2 in 5 in USA: Online Shopping Busted their Budget:AICPA Survey

Shopping online from the comfort of your home can be easy and convenient, but it also leads to increased spending if you’re not careful. Two in 5 Americans (41 percent) say the ability to shop online has made it harder for them to stick to a monthly budget. And with more than half of Americans saying they have increased their overall online shopping (56 percent) since the start of the pandemic and online retailers regularly hosting annual savings bonanzas— budgets beware. This all according to research conducted by The Harris Poll on behalf of the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) late in the fourth quarter of 2020.

How to Create a Compelling Unique Selling Proposition

In this guide, you’ll learn how to differentiate your business and attract your ideal customers by creating a unique selling proposition. We’ll cover why a unique selling proposition is important, how to uncover what your customers are hungry for and share a framework for developing and testing a proposition that makes an impact on your business.

7 Ecommerce Video Marketing Tips to Help You Sell More

Keep reading to learn how creating videos for your ecommerce business can boost sales and increase brand awareness, plus everything you need to get started.

How Digital Marketing Can Give Small Businesses an Extra Edge

Digital marketing enables small business owners to fight equally against the industry giants. It helps businesses stay current with digital trends and appeal to a wider audience, all the while securing client loyalty. With over 70% of buyers preferring to learn about a product through online content rather than traditional advertising, an online presence has become a necessity.

5 Smart Email-Marketing Strategies to Boost Online Sales

It takes time to build campaigns that convert, yes, but once you get them set up, you can lean on automation to do the heavy lifting for you. Listed below are five smart ways to use email marketing to generate more online sales.

Best Tips to Run a Successful Business in 2021

Fortunately, the most popular business consultant Adrian Fox is offering his best business tips that can make your business more successful.

Video Calls Are The New Handshake: Why Zoom (And Platforms Like It) Is Here To Stay

By now, we’ve all seen our fair share of viral videos of Zoom calls gone wrong, and maybe even experienced it personally, but video is here to stay. Video will continue to play an important role in both internal and external communications.

La Verne Chamber Of Commerce: How To Start Email Marketing

See the latest announcement from La Verne Chamber of Commerce.

Amazon Prime Day creates halo effect for large rival retailers, email marketing

Amazon's Prime Day lands as the economy is reopening and outdoor activities, travel and brick-and-mortar regain wallet share.

How to Create Order Confirmation Emails for Ecommerce

Alongside order placement, all the purchase-related communication has also moved online. And order confirmation emails have become a significant part of retailers’ email marketing, fulfilling several important roles: Keeping this importance in mind, marketers should create confirmations with much attention, following the best email marketing practices. Let’s see how to do it and how to use confirmation emails to drive revenue for your company.

10 Top Digital Marketing Trends to Watch Through 2021

In this column, we’ll take a look at what’s trending now, with an eye to where you should prepare to allocate budget in upcoming quarters to stay ahead of your competition

Email Marketing Funnel Optimisation: 4 Essential Tips For Building a Highly Convertible Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing funnels are excellent tools for helping to guide your prospective customers from A to B whilst minimising the risk of them getting lost along the way. Guiding your audience down this path can help you to gain a greater level of influence over your customers while achieving your conversion goals. But how can you work to ensure that you’re developing a highly convertible email marketing campaign? And how can you adapt your funnel for the greatest level of success? Let’s explore the intricacies of email marketing whilst looking at four essential tips for building the best possible campaign:

15 Marketing Tools to Boost Your Startup’s Growth in 2021

Beyond having a talented and restless marketing team, startups should always look for helpful tools to enhance their performance. Luckily, there are thousands of SaaS companies developing all kinds of marketing-related solutions to help businesses better understand their customers, create and manage campaigns, and track performances, among other many things. Looking into all different features, advantages, and pricing, we’ve selected 15 awesome marketing solutions that can help you boost your company’s growth. Here you go:

8 Must-Have Skills for an Expert Content Marketer

Experts won’t just hand you a blog post to publish. They will build an entire strategy, execution plan and analytics dashboard to keep you up to date on what is working, where and why.

Communication: the key for marketing in uncertain times

With a year of the pandemic under your belt, you now have to operate with certainty in a very uncertain environment. In the changing scenario, when the government allows businesses to open again, you must be ready to sell as if Christmas was tomorrow, and communication will be a key component of your sales strategy.

How to keep your customers engaged through clever marketing

In a recent Validity Inc. webinar, The Next Big Thing APAC, a number of industry experts discussed how businesses can go about engaging their customers post-COVID-19. Time and time again the same best practices came up – segmentation, personalisation and gamification. And according to the experts, these strategies are only going to keep growing in popularity and usage. So, if your marketing program is in need of a refresh in 2021, here are three tips to get you started.

10 Steps to Building a Marketing Communications Strategy For 2021

Since early 2020, customer behaviors have changed drastically. The companies that best adapt to this shift will be the ones that succeed in this brave new world that we now find ourselves in. Whether you’re a fledgling start-up, a company on the rise, or an established voice, there is always room for innovation. Below, we offer a ten-step guide to developing a marketing strategy for 2021.

50 Restaurant Marketing Tips

Restaurant owners looking for more revenue need to have an advertising strategy. Even if you’re looking for mostly local customers, you’ll need to consider online strategies. Read on to find out how these 50 restaurant marketing tips can help.

How to Write an Eye-Catching Networking Email Subject Line

Crafting a professional looking and eye-catching subject line will help you better your digital networking skills. This often overlooked part of writing an email determines how good (or bad) a business email’s first impression is. Luckily, we have gathered some tips and ideas that can help you create an attention-grabbing subject line for that important message that could launch your career.

8 Shopify Tips You Need To Be Successful

Ease of access to online selling makes it difficult to separate yourself from the pack.Getting customers’attention through the noise is hard.Luckily,there are some ways to do just that,we’ll get into them here.