Top 3 tips for email success in 2021

More shoppers are venturing out, be it to restaurants, stores, or venues, but the renewed focus on email isn't going away just because the COVID-19 pandemic focus is lessening. Here's what brands need to know about engaging email for 2021.

SMS marketing doesn’t have to be invasive — 3 reasons why your business should use it

I was a skeptic at first when the idea was mentioned to me. But when I started to look at SMS marketing, I realized with right frequency and messaging, it can be a highly effective method of communication.

COVID-19 Email Marketing Impact for the SaaS Industry

Today, we are uncovering insights from a range of SmartBug Media® clients in the SaaS industry that use HubSpot, as well as insights from our own team, on what email strategies we have employed during the pandemic—and how to move forward.

2021 Is Going to Be the Year of Advanced ABM: 10 Strategies to Help You Scale Your Account-Based Initiatives

To thrive in the dawn of post-pandemic emergence, marketers need to craft their ABM tactics to combine strategies and channels in new and interesting ways. Talking of the advanced account-centric approaches, one needs to understand that, progression follows only after the basics have been mastered.

Korn Ferry's Monika van Hoogenvest on social selling in consulting

With email marketing in danger of peaking, with jaded clients growing weary of impersonal messaging, a new approach to marketing could see professional services firms deploy a personal touch to cultivate lucrative new relationships. Korn Ferry’s Monika van Hoogenvest explained to some of the benefits of using platforms like LinkedIn to deploy a social selling strategy.

7 tips to network strategically

Strategically leveraging relationships is a business development tool that small business owners, including CPAs, have used successfully.

From Email to TikTok, This Digital Marketing Training Covers It All

The world of digital marketing is constantly changing, but that's no excuse to cut back on your business's investment in digital channels, especially considering how much business is being conducted through online channels nowadays.

How to Make Content Marketing Work In a World Saturated With Content

While you should keep an eye on your competitors efforts, content marketing is about meeting the needs of potential customers through high-quality, original content.

5 marketing tips for information security professionals

Here are the best ways to connect with your current and potential customers.

Email Marketing Isn’t Dead. You Just Need to Write Better Emails…

Before you throw in the towel and assume that email marketing is dead, try implementing these tips.

How a podcast can add value to your marketing

These five questions can help you decide whether a show of your own is the way to go.


Here you will find some marketing cues from Eric J Dalius that will simplify small business marketing by using technology that suits the pocket and the needs of small business owners.

Major Brands Bet on DTC Ecommerce

Selling directly to consumers online is no longer just for start-ups. As brick-and-mortar sales decline because of Covid-19 and store closures, established brands are changing their business model and focusing on digital sales.

6 Ways Brands Can Use Social Selling to Win Customers

What is Social Selling and Why Does it Matter?

CMOs say companies are more prepared to pivot than before pandemic, study finds

A vast majority of CMOs (91.6%) says companies are either much more (45.8%) or somewhat more (45.8%) prepared to strategically pivot in 2021 compared to before the pandemic began

Here's How to Plan Your Digital-Marketing Strategy and Set Budget Priorities

Where should you prioritize your dollars in the coming months? Here is where to start for smart spending.

How a data-driven approach can create ruthlessly efficient learning experiences

What can L&D learn from marketing when it comes to creating learning content that sticks? It’s all down to a data-driven approach.

Why marketing automation remains the missing piece of the optimisation jigsaw puzzle

That’s because savvy platforms in today’s world enable marketers to build email campaigns and landing pages in minutes – rather than hours. Automated systems are designed to take the stress out of an ever-growing ‘to do’ list because they’re capable of managing the routine, manually intensive tasks, so employees don’t have to. Think of the time that could save in a typical working day! True optimisation, right?

2021 CMO Survey: Market Trends, Growth Insights from Fortune 500

CMOs Who’ve Led Over 1,100 Companies Positive on Accelerating Economy, Opportunities for Growth

Best B2B Marketing Campaigns

Marketing always has new trends, and businesses that leverage those trends, stand out with their marketing campaigns are the ones that not only gain a huge number of customers and enhance their ROI but are also remembered in the world of marketing.