A comprehensive guide to lead generation for small businesses

Lead generation can help you obtain potential clients in your sales funnel. But you can only best achieve this goal after fully understanding lead generation for small businesses. However, learning every detail about lead generation can be daunting for someone new to the field. Luckily, this comprehensive guide has eased all your concerns by explaining all you need to learn about lead generation. The insights provided can help a small business owner avoid common pitfalls some entrepreneurs make. In addition, you can use lead generation as a tool to take your company to the next level.

Arkose Labs Launches Arkose Email Intelligence, the First Solution that Combines Bot Mitigation with Accurate Email Risk Detection

Arkose Labs leverages multi-layered email risk assessment to deliver formidable security with stellar ROI. Arkose Labs, the global leader in bot management and account security, today announced the launch of Arkose Email Intelligence™, a new product that stops bots and bad actors from utilizing fake or risky email addresses in attacks on online services and applications.

How Email Marketing Can Maximize Recurring Revenue

Startup marketing is a marathon and startup sales is a slog. Both require a strategically built customer funnel to educate, encourage and engage the customer on several different levels. Now that we’ve covered the theory, the first touch and the landing page, let’s talk about what to do with the prospect when they show up at your website and give you their email address.

Understanding How Online Customers Approach You through impactful Digital Marketing Initiatives

Digital marketing can definitely help a business owner to win consumers. But, it is important to comprehend the market dynamics before you design successful strategies for inbound and outbound marketing campaigns. Content floated digitally, can create the online reputation, while fixing your ad budget on priority is the need of the hour. Choosing social media spend, coupled with being flexible on digital media focused contents can help a business to win consumers in the global context.

How to Boost Customer Participation in Rewards and Loyalty Programs

Rewards programs, including both retailers’ proprietary loyalty programs as well as multi-brand rewards programs such as cashback rewards for shopping, are an important driver of customer loyalty in a time of economic instability. When planning their loyalty or rewards programs, brands must also take into consideration factors that influence loyalty, including an exceptional, consistent experience across all of a brand’s channels, a positive emotional connection, and continued improvement in a brand’s products and services that drive better value for the consumer.

Sir Martin Sorrell: Performance Is A Lifeline For The Modern-Day Digital Ad Industry

When the economy is good, advertisers spend on branding. But that’s not the case when times are lean, Sir Martin Sorrell, executive chairman of S4 Capital, told AdExchanger. Serious economic headwinds and inflation, plus ongoing international conflicts, all impact advertising spend, and that means companies need to get choosier about their tech investments to keep growing competitively, said the former WPP CEO.

How to Engage Your Online Community Using Email Marketing

Different ways of engaging your online community using email marketing

What is marketing automation and how can it help B2B marketers?

Marketing automation platforms offer some common core capabilities, but vendors are looking to differentiate their offerings with a range of more advanced features.

This Survey Highlights Tips and Tricks for the New Digital Marketing Landscape

The marketing landscape has seen a lot of ebbs and flows these past few years, and this has resulted in a dynamic shift which many marketing professionals are scrambling to understand. While the pandemic created a lot of problems, it also centered digital marketing with all things having been considered and taken into account. A new survey from Goodfirms sought to highlight some of the best strategies that marketing experts can leverage to obtain the most favorable results.

5 hot marketing trends

If there is one thing I have learned over the years, it is that nothing stays the same. Priorities change, technology changes and people change. Marketing strategies and techniques are continually progressing. As we roll into 2023, there are several emerging and evolving marketing trends your company can leverage to light the fuse to ignite your business. Virtual and augmented reality are at the top of the list of 2023 marketing trends. Of course, there are many other affordable and less complex trends and tactics to add to your strategy this year. Here are just a few. There will always be change, but if you stay up to date on new technologies and marketing strategies, you will continue to gain traction in your industry and attract and retain loyal customers.

Tinuiti Snaps Up Ampush To Enhance Its Social Chops

Ampush tracks a metric it calls “acquisitions per impression” (APM), which is a combination of click-through rate and conversion rate. APM measures “how well we can drive yield from a single impression,” Oberlander said, by following audience exposure to ad creative before someone clicks and the effect of creative after a click across landing pages, quizzes and other curated content. APM data and other metrics flow into Amp, Ampush’s proprietary data aggregation tool, which gives users the ability to allocate traffic between different landing pages and measure conversion rates throughout the consumer journey.

How To Build Your Kickstarter Email List With A Lead Magnet Funnel

Imagine backers funding your project immediately you launch your Kickstarter campaign. That would be amazing, right? You would likely reach and surpass your funding goal before the deadline. Unfortunately, crowdfunding platforms are not like social media platforms. They don't have a crowd of backers just waiting to fund your startup. So, you have to find the backers yourself to raise the funds you need for your project. One of the best ways to do this is to build a community of email subscribers.

How Your Website Can Turn Into Lead Generation For Your Law Firm

Generating leads is the number one challenge for most lawyers and law firms. Leads are getting harder and harder to come by using traditional marketing techniques like print ads or speaking engagements. With fewer quality leads coming in, and many marketing budgets remaining frozen, the cost per lead is increasing. Lawyers and law firms are increasingly turning to the online world for lead generation. Yet, using the web to generate leads is still something of a mystery for many law firms. How does a law firm begin to navigate the complex world of online lead generation and digital marketing? There are so many buzzwords to learn (inbound marketing, outbound marketing, tweets, impressions, conversions, bounce rate, etc.), and so many acronyms to decipher (SEO, SEM, PPC, CTM, CTC, etc.).

New Salesforce Research Finds Marketers Optimistic Despite Headwinds

With automation, intelligence, and real-time data, personalization and investing in the right tools to collaborate, they are able to capture and act on insights across channels, thereby deliver exceptional experience to their customers and deliver business impact. The trends revealed in the State of Marketing report were collected from a survey of 6,000 marketing leaders across 35 countries and six continents, including 250 from India.

How to Improve Your Content Marketing Sales Funnel

If your goal is to drive users through your sales funnel with content marketing, you should understand the type of content that works well at each level. Today, I will share several strategies you can use to attract users to your business and improve sales across all stages of your sales funnel.

Lead Generation: How To Get Started

Lead generation is a marketing process of capturing potential consumers who show interest in your product or service. In this piece, we’ll take a closer look at lead generation, discussing the different types of leads you could attract and providing some strategies and examples for lead gen that you can put to use right away.

Why Media Coverage Is Your Most Powerful Sales Tool

Here's how to leverage positive press the right way so your brand will acquire more leads and, ultimately, more loyal customers.