Growing small and medium businesses embrace the digital-first world

The 2021 Small and Medium Business Trends report shows that businesses are embracing the digital-first world by accelerating their technology investments.

How Netflix Creates Immersive Experiences with Exceptional Design and UX

So, how does a behemoth like Netflix create immersive experiences so captivating that the platform cannot be dethroned by its sea of competition? In this post, we’ll break down the elements of Netflix’s design and user experience (UX).

Comprehensive Digital Marketing Campaign Key to Attracting New Customers

Integrate web advertising, email newsletters, online business reviews and a streamlined landing page to increase contact with potential customers.

Reasons why you should invest in direct mail marketing

The benefits of direct mail marketing are obvious to marketers who have tried different approaches in their marketing.

Why brands shouldn’t be relying solely on ecommerce to win post-pandemic

The importance of an omnichannel strategy post-pandemic

Apple Kills Open Rate Metrics – Focus on Link Analytics Instead

The launch of Mail Privacy Protection is not the first privacy-focused update to alter an email marketer’s way of working, and it won’t be the last. However, it could be just what some marketing professionals need to reduce their reliance on open rates and focus instead on every email’s ROI. Done properly and tracked correctly, focusing instead on links and click throughs can fill the analytics gap this change leaves behind. In turn, marketers will have a greater handle on what turns readers into paying customers.

Why You Should Outsource Your Content Creation

You may be hesitant at first, when you reach your goals, you'll realize it was worth the time and money.

10 Email Tips to Help You Write Powerful Subject Lines

Whether you're sending out marketing emails, work emails, or personal emails, taking care with the subject line is bound to improve your emails. When sending an email, a powerful subject line can help get the message noticed.

Most Reliable SMTP Service Providers in India in 2021

The acronym SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, the procedure behind the email flow on the internet. The main purpose of using these servers instead of Common Email Providers is Scaling which is only possible with Dedicated SMTP servers. When a user sends an email, the SMTP server processes the email, decides which server to send the message to, and relays the message to that server. The recipient’s inbox service provider, such as Gmail or AOL, then downloads the message and places it in the recipient’s inbox.

Canada Email Commerce 2021

A Renaissance for the Inbox

AeSTATic Value: 5 Ways to Turn Your Info Into Imagery

But you know what’s even better than straight-up figures? Those figures… in graphical form. A picture is more engaging, more instinctively understandable. That picture might be a bar graph or a pie chart or any other visualisation that meets your need. If you can think it, there’s probably a way to do it.

Salesforce: 90% of marketers report the pandemic improved data strategy

“Eighty percent of marketers say customer experience is the key competitive differentiator,” the spokesperson continued. “Digital channels take precedence as 83% of marketers say their ability to meet customer expectations depends on their digital capabilities.”

3 eCommerce Marketing Mistakes Not to Repeat

The message for marketers here is obvious. Just try to avoid as many mistakes listed as possible and don’t be afraid of trying something new like live streaming and other trendy approaches. When you are able to tick all those issues as resolved, then your eCommerce store will be more profitable and loved by buyers.

17 important reasons an email list is a must for online success

If you have a business online or offline, or are just thinking of business building, be it a blog, or website, to connect with and influence others, then you definitely need an email list.

Demand Spring Releases Marketing Automation Platform Insights Report

“This report outlines the feedback and results we gathered from marketing professionals across a variety of industries, and provides insights on the most desired MAP features, usage challenges, and the metrics that are viewed by marketers as the most important.”


Through email marketing services, you can integrate marketing automation to send new and personalized emails to existing and potential customers and target audience to effectively sell products/services.

Email Marketing - The Lifeline Of Your Internet Business

No wonder, successful online marketers have an effective follow-up system that allows them to touch base with their visitors. What better cost-effective way to do so than through email.