As consumers migrate to e-commerce, marketers are increasing email marketing efforts

Email marketing can be tricky — an overcrowded space with overflowing spam folders and incoming emails that never seem to end. However, some brands have found a way to cut through the noise, leveraging email campaigns to connect with consumers who are spending more time online shopping than in-store.

Top 3 tips for email success in 2021

More shoppers are venturing out, be it to restaurants, stores, or venues, but the renewed focus on email isn't going away just because the COVID-19 pandemic focus is lessening. Here's what brands need to know about engaging email for 2021.

The Best Way to Run Viral Contests and Grow Your Email List

By following the steps here, you’ll build leads and can then nurture them and turn them into paying customers.

How to Use Email Marketing to Develop Customer Personas

Customers are the driving force behind every company. If you don’t know who you’re selling to, you’re going to have a hard time growing. Luckily, it’s easier than ever before to get to know potential customers through buyer personas.

You Need to Start Converting Your Social Media Followers Now. Here's How.

if you want your business to thrive rather than merely survive 2021 and beyond, seize the spotlight you have.

How to Become a Successful Tech Entrepreneur in 2021

There has never been a better time to become a successful tech entrepreneur; the tech industry is booming and it isn’t going to slow down anytime soon.

Manage Your Email Marketing Campaigns: 7 Mega Tips for Your Business

To run any small business successfully, you need to stay track of and evaluate your email marketing performance.

Email Marketing: Key Elements to Acquire Target Audience

Companies are frequently flooded with content, so it makes more sense to use targeted email marketing. The audience is the central piece of the puzzle, and in this article, we will discuss top strategies that you can employ to find your target audience.

Email Marketing Isn’t Dead. You Just Need to Write Better Emails…

Before you throw in the towel and assume that email marketing is dead, try implementing these tips.

Expert: How a newsletter could change your business

As merchants and brands turned to digital ads to engage consumers stuck at home during the pandemic, an old favorite became new again: the newsletter. After years of neglect, many brands dusted off those old email strategies with the hope of engaging customers.


However, it’s one thing to design and launch a site… and it’s another to generate endless traffic and sales from your online store. To achieve success when selling on these platforms, there are still a few things that you need to know — all of which will be highlighted in this article.

Email marketing automation for B2B: How to effectively manage and acquire contacts

The growing popularity of social media and other communication channels has certainly not obscured the communicative power of email marketing, which is still great strategy to reach, inform,engage users.

Email Conversion Guide, Part 1: Database Cleanup

In this part 1 installment, I’ll review the importance of a clean subscriber database, including tips for ongoing maintenance.

What Is CTR in Email?

Click-through rate is a critical metric by which a small business can measure its email marketing success.

Email Tips for Marketing and Sales Teams During Crisis

Brands are discovering new potentials, and so are the customers and clients.


We rounded up the most popular email newsletter services and broke down what makes each unique.

Where Do You Fall on the Philosophical Spectrum of Influence Marketing?

Influencer executions look an awful lot like advertising, public relations and everything in between. Knowing where your philosophy falls leads to smarter execution.

7 Tips To Create High-Converting CTA Buttons For Your Email Templates

Every email is sent with a clear vision about what your subscriber should do after reading it. Getting this ‘response’ is the ultimate goal for sending emails, and it is achieved using call-to-action (CTA) buttons. Crafting a persuasive subject line, preheader text, email copy, images, coding, and a lot more go into email templates for getting a click that results in a conversion.

Is Twitter's New Paid Subscription Really All That Super?

The biggest and most significant of the releases is the introduction of Super Follows, while the other one called Communities will offer the ability to create and join groups based around specific interests.

Etsy Marketing and Advertising Tips to Increase Sales

Reaching new customers and keeping your current customers coming back is a huge part of any Etsy store’s success, so you need to build your marketing campaigns with those objectives in mind. This quick introduction breaks down how smart email marketing and social media can help you stay connected to your customers and find more people who’ll love shopping your Etsy store.