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Email Segmentation Strategies to Use in 2024

With the proper implementation, email marketing segmentation will increase engagement. Your subscribers will receive more personalized messages based on segmentation criteria. For example, behavioral segmentation is a great way to go. It’s all about segments that are made based on your email subscribers’ actions.

The ActiveCampaign Email Marketing Features You Should Know About

Email is one of the oldest and most essential digital marketing tools in a company’s arsenal, and its reputation is well-earned. Email marketing allows companies to create a customizable experience that appeals to a broad audience of consumers and empowers them to create automated campaigns that nurture target audiences down the sales funnel with personalized messaging.

7 Amazing Email Marketing Examples In 2024

Email marketing helps you forge meaningful connections with your audience. Not only can it help you deliver targeted messages, but it also helps create memorable brand experiences. When most professionals receive dozens of emails on a daily basis, the challenge for marketers is to break through the noise. For some inspiration, we’ll share some examples of fascinating email marketing campaigns with compelling storytelling and data-driven personalization.

Meet Abby Hehemann, Director Of Product Marketing At Email Marketing Platform: Get Response

GetResponse is a comprehensive email marketing platform that provides small businesses and solopreneurs with powerful and affordable tools to grow and engage with their audience and turn them into paying customers.

ISB Executive Education And Emeritus Launch Digital Marketing Courses To Empower Professionals With Digital Skills Mastery

The two programmes are designed for individuals who want to draw insights from the digital marketing funnel to enhance customer engagement and achieve maximum reach, conversions, and success

HubSpot launches new genAI-powered Content Hub

HubSpot goes all-in on AI with its new look Content Hub. Plus Service and Commerce Hub updates.

7 steps to creating an audience-based B2B marketing plan

Boost marketing-driven revenue with granular audience segmentation. Use this 7-step framework for targeting prospects.

10 search marketing takeaways from digital marketing leader Aaron Levy at SMX Advanced

Here are some highlights of his keynote talk, which included a look back at what the search marketing industry has been through, how the new wave of AI change is nothing new and his bet on the fact that search isn’t going away anytime soon.

The Future Of Email Marketing Lies In AI

Getting the right message to the right client at the right time is the holy grail for any marketing leader. But these days, a growing universe of marketing channels can leave marketers wondering which path they should take—and how best to meet the fast-changing needs.

HertsDigiverse is Revolutionizing Digital Marketing for Local Businesses in the United Kingdom

Under the leadership of Muhammad Musab, HertsDigiverse [http://www.hertsdigiverse.com/], has emerged as a new-age digital marketing agency, that is helping UK-based businesses to elevate their brand image and get more business. Through the use of advanced digital marketing techniques and focused social media advertising, HertsDigiverse.com is poised to revolutionize the way in which regional businesses improve their online visibility.

The Rise to the Top of the Funnel - 2024 Shifts in Marketing Spend In New Zealand

In 2024, marketing spend is witnessing significant shifts towards emotional resonance. New Zealand-based digital marketing agency, Zib Digital highlights the focus on meaningful connections, customer engagement and balancing digital strategies.

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