Name a better duo than data and digital PR… we’ll wait. On a serious note, there are few things that editors and journalists love more than new research. Not only does it help you gain coverage for your campaigns, it’s a great way to position your brand as a leader in your field, however, conducting a survey can be costly. If your budget doesn’t stretch that far, there are other ways you can make use of free data, you just have to be creative.

MarTech Interview with Gregory Zakowicz, Director of Content, Omnisend

Gregory Zakowicz, Director of Content, Omnisend shares his thoughts on the top challenges that can be a hindrance to brand growth while sharing a few best practices and tips that can help power future content marketing initiatives:

eTargetMedia Announces Top 5 Reasons Email Marketing Can Help Skyrocket Your ROI Report

For over 10 years, email marketing has generated the highest ROI of all digital marketing channels and email offers the broadest and most targeted reach.

4 lead generation strategies for your business

Singapore has seen tremendous growth in businesses undergoing digital transformation in the past few years. As of 2020, Singapore remained second in digital competitiveness worldwide with a whopping 98.05%, just next to the top-ranking United States. Today, digitally transforming your business is an efficient way to gain qualified leads, considering the increasing number of online shoppers in Singapore. You can tap into your target audience online, generate leads, and convert them into sales. However, generating leads is easier said than done, which is why OOm would like to share some tips. Our digital marketing agency in Singapore excels in lead generation, thanks to our team of experienced specialists who utilise data-driven strategies.

What Is Email Automation And How Does It Fuel Marketing Strategy?

Email automation is a strategy supported by marketing technology software. It enables marketers and brands to send automated emails based on triggers, audience segmentation, pre-configured roles and prospect attributes.

How to Create a MarTech Stack That Supports Your Growth Goals (+ Best Tools)

There’s social media, inbound marketing, and public relations. There are several people working together in each campaign. What can you do to bring it all together in a seamless way? Here’s where marketing technology can come to the rescue.

How contact tracking tech can reconnect brands with former customers

Technology can help companies find B2B contacts — including marketers — that have changed jobs.

Is email marketing dead?

Know your brand and know your customers. No two businesses are the same. You might just find that email marketing is the way to go to reach your ideal customer!

3 Best WordPress Popup Plugins to Boost Conversions (in 2021)

Popup plugins are a wildly popular and effective way to grow your email list and collect leads on your website. But you need to choose the right one that won’t bloat your site or irritate your users. So in this post, I’ve listed the 3 best WordPress popup plugins to skyrocket your conversions and sales. But first, let’s cover the criteria for a good popup plugin so you know what to look for.

Four Ways To Boost Digital Customer Engagement

Even prior to the pandemic, the huge shift to a completely online shopping experience was gaining steam. While similar to in-store and search engine shopping, there’s one significant difference that begs a very important question: How can you capitalize on customers’ 24/7 needs by creating engaging digital experience?

How to start a business blog

Discover how starting a business blog can help grow your credibility, brand awareness and profits through the connections you create with customers.

eTargetMedia Announces Top 5 Reasons Email Marketing Can Help Skyrocket Your ROI Report

For over 10 years, email marketing has generated the highest ROI of all digital marketing channels and email offers the broadest and most targeted reach.

What You Should Know about Consumer Marketing

Consumer marketing is the top type of marketing that’s transformed digital strategy for companies nowadays. It’s been said that digital marketing has made up 75% of total marketing budgets, making it three-fourths of what marketing executives will end up spending on to expand on their marketing. Clearly, technology is how the modern age of marketing will promote products. Influencers play a main role in this because that’s what makes up consumer marketing. After all, the average attention span of a consumer is eight seconds. You have to admit, that’s a shorter attention span than a fruit fly.

Virginia Beach online marketing training center starts pilot program for people with disabilities

In 2009, Antion started the Internet Marketing Training Center in Virginia Beach because so many people were eager to learn from him.

5 tips for e-newsletter success with patients

An email newsletter can provide a wonderful way to educate and engage your current and prospective patients — keeping you, your services and your products top of mind. It is also a great way to build your authority, differentiate yourself from your competitors, create anticipation for new services/products, generate more patient visits, and even create sales on demand.

Strategy and digital business transformation define the new Placester

The value in Concierge Custom is ultimately behind the scenes, materializing in back-end tools used by Placester teams, who use it to curate front-end marketing and help you manage key office tasks

Think It's Too Early to Strategize for Holiday Ecommerce Sales? Think Again.

Now is the time to ensure that your strategy is well-targeted and measurable.

Digital Summit Portland 2021 to Feature 40+ In-depth Sessions About Marketing's Best and Emerging Tactics and Strategies

Taking place on Sept. 21-22, 2021, Digital Summit Portland 2021 will feature national brands and local experts sharing their tips and tricks in email marketing, content management, digital advertising, lead generation, social media, SEO, analytics and more.

Elizabeth Jimney column: Building a website that works for you

More than ever before, small businesses are now connecting with potential customers online. Having an online presence is no longer an option for small businesses. Your online presence is a combination of many things including different social media platforms, a website and email marketing software. These things all work together to accomplish the advertising goals of your business. All marketing efforts you put forth should be goal-oriented, and a website is no exception.

How To Increase Your Business's Visibility Through Creative Marketing Campaigns

Market audiences are more reliant on digital devices than ever, being influenced more by passive marketing strategies than traditional, attention-seeking campaigns. The digital shift has forced businesses to look for better and creative ways to keep up.