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How to survive (and learn from) email marketing mistakes

Learn how to deal with mistakes, analyze what went wrong and move forward from errors while maintaining a candid, accountable team culture.

Boost your email open rates with inspiration from these top 10+ Valentine’s Day subject lines.

Catchy Valentine subject lines – and even a simple “Happy Valentine’s Day” – go a long way in enticing recipients to open marketing emails.

Email Marketing: How to Engage Your Audience Effectively

In this blog post, we will explore how leveraging email marketing’s best practices can help you break through the noise while simultaneously providing a personalised user experience. Get ready to craft highly engaging messages that boost leads, sales, and brand loyalty!

ZeroBounce Report: Email Quality Outweighs Subject Lines in Boosting Email Open Rates

Consistent Email Quality is the Primary Factor Influencing Open Rates, a New ZeroBounce Report Shows, With Subject Lines Coming in Second

February Email Newsletter Guide: Ideas and Examples

At last, February is at our door. Pat yourself on the back: January (the longest period of stagnation) is over.

Crucial components of successful email marketing campaigns for agents

Although considered as outdated by some marketers today, email marketing can still be vey effective today when it comes to communication with potential clients and generating fresh business for estate agents.

Mailchimp opens the doors to new Beltline HQ

The bottom line: Employers can use carrots and sticks to woo workers back to the office. A place where people want to be and think also works wonders.

How To Draft An Email Newsletter (With Templates)


Guide To Email Marketing

In terms of reaching customers, email marketing falls somewhere between the vast, impersonal reach of a billboard and the highly personal feel of a handwritten note. Since the first marketing email was sent in 1978, email marketing has grown into a flourishing industry that sends millions of messages daily. We’ll explore specific guidelines, email etiquette and email marketing best practices to help small businesses add an email marketing strategy to their overall business marketing plan.

10 Email Marketing Tips To Grow Your Business in 2024

Email marketing allows you to communicate with your customers in a personalized way. Yet, it can be challenging to engage with your audience and build relationships through emails. In this guide, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know to create winning email marketing campaigns for your business. You’ll learn what email marketing is, why it matters and explore strategies that generate exceptional results.

Email List Building Automation & Segmentation In 2024 Beginners Guide Launched

eBizLifestyle announces a new guide covering the 301K Challenge by Igor Kheifets, teaching entrepreneurs how to build their email lists from scratch.

How Generative Ai Is Changing The Future Of Email Marketing

Over the past couple of years, generative AI has emerged as a game-changer, especially when it comes to email marketing. Known for its ability to create and modify content autonomously, AI is transforming how brands interact with their audience via email. This includes the innovative process of email warmup, where AI gradually increases email sending volumes to establish a trustworthy sender reputation, email deliverability.

5 Email Marketing Tips To Grow Your Small Business

We’ll explore five email marketing best practices designed to help your business – and profits – grow. We’ll also look at email marketing mistakes to avoid and highlight some email marketing services to consider.

A Guide to Retail Email Marketing in India

This guide delves into the transformative potential of personalization, equipping you with actionable strategies and insights tailored to the Indian retail landscape. Packed with compelling statistics, practical examples, and essential considerations, this comprehensive resource will be your compass on the journey to mastering email marketing that resonates deeply with your audience.

6 Ways To Boost Email Engagement By 86%

So here are the transformative strategies that will result in higher engagements and conversions:

Snappy Kraken unveils comprehensive Digital Marketing Report

Industry’s largest and most comprehensive analysis of advisor marketing data highlights best practices for SEO, video content, email marketing, and more

Email marketing 101: The five basics

Little email things — like signature, subject lines and how to personalize — have a big impact and are easy to overlook.

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