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Litmus Unveils Email Marketing Innovations with New Personalization and Monitoring Capabilities

Litmus, a leader in email marketing, has released a trio of powerful new features to revolutionize how brands connect with their audiences. These latest innovations within Litmus Personalize and Litmus Email Guardian equip marketers with unprecedented capabilities to create engaging, personalized email experiences that inspire action and conversion.

Fire Safety Information Delivered Strait To Your Email Inbox


8 free marketing automation tools for SMBs

Marketing automation can help any business engage more customers, but SMBs might need it most. These free tools can help small marketing teams get started with automation.

Litmus Empowers Marketers to Make Every Send Count™ with 24/7 Link Monitoring

Litmus, a leader in email marketing, announces the launch of Link Monitoring in Litmus Email Guardian, the only solution that proactively monitors emails for unexpected changes and now, broken links. As email volume rises, this new feature detects potential issues before they negatively impact subscriber experiences. With 86% of customers abandoning a trusted brand after just two poor experiences, broken links are more than just an inconvenience. Link Monitoring is essential for marketers to create consistent, high-quality email interactions that build trust, boost loyalty, and drive revenue.

Unspam Helps Pull Insights to Enhance Email Marketing Efforts

Navigating the complexities of email marketing amidst fierce competition and an ever-evolving landscape can be a challenge. Unspam emerges as a solution leveraging AI to provide valuable marketing insights and streamline email delivery.

Why the shift from ‘conversions’ to ‘key events’ in GA4 is a game-changer

Learn how this GA4 change lets you maximize marketing opportunities to measure and report on what matters most to your business.

New Email Rules 2024: Marketers, Authenticate or Get Trashed

Email authentication is now mandatory in 2024. To avoid emails going to spam or being blocked, marketers must urgently comply with new identity verification requirements from Google and Yahoo by authenticating their email sending infrastructure.

5 Benefits of Email Marketing in 2024

Read on to learn about the types of email marketing, the main benefits and how to develop an email marketing strategy.

Everlytic launches new playbook for email marketing success

New year, same email marketing stats? Everlytic has launched a guide to remedy this.

10 Email Marketing Tips To Grow Your Business in 2024

Email marketing allows you to create content that resonates deeply with your audience. However, it’s important to write compelling subject lines, create clear calls to action, monitor analytics and perform A/B testing. You can develop campaigns that lead to sustained growth by refining your strategy based on results. Even better, you’ll be able to drive profits for your business and increase customers in the years to come.

Summer Email Newsletter Ideas and Examples for 2024

Follow our guide of ideas to summer email newsletter campaigns and peek inside a collection of the best summer email newsletter examples to get helpful advice on how to drive in more traffic to your website and maximize revenue during this sunny season.

Meta’s ChatGPT killer is taking over your favorite apps

The AI hype is in full swing right now, transcending form factor boundaries with mixed success. But for the most part, the situation has been a pricey endeavor for users willing to tap into its full potential. Earlier today, Meta AI made its grand debut, drawing power from the Llama 3 model. It’s free (for now) and it could well be one of the first truly mass-market AI products.

10 Best Email Marketing Software Of 2024

Email is alive and well in 2024. Email marketing remains one of the most effective tools for any company to reach engaged customers—as long as you do it well. That’s why we have no shortage of email marketing software to choose from. To help you sort through the noise, our team evaluated some of the most popular platforms to bring you this list of the 10 best email marketing services available.

Omnisend Review

A beginner-friendly marketing platform for e-commerce brands

Email Marketing Trends for 2024: Competitive Differentiators

Email marketing is constantly evolving, so it can be difficult to know where to invest your time and energy from year to year. Just a few of the recent changes and challenges that email marketers have had to deal with include:

How To Use Email Campaigns to Drive Ecommerce Sales

Successful email campaigns allow you to reach your ideal customers with personalized messages and promotions that incentivize them to shop.

Adobe Brings Conversational AI to Trillions of PDFs with the New AI Assistant in Reader and Acrobat

Adobe introduced AI Assistant in beta, a new generative AI-powered conversational engine in Reader and Acrobat. Deeply integrated into Reader and Acrobat workflows, AI Assistant instantly generates summaries and insights from long documents, answers questions and formats information for sharing in emails, reports and presentations. AI Assistant is bringing generative AI to the masses, unlocking new value from the information inside the approximately 3 trillion PDFs in the world.

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