How To Attract Customers by Email

As the inboxes of consumers and prospective clients continue to get flooded with emails, standing out from the pack is more challenging than ever. While the two-second rule still applies, marketers must develop approaches and strategies that grab customers’ attention in the first two seconds and keep it long-term. So how can brands ensure that their email efforts remain fresh and compelling? Naturally, aimless spamming is no longer an option. But, fighting for customer attention is a task email marketers must tackle daily.

Is Your Email Marketing Software The Right One? 5-Point Assessment Guide

According to a Litmus study, every $1 invested in email marketing yields a profit of $36 —which is quite a return. Moreover, 78% of marketers say email marketing is crucial for the success of a business. Why? Some of the reasons are hidden in the fact that email marketing is personal, customizable, and measurable. When leveraging it for business growth, your email marketing software can make all the difference. However, with the hundreds of tools out there, where do you begin? This five-point guide will help you choose the right software for your business.

Best digital marketing tools in 2022

Digital marketing is now just as big, if not bigger, than traditional advertising and marketing tools. And you can expect things to keep evolving as technology continues to change. Just like a carpenter needs a hammer and saw to build a house; most companies also need various digital marketing tools to drive more traffic and convert potential leads into customers. 86% of markets increased brand awareness by using one or more digital marketing channels.

Finding the Communication Sweet Spot

Did you know that estimates show the average consumer receives up to 10,000 marketing messages in a day? Oftentimes marketing messages are crucial to your business’s success, so you may be asking how to cut through all that noise? Hint, that’s not the question you should be asking. Once you have your list of customers or leads, you should be asking how to provide them with the most value and evaluate what strategies you can use to reach the right audience.

The power of competitive email intelligence

How large your competitors’ overall email audiences are, How many campaigns each competitor mails, what kind, and when, How large their audiences are for each campaign, How targeted their email campaigns are, How frequently their email campaigns touch each of their subscribers, Find out whether any of your competitors’ deliverability and engagement rates are better than yours, How competitors’ subject lines are structured, What other senders’ audiences overlap with yours.

Pipedrive Adds New Automated Solutions to Its Marketing Campaign Management Suite to Empower Marketers

Pipedrive, the global sales-first CRM and intelligent revenue management platform for small businesses, announced today the launch of its new beta workflow automation feature in Campaigns by Pipedrive. Designed to help customers simplify marketing campaign management and bring their sales and marketing teams onto one platform, the new automated solutions aim to empower marketers by helping them to optimize the marketing strategy, reduce workload and tap effectively into data.

SME guide to B2B marketing

If you’re responsible for marketing within a small or medium-sized enterprise (SME), you will be fully aware of its importance. This handy guide will help you use the right strategies and channels to promote your business effectively.

Email Marketing And Landing Pages: A Dynamic Duo For Conversions

In this blog post, we’ll cover how to use these two tools together effectively to increase engagement with your audience and improve conversions on your website.

AdCellerant Introduces a Breakthrough Email Marketing Product

This new offering, in addition to standard programmatic email targeting, now offers access to In-Market Email Targeting, which provides the ability to reach consumers actively looking for your products and services. Their email database is grown via opt-in online surveys, e-subscriptions, e-registrations, and our extensive network of permission-based websites.

HubSpot's growing CRM takes on Salesforce -- but not head-on

No one is saying that HubSpot is building a 'baby Salesforce' for small to medium-sized businesses. But it looks a lot like that is exactly what's happening.

5 Vital Benefits of Marketing Automation for Your Business

For businesses to succeed in the modern world, keeping pace with rapid developments and completing digitizing has become essential. With the pressures of such a competitive market, businesses need to develop real strategies to increase efficiency and achieve more in less time, while also growing their audiences. As a result, automation is a critical component for brands building the multifaceted strategies required when creating a strong online presence. When used properly, marketing automation can help your business achieve great results, whether it's in simple sales processes, customer support, or even content planning on social media platforms.

How To Keep Your Business Promotion On An Excellent Level

Maintaining a successful business is no easy task. There are so many things to think about – from the products and services you offer, to your marketing strategy, to customer service. And let’s not forget about the promotion! Promotion is key to getting your company in front of potential customers and generating more sales.

How to Connect With Your Favorite Email Marketing Tools

Email marketing is essential for any business in the twenty-first century. Whether you’re a blogger, an entrepreneur, or someone who’s just trying to promote something new and get the word out there, email marketing tools are always a necessity. Today we’re going to talk about some of our favorite email marketing tools that help us make sure we don’t miss out on anything!

6 Steps to Improve Your Email Marketing ROI

Businesses continue to bet heavily on email marketing for nurturing and converting their leads. According to a June 2020 survey by Ugam, 51% of marketers at major US and UK brands said that their email marketing spending increased, and just 16% of respondents reported a decrease. The only channels which saw higher response rates were chat features (56%) and mobile app functionality (55%).

Marketing-as-a-Service: Key Fundamentals

Today, we have everything-as-a-service. Over time, marketing has also hopped onto the bandwagon giving us Marketing-as-a-service (Maas). In simple words, Marketing-as-a-service is the delivery of end-to-end marketing by a third party. It includes the delivery of marketing services from the initial strategy-setting right through to reporting successes or failures. One advantage of this type of marketing is that it does not require any on-site staff or additional marketing budget.

Four reasons why email marketing is worth investing in now more than ever

What you learn about your customers from their activity on your email campaigns can inform your keyword search strategy. Likewise, you can fold your best keywords into your email copy to make it more resonant and relevant to your email audience.

Building the Perfect Twitter Thread

A Twitter thread is a series of connected tweets, a kind of short blog post to start a discussion or provide info. Threads are among the best ways to grow a following on Twitter. For many businesses, especially those in the so-called creator economy, Twitter is an excellent way to find like-minded colleagues, expand an audience, and make sales.

6 tips to maximize your email marketing strategy this Black Friday

With email users reaching over 4 billion in 2020 and expected to reach 4.6 billion in 2025, it’s still one of the best ways to maintain a connection with customers and subscribers.

E-mail Marketing is Still the Best Way to Build a Loyal Customer Base

Want an easy and intuitive way to create sophisticated automated marketing campaigns? Want to send gorgeous, customized emails that actually reach the inboxes of potential customers and clients? Then you need to take a look at Campaigner.

Starting a Business with Little Funds? These 8 Services Can Help You Launch Without Breaking The Bank

Fortunately, we’re in the golden age of technology, and the phrase “there’s an app for that.” There are tons of resources and programs out there that can help you get your business off the ground. Best of all, these sites can help with every aspect of your new company, from developing the idea to marketing it and securing investors. While many different apps and websites are available, we’ve compiled a list of the top eight. These options will help you launch faster and build an audience as quickly as possible. From there, the sky’s the limit. Let’s check out these sites and what they have to offer.