6 Best Practices to Swear by When Marketing a New E-Commerce Store

Every ecommerce store, new or old, big or small, has one goal, to increase conversions and sales. But not all ecommerce stores are successful in achieving this objective. According to multiple sources including HuffPost and Forbes, 90% of ecommerce startups fail within 120 days. One of the top reasons why ecommerce businesses fail is poor online marketing leading to a lack of online search visibility. This summarizes the significance of marketing your ecommerce store the right way. If you want to be a part of that 10% cohort that runs a profitable ecommerce business, read through and implement the tactics shared below.

7 Examples of Digital Marketing You Should Know

To grow your business, you need to learn how to market on digital platforms. If you’re new to working in digital space, it can be difficult to keep up with the latest trends and how quickly they change. Digital marketing follows many of the same principles as offline marketing, but it also offers a unique opportunity to reach people almost anytime, anywhere. Companies of all sizes can benefit from a powerful digital marketing strategy.If running Small business, I can’t live without it. We are here to boost your online marketing! Here are 7 important examples of digital marketing.

Google Analytics Guide: 35 Key Metrics and Features

The first thing is to create an account and configure it for your website. Then I will explain how the Google Analytics interface (the buttons) is used so that you know how to move and navigate through it. Before starting in the 4 main areas of the tools, I will also explain what are the basic metrics that you will see later in all the reports mean. Are you ready? Let’s go there!:

Tips for building your affiliate marketing email list

One great way to reach many different members of your audience and keep them engaged and interested in your content is through email marketing campaigns.Having an email list full of communicative and active contacts will be the ultimate goal.Let’s take a look at what you can do when trying to build an email list.

4 Digital Marketing Tips That Can Help During COVID-19

Now, let’s get into some digital marketing tips that can help your business during the pandemic and possibly even afterward.