B2B Emails Stink. Let's Fix Them

In this piece, I’ll get prescriptive and share simple tactics personal newsletter writers are using. B2B marketers: steal these tactics and put them to use.

Validity Announces Partnership with Red Sift to Further Protect Domain Reputation

The data collaboration provides customers with added defense against phishing attempts

Is Digital Marketing Worth It In Your Company?

Marketing is the key ingredient to a successful business. Every business must partake in effective digital marketing using electronic media to sell goods and services. The world is now digital, and millions of people spend hours on digital platforms, so businesses should strive to reach them wherever they are.

TowerData and FreshAddress Launch a New Brand Identity, AtData

The unification of two powerhouse email companies establishes the benchmark for first party email data enhancement.

Small Business Marketing 101: Getting Started

This guide to small business marketing will break down how to create a sustainable, scalable marketing strategy that helps your small business earn new customers and grow revenue for years to come.

Validity and Red Sift enter data partnership to aid marketers

Validity has entered into a data partnership with Red Sift, an integrated cloud email and brand protection platform. According to a statement, the data exchange will facilitate compliance with domain-based message authentication, reporting and conformance (DMARC) to ensure Validity and Red Sift customers are implementing ethical and secure email marketing campaigns.

Amazon Marketing: Allocate Your Budget, Maximize ROI

Budget Planning in the Early Stages, Businesses in the Middle Stage - At this stage, your business transforms and gets brand identity. Now it’s time to drive more traffic and work on long-term strategies, For Developed Businesses - At this stage, businesses need to loop all the marketing activities into the system. I’m a believer in cross-channel marketing where you can attract customers at any stage of the journey. Businesses at this stage can decrease their marketing budget to 6-10% of the total revenue.

How to Generate Leads for Real Estate

Lead generation is important for the growth of your business, but more importantly, it is for REALTORS® to maintain a healthy pipeline of leads.

3 Tips For A Seamless Experience Between Email & Product

Too often, email is treated like an afterthought. An age-old tool for sending notifications or batch-and-blasting subscribers with information, hoping something sticks. But think about it: Few other channels exist where people willingly sign up to be messaged, let alone in the same place they receive personal communications. And in my experience as a developer-turned-SaaS CEO, I’ve seen many companies lose out on opportunities to boost revenue, reduce churn, and build customer loyalty, simply because they failed to connect their brand to their messaging. The solution? Treat your emails like an extension of your product experience as a whole. And put the same amount of thought into both.

FMG Suite Rebrands to FMG and Announces New Offerings for Financial Advisors

“The separation of websites and marketing tools enables us to create an ascendant journey for advisors whether they are just starting out or are at the highest level of marketing sophistication. It simplifies our offering and makes it easy for an advisor to pick the package that best meets their business goals, whether that’s marketing their business, modernizing their website, or both,” said Dave Christensen, Chief Product Officer of FMG.

Soft Bounce vs. Hard Bounce Email: What’s the Difference?

Soft and hard bounce emails can hurt your email marketing campaigns. Read this guide to learn the difference between them and how you can prevent them. Email hard bounces are a threat to your email marketing campaigns. They hurt your email deliverability, wreck your sender reputation, cause you to be blacklisted -- and they keep you from reaching your customers.It’s a plague you absolutely must avoid. Industry standards dictate that a 2% hard email bounce rate is acceptable. I don’t know what your bounce rates are or if you’re even tracking them, but if you get anything over 2%, you need to look closely at your email campaigns and come up with a fix to decrease that number.

Why Customers’ relationship marketing (CRM) teams should prioritize email validation

It is critical to verify an email address before contacting someone or anything. Because of incorrect email addresses in your list, you may waste time and energy trying to contact people who are either uninterested or do not exist. That being said, it’s straightforward and quick to verify customer email addresses. This guarantees the integrity of essential partnerships.

Perfect Reasons to Consider Digital Marketing Services for Law Firm

Online platforms have become reliable mediums of marketing. This is because it is versatile and cost-effective, and you will have to reach a broader reach to your clientele base. If you want to keep your law firm’s reputation, it is essential to consider online marketing services. This way, you can easily reach your targeted clientele. The following are the additional benefits of marketing your law firm online.

Best Ways to Implement Case Studies into Your Marketing Initiatives

Case studies demonstrate the benefits of your product or service. In other words, they validate your offerings and demonstrate their practical value. Case studies from your past or current customers increase the chances of potential customers becoming buyers.

Why Your Business Needs Digital Marketing

Digital technology has now reached far and wide in all realms of business, from ad campaigns to customer interactions. It is not only big businesses that can benefit from this change. Even small and medium-sized businesses can gain much from digital marketing. After all, every business needs an efficient process of reaching the target audience down to making sales. Digital marketing has become an undeniably crucial aspect of any business marketing strategy. Let’s find out how it can bring in revenue for your business.

Your Reputation Matters in Email Marketing. Here's How to Protect It.

And a little side note; open rates matter.

Discover the Significant Role of Content Marketing in Your Business

Though content marketing was formerly considered a means of differentiating oneself from the competition, it has evolved into a need for any modern company. A freelance copywriter builds practical digital marketing efforts around content marketing for your business. Each successful brand is built on a foundation of quality and relevant content that resonates with the target audience. However, you may still be asking why content marketing is beneficial. To assist you to grasp the significance of content marketing, below is a list of the top benefits it may give to your small business:

10 Law Firm Newsletter Ideas to Attract Clients

Email marketing often gets a bad rap. After all, we all know the annoyance of getting spam and promotional emails. Much of this content just ends up deep in our inbox. The same can happen to newsletters… especially boring ones. Don’t let your law firm email newsletter fall to this fate. In this guide, I’ll talk about how to start a successful newsletter and use it to attract clients. You’ll get 10 content ideas for creating an engaging newsletter.

Rider wins 16 marketing and communications awards

Two top awards included among the total

3 Ways CMOs Can Use Customer Voice to Build Brands

If you can locate high-quality products that your visitors are interested in, affiliate marketing is a viable technique (and that you can feel proud to recommend). With this in mind, we’ve put together a list of the top affiliate networks. From physical goods to digital goods, major companies to small brands—an there’s affiliate platform on our list that will help you find the right fit for your business. Let’s dive into some of the best affiliate networks to promote.