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This Future-Looking Report Empowers Businesses and Marketers With Data-Driven Insights on Cutting-Edge Trends to Amplify Digital Marketing Results

2024 Digital Marketing Strategy Guide

Most of us would be lost without our smartphones, tablets and computers. People digest a lot of information on these devices, which is why a digital marketing strategy is imperative for any business owner. You want to catch customers where they are exploring search engines and perusing social media. Getting your marketing on these platforms will improve your conversion results, leading to more sales and revenue.

Email Marketing Trends for 2024

Explore our list of 2024 email marketing trends below and learn strategies to help improve your overall hotel email marketing performance.

Leveraging Google Marketing For Business Success

Google Marketing

Email automation tools for the savvy marketer

Discover the email automation features you need and how AI will change them going forward.

7 Strategic SEO Insights & Tactical Tips For 2024 And Beyond

Despite the current changes in the digital marketing landscape, SEO remains essential. Bolster your SEO strategy with these seven actionable SEO insights.

Marine retailers say customers are responding to social media, email marketing campaigns and text messages.

Digital Marketing

18 best practices for email marketing on a small budget

In search of cost-effective email marketing strategies tailored for small businesses, we’ve gathered insights from top industry professionals, including marketing directors and email marketing managers. From targeting audiences based on interests to repurposing content as lead magnets, explore the eighteen diverse and budget-friendly tactics these experts recommend. Here are 18 best practices for email marketing on a small budget:

Media Planning: 4 Tips For Planning Your Digital Media Mix

Here are the top 4 tips to help your agency navigate diverse campaigns across industries and meet clients' unique needs.

Four Ways To Better Align Your Email Marketing Strategy to Sales and ROI Goals

Changing customer expectations in B2B tech and the constant need for B2B marketers and sales teams to work more closely together in creating and nurturing a prospect pipeline and successfully converting those prospects into long term customers has led to a greater need for marketing and sales to work together on their core email marketing strategy. With bulk email senders like Google and Yahoo starting to enforce new requirements for bulk email senders; now is more crucial than over for B2B marketing and sales teams who rely on heavy email outbound prospecting tactics to align close on processes, campaigns and goals.

Email List Building Automation & Segmentation In 2024 Beginners Guide Launched

eBizLifestyle announces a new guide covering the 301K Challenge by Igor Kheifets, teaching entrepreneurs how to build their email lists from scratch.

Leveraging digital marketing for community engagement and impact

Digital marketing plays a significant role in enhancing community engagement and creating a lasting impact. It transcends traditional boundaries, allowing organisations to reach and engage with their communities in innovative ways. Through targeted strategies and creative approaches, digital marketing opens a myriad of opportunities for fostering connections, driving social change, and building a more involved and informed community.

TECH TALK WITH MIKE: Four most effective ways to grow your email list

It is estimated that there are more than three billion email users globally, and this figure is bound to grow past four billion by the end of 2023. This is a clear indication that you shouldn’t miss out on this form of marketing. If you have just started marketing via email and are finding it challenging to build your subscriber list, several resourceful tactics can come handy.

Accelerate Media Inc. Announces AI Addition to Digital Marketing Strategies

Accelerate Media Inc., a ground-breaking marketing agency founded in 2005 by Melissa Lord and headquartered in Winnetka, California, is announcing a significant shift in its digital marketing strategies. The agency is integrating artificial intelligence (AI) into its operations, proclaiming a new era of inventiveness and advancement in the industry.

Local search in 2024: Key trends and tactics for marketers

Location-based businesses must focus on five areas – discovery, relevancy, experience, engagement and conversions – to drive impact today.

Mastering Online Marketing; 9 Strategies To Engage, Influence And Succeed

The goal of online selling is the same as its brick-and-mortar counterpart: Provide quality products and services to your customers. Still, because opinions and feedback shape brand perceptions and influence potential customers on an unprecedented scale, online marketing takes on a greater role. Today, mastering online marketing is not just a strategy; it’s a prerequisite to sustain a positive brand image and build enduring customer relationships.

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