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Chuck Chiodo Reveals Advanced Digital Marketing Strategies at First Contact Marketing, The Marketing Accelerator Formula

Chuck Chiodo introduces enhanced AI-driven digital marketing strategies at First Contact Marketing and The Marketing Accelerator Formula.

Email Marketing: Still the Giant of Digital Marketing

Numerous digital technologies and online marketing channels are available to today’s marketers, however email marketing is still considered the giant of digital marketing. In fact, email is actually increasing in popularity as younger generations flock to their smartphones to communicate with their peers, social networks, and favorite brands.

Google adds 6 new AI features for Performance Max

New PMax features include Customer Value mode, customer retention goal, detailed demographics, budget pacing insights and more.

Nylas Introduces its Nylas Email for Salesforce Package

Email Salesforce package to access comprehensive customer communications data to gain a better understanding of their customers, align on new business and upsell opportunities, and build AI workflows that increase productivity by eliminating context switching around data entry and maintenance.

Navigating the Post-Tax Time Slump: How Businesses Can Shift Their Strategies to Maintain Revenue

As the Australian financial year draws to a close, businesses in Australia are bracing themselves for the traditional post-tax time slump in spending. However, this lull presents an opportunity for businesses to reassess their marketing strategies and adapt to the evolving digital landscape.

Unlocking growth: The power of user communities for B2B SaaS companies

Boost customer retention, brand advocacy and recurring revenue for your B2B SaaS product by fostering an active community.

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