Litmus Debuts Speakers For Litmus Live 2021

The conference will consist of over 50 sessions and four workshops educating attendees on accelerating marketing's most powerful channel: email. According to Litmus's 2020 State of Email, Fall Edition, for every dollar brands invest in email marketing, they receive $36 in return. At Litmus Live, marketers will learn how to optimize their email program and leverage an email-first approach: utilizing email as an accelerator, converter, and relationship-builder.

Marketing Your Way Out of COVID

You can find success with a few tried-and-true marketing techniques that are proven to win over more clients and fill up your calendar with events. Here are three ways to take your marketing approach up a notch and attract the clients that are ready to book you for their next event.

3 Obsessions That Make Every Marketer Better

At the Geneva-based global marketing agency MCI, chief strategy officer Oscar Cerezales has been thinking about obsessions. I recently asked him to show us how the heated emotions of obsession can coexist with the cold calculations of marketing strategy.

Empower Your Agents to Become Personal Branding Experts

Your agents are the face of your company. The stronger their personal brand is, the more your business will thrive. Many agents get into the business because they’re outgoing and good with people; however, this doesn’t mean they’ll have the skills they need to connect with people online. It’s your job to help them gain those skills and become branding experts.

5 Email Marketing Trends to Boost Marketing Strategy

Throughout this article, I’ll be examining the five email marketing trends that can be used to support marketing efforts and help businesses stand out in a saturated market while working remotely.

How to Repurpose Content For Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Creating an email marketing strategy is one of the greatest moves you’ll do for your business today. Why? Because it works.

How to perfect your email marketing automation strategies

As an affiliate marketer, you should be familiar with the wide-reaching benefits of email marketing. With millions of active users sending and receiving emails on a daily basis, email campaigns are experiencing a rapid resurgence. As well as developing an email marketing automation strategy, however, you must also take the time to ensure it produces great results. Continue reading to find out how to perfect your email marketing automation strategies today.

Horrifying Yet All-Too-Common Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

My best advice in the new era is that marketing shouldn’t be a low-priority cost center in any business. Now's the time to charge at full speed, at your absolute best. Stop and think twice before making devastating decisions that have long-term unwanted consequences. Find a trusted and experienced digital marketer to partner with on the success of your business.


Once upon a time, the number of marketing channels was fairly limited, which meant the function itself fit into a neater, tighter box. The number of ways to reach customers has since grown exponentially, as has the scope of the marketing role. Today’s startups require at least four broad functions under the umbrella of “marketing,” each with its own array of subfunctions. Here’s a sample of the marketing functions at a typical early-stage startup:

Boost conversion rates with these five email marketing automation strategies

To strengthen a business’ potential and boost conversion with email automation, here are five email marketing automation strategies.

Get More Out of Your Email Newsletter Strategy with Next-Gen Monetization

At the end of the day, a successful newsletter strategy needs to incorporate ways to drive revenue without taking up too much of your time. With the right dedicated email monetization platform, the technology does the monetizing for you. This frees up your business to focus on creating and publishing high-quality email content your subscribers love and that your advertisers want to be a part of.

10 Inbound Marketing Ideas Your Brand Will Want to Use

Since inbound marketing relies heavily on organic search engine optimization (SEO), it’s much more cost-effective than traditional outbound marketing strategies like paid advertising.

Marketing On A Budget For Tech Companies In 2021

Today, consumer habits have evolved. They want to be able to trust a business and witness its credibility before they make the decision to purchase. We are in an era where traditional marketing practices will hardly work. The good thing is that new marketing strategies are not only proving to be fruitful, but they are also pretty cost-effective. If you are not too convinced about the fact that you can actually market your tech brand on a budget, you are at the right place. Here are top marketing strategies on a budget that small tech companies can leverage to compete against the big leagues.

Selling guide on social networks for entrepreneurs

We leave you this short guide to help you get the most out of Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube and Instagram.

Social Media Seems Like the 'Holy Grail,' But This Marketing Strategy Is Even More Important

The often overlooked tactic enhances reach, raises brand awareness and drives new customers and clients to your business.


Though these strategies are available,press release distribution also serves to be important along with digital marketing.Know some of the digital marketing techniques to improve brand awareness.

3 Strategies That You Can Implement For Multi-Location Franchise Marketing

This article is meant to give you three things to consider when you tackle the giant of multi-location marketing. If you want to improve your franchise marketing efforts, or you just stepped into the ring, you should be able to implement these tactics instantaneously.

Retail Statistics You Should Know

What do the latest retail statistics tell us about retailing in 2021? You might be surprised. We have assembled all the numbers you need, including store operations, shopper behaviors, how retailers market their businesses, and much more. If you own a retail store or are considering shop ideas for a new one, take a look at the stats below.

How to Choose the Right CRM System

A good CRM strategy will provide a good map of your sales pipeline You should include a customer persona and start with your company goals. Include your entire team so your strategy makes it easy to identify and track good leads with solid CRM best practices.

Digital Strategy

A digital strategy,sometimes also known as an online marketing strategy,is a set of activities that combine traditional and online marketing techniques to improve company’s online presence and marketability.