MarTech Interview with Gavin Laugenie, Global Head of Content at dotdigital

Gavin Laugenie, Global Head of Content at dotdigital shares more on what it takes to boost value in your marketing outlook keeping more than just preferences and trust in mind:

A Perfect Storm for 2021 Holiday Email Marketing

Holiday 2021 Email, Start early, Avoid delivery bottlenecks, Sync with social and display campaigns, Offer a gift guide via email, Emphasize loyalty and rewards, Apple iOS 15

AI analysis unveils the most effective email subject lines for the holidays

Retailers are already preparing for a 2021 holiday ecommerce season that mirrors last year. A recent survey by Radial found that 65% of consumers plan to spend the same as or even more than last year. Radial itself plans to hire 27,000 seasonal workers ahead of the shopping season to fulfill ecommerce orders. But to snag a share of that market, retailers will need to use the right email marketing language and tactics, according to a new report from AI-powered copywriting platform Phrasee.

How Apple’s Mail privacy may reshape business communications

Apple will reshape business communications when it rolls out new operating systems this fall, forcing a slew of industry changes, particularly around email marketing.

Email marketing drives sales results and sometimes drives customers away

While one might think flooded in-boxes overwhelm consumers, surveys continue to show email marketing can be highly effective for brands and retailers.

How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing the Future of Digital Marketing

According to a survey conducted by PwC, 72% of business leaders use AI for their business advantage. The Digital marketing world has been restructured immensely since the emergence of AI. It helps companies develop powerful digital strategies, optimizes campaigns, and improves return on investment.

Life after cookies: Retailers test 4 targeting alternatives

Marketers don't waste money suggesting products and services to people who have no interest in them. Given that, a host of companies are racing to develop new targeting options that will help sustain the online ad ecosystem. Retailers are starting to experiment with targeted advertising options beyond the third-party browser cookie, and the alternatives hold promise.

Is email marketing dead?

Know your brand and know your customers. No two businesses are the same. You might just find that email marketing is the way to go to reach your ideal customer!

Connecting The Dots On Investing In SMS Post-Purchase Messaging

Implementing a full-fledged SMS marketing strategy can be quite the investment, though, which is why a lot of e-tailers are questioning its worth in terms of ROI. With that in mind, this post attempts to highlight the value of SMS marketing for e-commerce by dispelling myths, sharing facts and calling attention to important success indicators.

WATConsult launches latest issue of WATPapers on ‘Effectiveness of Email Marketing’

WATConsult, the globally awarded hybrid digital agency from the house of dentsu India, has released its latest issue of WATPapers. Titled ‘Effectiveness of Email Marketing’, the report speaks about the importance of tools in a marketing strategy, its effect on purchase decisions, and a consumer’s in-depth perspective towards marketing emails.

Personalized Marketing? Not Without Email

Rethinking the newsletter, Onboarding and Let’s talk tech

3 Reasons Businesses Should Consider Integrating Programmatic Printing in Retail and Digital Marketing

Offering the best of both worlds, programmatic printing delivers data-driven targeted propositions with the emotional appeal of high-quality print. By utilizing programmatic printing, marketers can create a more cost-effective, personalized experience utilizing the vibrant colors and imaging only print can produce.

What is Shopify, and How Does it Work?

Shopify is an e-commerce platform that helps businesses run an online store. It offers a good alternative to opening brick and mortar stores to reach customers on a global level. It helps you increase both your sales and reach without experiencing the growing pains that come with outlet expansion.

Why Your Next Pop-Up Event Should Have a Tailored Business Plan

The spread of COVID-19 has made business difficult for brick-and-mortar businesses to make a profit. And as social distancing restrictions have lifted, many businesses have struggled to open their doors back up. The flexible pop-up shop format provides those businesses with a simple solution.

Where Meaningful Customer Data Can Drive Retail ROI

Retailers that place emphasis on gathering deeper data from their customer base will be able to get ahead of the curve to identify lasting consumer behavior changes. To start, look at brand loyalty perceptions, the customer journey, and message testing for your post-pandemic plans.

Think It's Too Early to Strategize for Holiday Ecommerce Sales? Think Again.

Now is the time to ensure that your strategy is well-targeted and measurable.

Syte and Movable Ink Partner to Provide Retailers With Hyper-Personalized Email Marketing Capabilities Ahead of Holiday Shopping Season

Strategic partnership enables retailers to maximize email marketing campaigns in a new way that combines hyper-personalization technology with dynamic content displays.

Curated Content Designed as a Strategic Engagement Tool

In the struggle for visibility, differentiation and engagement, financial advisors and asset managers have been pursuing proactive marketing in the form of website blogs, informational email campaigns and social medium messaging.

The AI Marketing Canvas: A Roadmap To Implementing Artificial Intelligence In Marketing

To better understand what an AI marketing canvas is, I sought insight from Raj Venkatesan, a professor at Darden School of Business. In full disclosure, I work with Raj and his research and work is fascinating.

How one Canadian specialty retailer used email marketing to accelerate its ecommerce business

In the past year and a half, several traditional brick-and-mortar retailers in Canada have accelerated their personalization and segmentation efforts, largely due to the pandemic and the need for brands to communicate more effectively via email. In the end, it fast forwarded the uptake of an innovation that had already been identified as a must-have for competing in the evolving retail landscape.