information and voice over every stage. It stays authentic to your label at every consumer touchpoint.

Why Artificial Intelligence Is a Game-Changer for Your Post-Pandemic Marketing

The technology doesn't have to be as complicated as you think. Here's how to use it right.


In today’s world, e-commerce is a critical component of becoming a successful retailer.

10 Inbound Marketing Ideas Your Brand Will Want to Use

Since inbound marketing relies heavily on organic search engine optimization (SEO), it’s much more cost-effective than traditional outbound marketing strategies like paid advertising.

Marketing On A Budget For Tech Companies In 2021

Today, consumer habits have evolved. They want to be able to trust a business and witness its credibility before they make the decision to purchase. We are in an era where traditional marketing practices will hardly work. The good thing is that new marketing strategies are not only proving to be fruitful, but they are also pretty cost-effective. If you are not too convinced about the fact that you can actually market your tech brand on a budget, you are at the right place. Here are top marketing strategies on a budget that small tech companies can leverage to compete against the big leagues.

How to Improve Customer Retention with Performance Marketing

Improving your performance marketing tactics from the top to the bottom of the funnel will help you keep customers and their recurring revenue, and this is how.

How to Write an Email Subject Line That Could Get You Promoted

To get noticed, you must win a competition for attention. You must woo your corporate executive to open your email. You have but one chance to grab your reader’s attention, and that chance is your subject line. Here are three things you can do to nail it.

3 Strategies That You Can Implement For Multi-Location Franchise Marketing

This article is meant to give you three things to consider when you tackle the giant of multi-location marketing. If you want to improve your franchise marketing efforts, or you just stepped into the ring, you should be able to implement these tactics instantaneously.

Retail Statistics You Should Know

What do the latest retail statistics tell us about retailing in 2021? You might be surprised. We have assembled all the numbers you need, including store operations, shopper behaviors, how retailers market their businesses, and much more. If you own a retail store or are considering shop ideas for a new one, take a look at the stats below.

How to Design an Effective Online Marketing Campaign

Let’s face it, online leads are better leads. Online ads and social media promotion are becoming favorite business generators for realtors and investors. If you still think internet marketing is not that important for real estate firms, it’s time to divert your attention to the digital age. Undoubtedly, you can reach out to more people and achieve your marketing and sales goals faster, on time, and with less cost with digital marketing. Here’s how to design an effective online marketing campaign for your real estate investing business.

Digital Strategy

A digital strategy,sometimes also known as an online marketing strategy,is a set of activities that combine traditional and online marketing techniques to improve company’s online presence and marketability.

Why Artificial Intelligence Is a Game-Changer for Your Post-Pandemic Marketing

Technology doesn't have to be as complicated as you might think.Here's how to use right.