4 tips for making the most of your holiday email marketing strategy

SparkPost’s April Mullen, Director of Brand and Content Marketing, takes a look at four steps brands can take to tackle the holiday season head-on through email marketing.

Do You Need Template Builders for Marketing Emails?

This is when you should ask yourself: Do you need template builders for marketing emails? The short answer is it depends, and the long answer is that you want to mix up the template based on what you are sending, and the focus is on what the audience wants.

How to Improve Client Engagement With Email Marketing Automation

Here, we’ll run you through the benefits of email marketing automation, and outline how you can use it to boost client engagement – and your company’s bottom line.

The Conclusive Guide to B2B Marketing Strategy in 2020

In this article, you will understand better what is B2B marketing, and what are the most efficient B2B marketing strategies, and how you can convert and tap into your target audience.

Artificial Intelligence in Email Marketing – The Possibilities

Let’s dive right in and see how you can leverage Artificial Intelligence for your Email Marketing efforts.

Re-Engagement Email Strategy (With Examples)

When your audience seems to lose interest in your email marketing campaigns, re-engage them with this strategy.

How to Maximize Your Email Results This Holiday Season

Find the best timing and approach for your email campaigns this holiday season.

How To Write a Successful Email Campaign to Promote Your Product

If you are interested in a detailed step-by-step email campaign guide for promoting your products, keep reading this article.


A Single Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) relay is an email communication protocol that advanced email marketers and big brands use. It works through a “store and forward” system. The system works like the traditional post office to post office process – you store an email in your server (post office), and it sends your email to your intended recipient’s server. The recipient’s server will then send your email to your recipient.

Email Marketing Proves To Be Essential — Especially In 2020

Not only does email offer unmatched ROI, but it creates authentic human-to-human connections and experiences with customers.”

7 Ways To Get Your Customers to Read Your Holiday Emails

Heading into prime shopping season is the ideal time to re-engage with customers and jump-start flagging email marketing campaigns. We asked marketing experts the best ways to attract subscribers and promote sales in Q4.

The only email marketing checklist you need

As part of our internal proofing and QA process, we use this checklist to ensure best practices are in place.

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Top 3 tips to increase inbox deliverability

Here's how to improve brands email strategy:

The 15 Best Free Email Subject Line Generators and Testers

Email Subject Lines Tips and Best Practices


AI and ML are making Marketers Email Campaigns Successful and Effective

How to Write an Email Marketing Campaign

This article will provide you with a few tips on how to write effective email messages.

The power of email marketing

Standing the test of time, through Myspace, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and even a global pandemic, email marketing is still one of the most effective methods for reaching and engaging target audiences.

How to Write Subject Lines that Prospects will Click on

there are specific steps you can take that will greatly increase the magnetism of content.

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