ZeroBounce Increases Email Validation Accuracy to Help Businesses Boost Email Marketing ROI

ZeroBounce now checks email addresses with a money-back guaranteed accuracy of 99%, up one point from 98%. Thus, marketers and business owners relying on email to get their messages across can maintain higher-quality email data.

What Financial Advisors Need to Know About Email Marketing

Digital marketing is reshaping the way advisors connect with prospective clients. Email marketing is one branch of that and it can be an effective way to communicate with clients while fostering trust. In short, email allows you to put your brand and messaging directly in front of your target audience. Finding success with email marketing for financial advisors hinges on developing an impactful strategy.

14 Email Marketing Trends to Look Forward to in 2023

The competitive bottleneck has driven brands to overhaul their email marketing strategy at regular intervals. That has led to a tremendous metamorphosis and turned it into an effective and scalable communication channel. If we look at the past decade, there have been multiple new entrants in email marketing trends. In 2023, we expect some other promising trends to rock the email world. Here’s a sneak peek into what the future holds for email marketers and subscribers alike.

Email Marketing: An In-Depth Guide

From developing a strategy to building a list to tracking results, this guide covers everything email marketing.

How to Improve Your Email Marketing for Valentine’s Day

WITH THE RIGHT digital marketing strategy in place, Valentine’s Day can be a great way to start your year off profitably. Here are 6 tips to improve your email marketing:

Event Tech Check: New Tools for Email Marketing, On-Site Printing, Business Travel, and More

BizBash takes a deep dive into the newest tech solutions for events of all types, plus the latest must-know industry news.

6-Step Guide to Improve Your Email Marketing Strategy

About 4 billion people use email daily. Each of these email users is a potential target for an email marketer. With such a large audience pool, it seems impossible to fail, yet some thrive while others don’t do so well in this field. This form of digital marketing is incredibly effective. Its ROI is so impressive that it’s suitable even for those with a stretched budget. The difference lies in the quality of their email marketing strategy. With that in mind and without further ado, here’s a brief six-step guide to help you improve your email marketing efforts.

3 email marketing shifts to make in 2023

Email really is one of the most effective and powerful ways of communicating with your customer base. As you can imagine though, nearly half of consumers feel as though they receive too many marketing emails. This means not only do you need to be sending a highly targeted, personalised and relevant email, you also need to make your email or newsletter stand out from the crowd - and one way of doing this (a big part of the puzzle) is to ensure it's crafted perfectly. It's an art. Read on for more.

Your Marketing Emails Are Annoying. Here's How You Can Fix Them.

The reality is that many marketing emails slip into the spam folder. Here's how to change that.

Awesome Motive Acquires Thrive Themes Growth Tool Suite to Help Small Businesses Improve Their Online Marketing and Get Better Results

Awesome Motive, a fast-growing software and media company with over 21 million websites using their software, announced their acquisition of Thrive Themes, the company behind some of the most powerful small business growth tools for WordPress. Over 200,000+ smart website owners use the Thrive Themes growth tool suite to easily build high-converting websites that lead to more email subscribers, paying customers, and raving fans. Simply put, Thrive helps you get better results!

Why do you need email marketing for your retail business?

Advantages of using e-mail marketing for your retail business, Ideas to include in your email marketing strategy for the retail sector

10 Email Marketing Techniques to Build and Maintain Strong Customer Relationships

Personalization, Segmentation, A/B testing, Automation, Mobile Optimization, Interactive content, Personalized subject lines, Customer feedback loops, Triggered emails, Thank-you and loyalty emails.

Litmus Unveils New Commitment to Email Marketers Everywhere

Litmus is how marketers make every send count. It's a core component of your tech stack that allows you to create, personalize, test, review, and analyze every email you send. Too many companies are sending out broken emails without even knowing it, missing the deeper insights needed to really improve results, and struggling to personalize emails at scale.

The Newest Messaging Automation Trigger: Internet – Connected Devices

We organize this incredible variety of triggers into four groups based on whether they’re triggered by... An action taken by the subscriber or customer or by the brand, Inaction over a period of time by the subscriber or customer, A date that’s important to the individual subscriber or customer, A signal from an internet-connected device owned by the customer or user.

How To Build Your Kickstarter Email List With A Lead Magnet Funnel

Imagine backers funding your project immediately you launch your Kickstarter campaign. That would be amazing, right? You would likely reach and surpass your funding goal before the deadline. Unfortunately, crowdfunding platforms are not like social media platforms. They don't have a crowd of backers just waiting to fund your startup. So, you have to find the backers yourself to raise the funds you need for your project. One of the best ways to do this is to build a community of email subscribers.

Lead Generation: How To Get Started

Lead generation is a marketing process of capturing potential consumers who show interest in your product or service. In this piece, we’ll take a closer look at lead generation, discussing the different types of leads you could attract and providing some strategies and examples for lead gen that you can put to use right away.

How to Maintain and Grow Your Email Subscribers

Your list of email subscribers is a valuable pool of existing clients, prospects, and centers of influence. Those individuals have demonstrated an interest in your business and services by allowing you to have a direct line of communication with them. Growing your email subscriber list should be a high priority. Not only can it maintain strong relationships with your existing clients, but you can nurture new leads and promote your services through your list. And email marketing has the highest ROI of any other marketing channel: a whopping $36 for every dollar spent. I’ll share strategies you can use to grow your list, manage it, and connect with subscribers effectively – broken down into four steps you can easily accomplish over a month.

7 effective ways to improve click-through rate of your email campaigns

Imagine investing hundreds of hours into an email campaign that has an impressive open rate but a below-par email click-through rate. Pretty demotivating right? Your email should tempt users to make those clicks and engage more with your emails. Wondering how to do that? You have arrived at the right place. We have listed a few tips and tricks that will help you improve your email click-through rate and open rate. But before we get to that, take a look at our email marketing services and how we help our clients in effective email marketing. Now, let’s understand what email click-through rate is.


New design planning tool provides designers with a highly-visual and collaborative workspace to create, discuss and share design concepts.

3 Simple Ways Specialty Sites Generate High Conversion Rates

Let’s start off with the basics. You might be wondering what a specialty site is, but it’s all in the name. Essentially, a specialty site specializes in selling niche or unique products. For example, reusable beeswax wrap, or subscription boxes for dogs. Whatever it is, customers come to these sites to find goods that can’t be bought elsewhere. Customers tend to search for these stores themselves, instead of stumbling across them randomly, which is why specialty sites excel at converting visitors into buyers. The audience is engaged and interested already – the job of specialty sites is to simply convince them to click “buy”.