Tailoring marketing approach for Healthcare – by Accumed’s Dedef Kayrouz

Marketing is essential in supporting the healthcare industry to communicate and provide value to consumers. Whether an established healthcare provider is trying to build brand equity to raise funding from investors or a health technology company trying to generate brand awareness and leads for a proprietary service, modern strategies are needed to adapt to consumer preferences. Various studies have shown that customers now prefer to receive personalised marketing content as it is more convenient for decision-making and reduces information overload. Similar to other industries, the healthcare industry, has shifted towards more customised approaches and sustainable relationships to build loyalty and encourage repeat purchases from the same supplier.

Hawke AI: A Digital Marketing Tool That Optimizes Performance-Driven Metrics

Hawke Media has built a reputation for its ability to not just offer third-party CMO services, but to prioritize customer success while doing so. Hawke does this through a robust and varied suite of services. These span the gamut, from key strategizing and branding consultations to content creation and management across a variety of marketing channels. The innovative fractional CMO brand is also known for its forward-thinking approach to marketing. Recently this manifested in the release of its groundbreaking AI-powered marketing insights dashboard, an innovative and powerful digital marketing tool.

How Text Marketing is Evolving in Today’s B2B Market

Why SMS marketing is growing, Respect consumer privacy, Get permissions first, Never spamming consumers, Lead Generation, Order management, Appointment Scheduling, Reminders and Follow-ups.

New B2B Email Marketing Techniques That Work Right Now: Jay Schwedelson on Marketing Smarts [Podcast]

Jay Schwedelson drops a lot of truth bombs in Marketing Smarts Episode 511, and the most impressive one might just be that so-called "experts" aren't always the best source of information on email marketing.

Why Businesses Should Invest in Email Marketing Tools?

E-mail Marketing is a highly effective and cost-efficient way to market your business. When done right, it can help you build long-lasting relationships with customers and increase your brand awareness. But for most businesses, email marketing is not as simple as just sending out an email every day or week. You need a system that will help you manage all of these different aspects of the process:

10 Email Marketing Strategy Tips from G2's Own Email Expert

In this guide to building a winning email marketing strategy, we’ll cover email marketing strategy benefits, the top 10 things to consider when building out your email marketing strategy, and a bonus knowledge share from direct experience building email marketing strategies. Let’s go!

12 Tips on Marketing for a Law Firm

If obtaining new business and contributing to your firm’s bottom line is part of your job, then you already know that digital marketing is crucial to growth. Digital marketing in all its forms is essential to appealing to the 4 billion global internet users. Effective digital marketing will help you to reach a larger audience, engage prospects, and turn prospects into leads. Here’s our latest list of tips to help when developing marketing for a law firm.

Bulk email list cleaning service MailboxValidator is helping businesses improve their email marketing by removing bad emails.

MailboxValidator has developed a way to help businesses clean up their mailing lists to optimize their email marketing campaigns. The service helps people check the validity of email addresses to reduce the number of undelivered emails. This improves the delivery success rate of a company and builds its reputation.

5 Best B2B Lead Generation Companies In India

Obtaining a potential lead for your B2B business requires considerable effort and commendable marketing and sales skills. Even if you provide the best services, you will need the assistance of professionals to generate leads.As a result, you need to work with a specialized business to produce leads for your enterprise. Here are the top 5 B2B lead generating companies to know about if you're thinking about outsourcing your lead generation process:

Digital marketing leads small businesses to transformational growth

Online Marketing. The SMBs lifesaver

Why Starting a Podcast is a Great Investment for Entrepreneurs

Podcasts are an excellent way for businesses to reach out to a broader audience with relative ease and a small investment.

Why Starting a Podcast is a Great Investment for Entrepreneurs

Podcasts are an excellent way for businesses to reach out to a broader audience with relative ease and a small investment.

Re-engagement Emails – A Few Fundamentals

Define when your subscribers are unengaged and create segments, Re-engagement emails should be sent in a sequence, Offer an incentive, Reinforce your value, Provide an opt-out option.

How Cherry Bombe uses email to make customers smile

Email technology is helping Cherry Bombe consistently produce relevant, original content that increases audience retention.

7 Useful Small Business Marketing Tips

Email Marketing, Increase Brand Awareness, Develop a Detailed Marketing Plan, Focus on Content Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Video Marketing, Website Design

Four reasons why email marketing is worth investing in now more than ever

What you learn about your customers from their activity on your email campaigns can inform your keyword search strategy. Likewise, you can fold your best keywords into your email copy to make it more resonant and relevant to your email audience.

Paubox Ranked as a Leader in Fall 2022 G2 Grid Reports for Secure Email Gateways, Email Security, HIPAA Compliant Messaging and Email Encryption

Paubox announced it has been named a leader in the Fall 2022 G2 Grid Reports in the Secure Email Gateway, Email Security, HIPAA Compliant Messaging and Email Encryption categories. Paubox is a leading provider of HIPAA compliant email and marketing solutions for healthcare organizations, including hospitals and medical practices. The Fall 2022 G2 Grid® is based on ratings by business professionals. The Paubox Email Suite recognition by G2 is based on responses from real users for each of the categories in the G2 review form. G2 is the world’s largest and most trusted software marketplace.


Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing every aspect of today’s lives. If you are a digital marketer, there is a high chance you are using some form of AI in your marketing. Even so, many marketers are yet to embrace or understand the potential of AI in marketing and so lose out on a lot that AI could do for their businesses. Embracing new technologies can be overwhelming when you do not understand the effect they will have on your business. So understandably, you could have some reservations. But worry not, as this guide can help you see the bigger picture and give you the nudge you need to plunge into the world of AI in marketing.

How Marketers can Create Trust and What Tools can Help Protect User Privacy Along the Journey?

Customers approach businesses the same way they treat other people: they hold them to specific standards and form connections with those they trust. Today, consumers are vocal about their money and needs and want to do business with firms that would not back off from their commitment. Trust is the glue that holds any connection together. This includes the crucial brand-customer relationship. Customers will have more faith in your products and services if they trust your business. It’s essential to build trust with your customers.