The Personal Touch: The Agent-Client Connection in a Digital World

When it comes time to get a quote, your independent agency needs to have the right technology. Agencies should be using automated email campaigns and social media to create brand recognition. You need to be optimizing your website and using Google My Business to show up in local search results. Your insurance agency website needs to have a quoting engine to provide consumers with live, fast quotes.So,how can your agents maximize their personal touch in a digital world?

Five Ways To Optimize Your Digital Marketing Strategy

How can you develop a cohesive marketing strategy and tactical plan to achieve those goals and measure your marketing for continued long-term success? Here are five ways you can optimize your digital strategy to achieve revenue results.

Why Email Marketing is Important for eCommerce?

Email can be used to help consumers not merely order or remind them that there is a business. As an ecommerce provider, it is one of the most useful assets you have for keeping in contact with consumers about their orders.

Planning and Implementing Your Email Marketing Strategy

In order to understand how best to use email, we first need to look at how the long-term goal is achieved.

Four Clever Ways To Skyrocket User Retention

Today, I want to talk about why you should start focusing on your retention rate. Customer retention is a company’s ability to keep existing customers returning for repeat orders over a specified time.

4 Key Benefits Of Using Videos In Your Marketing Strategy

More use of videos in your content and content marketing strategy can help potential customers understand the core nuances of your business and product with a lot more ease. Videos also help strengthen your brand image in the market while creating more engaging relationships with prospects and customers. The basic fundamental to maximizing ROI from your video content is by planning what kind of videos and how you implement it as part of your overall marketing strategy.

The Secret to Making More Money With E-Commerce: Customer Retention, Part 1

In 2019, online retail sales surpassed $3.5 trillion worldwide, but the e-commerce boom was just getting started. With COVID-19 keeping everyone home, and brands pivoting operations to sell online, the events of 2020 created a unique ecosystem for the online marketplace to explode.

3 Major Customer Retention Mistakes to Look Out For

First, when you listen to your customers you make them feel valued. Secondly, such feedback offers you better insight into your business and marketing loopholes. So you can use them to improve them for a better customer experience. This will retain your customers and help you reach your conversion goals more easily.

Digital marketing tips for small business

With the current reduced dependence on physical options, especially during the coronavirus pandemic, many businesses are moving online. However, with this increased reliance on digital landscapes, digital marketing channels provide an opportunity that small businesses should leverage. That said, below are some digital marketing ideas that can benefit your small business.

3 AI-driven digital marketing strategies your startup needs right now

In this article, we will also debunk several popular myths related to digital marketing for startups --and how you can do better

The Secret Behind Growing E-Commerce Revenue: Customer Retention, Part 2

While retention marketing has been around for a while, this area of business will only continue to rise in importance as more consumers embrace e-commerce and the online marketplace becomes increasingly more crowded. In this article, we’ll explore a few more effective strategies for building customer relationships and the psychology behind them.