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How to Drive Sales with Email Marketing

Email marketing is among the most effective marketing strategies employed by businesses across all sectors and categories. It is utilized by business owners to establish and maintain relationships with subscribers, promote their brand, and provide discounts or incentives to their high-CLV customers. And research suggests that email newsletters are the most popular form of content marketing for 81% of B2B marketers – but how do you use this channel to not just grow leads, but also drive sales? Read on.

4 Best Email Personalization Strategies

The email landscape is rapidly evolving, which means senders simply can’t assume old adages have the Midas Touch. Rather than relying on what was once believed to be true, it’s time to uplevel emails with personalization to give customers the message they want and truly stand out among the crowded inbox.

How your business can leverage email marketing for closer customer relationships

Advanced and mid-market companies are looking for more effective methods to personalize their marketing efforts and cater to a diverse customer base. In pursuit of this goal, email marketing can be a valuable and lucrative tool for these companies to leverage. Follow these dos and don'ts to increase your chances of getting noticed in your customers' inboxes.

Six Ways to More Effectively Integrate Your Email Marketing and CRM Systems

Nurturing and growing your client base is essential to the success of your firm and building and integrating your email marketing system with your CRM is an essential way to stay top of mind with your clients and keep your firm running smoothly.

Six Ways to More Effectively Integrate Your Email Marketing and CRM Systems

When email marketing systems are not connected to a CRM system, serious challenges such as large amounts of duplicate contacts and duplicative data entry can arise. This leads to attorneys and staff wasting time on minor tasks such as entering data into disconnected systems or analyzing disconnected data in order to make important decisions.

Email Marketing Automation Guide

Email marketing automation can help you save time, increase your ROI, and deliver a better experience to your subscribers.

Mimestream is the Mac app every Gmail user needs

It’s not an email app; it’s a Gmail app. And as long as you use Gmail and a Mac, that’s really great news.

The pros and cons of email marketing

Let's take a look at some of the pros of marketing via email:


By combining Instagram with email marketing, you can get the best of both worlds. You’ll enjoy all the unique benefits each platform can offer while finding new opportunities to build your impact and grow your audience.Why does this matter? Well, you don’t own your audience on Instagram. If Meta decided to shut down their platforms overnight (which we know is pretty unlikely!), you’d lose access to your entire audience. That’s why its essential to diversify your marketing efforts and grow your audience on owned channels, like email marketing. It’s all about covering your bases and building an engaged audience on and off social media.

Why 2023 is the comeback year for email marketing

With marketing budgets being squashed, marketers are expected to do more with less. Teams are leaner, cookie policies are changing, Google analytics 4 has been released and, with fewer people commuting and out shopping, OOH is being put to the test. These changes have created a mini storm within most marketing departments which, for years, have been collecting and analysing data, finding patterns and trends and adapting their tactics and budgets to improve their ROI.

How Automated Marketing Affects Your Business

Automated Marketing has become an essential tool for businesses in this digital age to reach their audience, increase conversion rates, and cultivate long-term customer relationships. In general, automated marketing enables businesses to deliver individualized messages to their target audience while simultaneously saving time and resources. Businesses have the ability to boost their reach, engagement, and conversion rates by optimizing their campaigns with data and automation.

5 Best Reverse Email Lookup Tools – Find Who Emailed You

Do you have no idea where to begin when attempting to identify an email sender? Don't look elsewhere! We'll talk about the leading subscription-based and free reverse email lookup applications in this blog post, which will be available for purchase. Both paid-for or free reverse email lookup tools make it quick and simple for you to determine who sent an email even if all you know is the sender's email address. Consequently, these tools can help you out whether you're looking for an old acquaintance or need to confirm a business contact's identification. Enter the fray!

DTC retailer Lulu and Georgia taps digital marketer to achieve post-pandemic boost

Direct-to-consumer retailer Lulu and Georgia was a beneficiary of the pandemic rush to online shopping along with many other retailers. But with the marketplace changing within the past year, the purveyor of furniture and home goods is now using digital marketer Bluecore to capitalize on its data and expand its customer base.

People are asking ChatGPT how to get rich quick

Social media influencers are testing whether "generative" AI tools like ChatGPT can help them, and their legions of followers, make money by, for example, doing the legwork required to start a business.

The Importance Of A Great Welcome Email For Building Customer Relationships

A great welcome email is the first step in establishing a successful customer relationship. In today’s highly competitive market, excellent customer service isn’t enough—you need to go above and beyond to keep customers coming back for more. That’s where a great welcome email comes into play: It sets the tone for your ongoing customer relationship by welcoming customers into your world, showing that you understand their needs, and providing them with valuable information about what they can expect from you now and going forward. Therefore it is important to understand how crafting an effective welcome email can help position your business as one that provides outstanding customer service while further engaging potential customers in starting a positive user experience as soon as possible.

6 Simple Ways to Improve Your Email Marketing Strategy

It’s no coincidence that the more knowledgeable you are about email marketing strategies, the better your results are. Below I’ll share some easy ways you can make your emails better. Sometimes, the smallest tweaks can get you spectacular results.

Best Email Checker and Validation Tools

Do you know there is a way to improve your email deliverability, low open and click-through rate, and even ROI? Professional email marketers across all niches are perfectly aware of the impact that a healthy subscription list and good sender reputation can do. According to studies, these two decide whether your subscribers open the email and follow the lead or not. There are many ways to improve them, and an email checker is one of the most valuable solutions.

Yotpo Announces Email Marketing For eCommerce Brands, Leveraging Full Platform Connections to Drive Retention

Unlike other email marketing tools, Yotpo Email is integrated into a full suite of retention solutions, which unlocks unique connections with other products that enable brands to deliver a more cohesive customer experience across all touchpoints. Most notably, Yotpo Email connects seamlessly with Yotpo SMS, allowing brands to leverage their two most powerful channels in one place.

Master Your Inbox: A Comprehensive Guide on How to Manage Your Email Inbox Effectively

In today's digital world, email has become an integral part of our personal and professional communication. However, with the constant influx of messages, it's easy for our email inboxes to become overwhelming and disorganized. But fear not! In this article, we'll guide you through effective strategies and techniques to manage your email inbox efficiently. By implementing these tips, you'll regain control, reduce stress, and achieve email productivity.

Learn the potential business impact and benefits of implementing these six email automation workflows.

This article breaks down six email automations that should (but often don’t) drive substantial incremental growth. You’ll learn the potential business impact and benefits of each automation type. We’ll also look at misconceptions that keep marketers from putting these into play — and tech options to enable them.

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