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E-mail Marketing Services

We provide end-to-end, hassle-free and 100% transparent email marketing services. At IT Munch, we believe inbox is a place where business relationships can be nurtured. As a pioneering email marketing service provider, we help you in setting up email marketing campaigns from scratch and leverage the power of email marketing

How can real estate businesses balance traditional marketing and digital marketing?

In this article, nine industry leaders, including real estate company leaders and marketing execs, share their insights on how to balance traditional and digital marketing in the real estate business. They provide examples of successful campaigns, ranging from newspapers and social media as a dual approach to leveraging YouTube for real estate education. Dive in to discover their unique strategies and tips. How can real estate businesses balance traditional marketing and digital marketing?

Product Knowledge: The Unmined Gem In The B2B Buyer’s Journey


Sojern Reveals First Of Its Kind ‘State of Destination Marketing 2024 Report’

Sojern, the leading digital marketing platform built for travel, is excited to announce the launch of the “State of Destination Marketing” report for destination marketing organizations (DMOs). This first-of-its-kind report, produced through a partnership between Sojern and Digital Tourism Think Tank (DTTT), and supported by Brand USA, Destination Canada and the European Travel Commission, sheds light on the latest industry trends and challenges.

Mastering Moosend – A Strategic Guide to Elevate Your Email Marketing Game

Embarking on a journey into Moosend, the all-in-one marketing platform, is a strategic move for digital enthusiasts. This comprehensive guide is designed to unravel the features of Moosend methodically, ensuring you are well-equipped to navigate this powerful tool. Let’s delve into the critical aspects of using Moosend, from the initial setup to advanced features.

From Craigslist Flips To Digital Dominance: The Rise Of Jen Peterson’s Asano Media

Peterson built Asano Media into a one-stop shop for all your marketing and advertising needs.

Digital Must-Dos: 3 End of Year Essential Digital Marketing Tasks for Your Credit Union

As the year draws to a close, credit unions have a prime opportunity to assess their digital marketing strategies and make necessary adjustments for the upcoming year. Let’s explore three essential digital marketing tasks that you should prioritize before the year ends. These tasks are designed to enhance online visibility, engage audiences effectively, and set the stage for a successful digital marketing strategy in the year ahead.

The Influence Agency Forecasts Digital Marketing Trends for 2024 in The Yearbook: Class of AI

The Yearbook is a free resource created by industry experts to help marketers and business leaders drive their marketing efforts in the coming year

The Richlynn Group Expands Digital Marketing Team

Nashville-based strategic digital marketing and public relations firm, The Richlynn Group, has expanded their Digital Marketing division with Lea Walker, Senior Manager of Digital; Molly Lyon, Account Manager; and Tyler Phillips, Account Coordinator.

Future Trends In Digital Advertising


The Advertising Club collaborates with MICA to introduce online programme on performance marketing


How Modern Technology is Rewriting the Rules of Marketing

Over the past decade, we've witnessed a whirlwind of transformative changes that have redefined the very essence of digital marketing.

The Essential Email Marketing Strategy for 2023

As we all know, sometimes businesses consider email marketing a necessary evil. But the truth is far from that. In this blog post, you’ll find ten essential steps that you need to follow to build a solid email marketing plan that boosts your marketing strategy as a whole.

Your 2024 Step-by-Step Guide to Owning Your Firm’s Digital Marketing Strategy (Hint: It leverages A.I.!)

For legal marketers and lawyers, digital marketing is no longer simply “nice-to-have.” It is the cornerstone of your firm’s overall marketing plan. And with the onslaught of artificial intelligence (A.I.) tools, digital is rapidly approaching a new frontier I don’t want to miss. So…do you have what it takes to succeed in 2024? And if not, how do you get it??

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing

The digital marketing landscape is experiencing a revolutionary shift, thanks to artificial intelligence (AI). Digital marketing agencies are increasingly harnessing AI’s power to transform their strategies and methodologies. This innovative tool is reshaping the way we approach online marketing, delivering precision and efficiency that were once unattainable.

The state of digital marketing: ETBrandEquity and Ipsos special report

Digital Marketing

Business applications for marketing automation

The integration of modern and robust business applications can empower marketers to establish unified messaging

Composing Effective Personalization With Search

Many organizations find themselves wrestling with the ongoing pressure of consistently delivering personalized content.

Key Digital Marketing Trends That Convert Engagement Into Sales

“In an ever-changing digital landscape, it is important for golf destinations to use all of the tools at their disposal to stay at the forefront of golfers’ minds when they make their travel decisions,” said Head of European Tour Destinations, Ian Knox.

Will Amazon’s Meta and Snap deals rewrite the future of social commerce?

journey that can be impacted by the new collaboration between the tech giants.

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