MarTech Interview with Gregory Zakowicz, Director of Content, Omnisend

Gregory Zakowicz, Director of Content, Omnisend shares his thoughts on the top challenges that can be a hindrance to brand growth while sharing a few best practices and tips that can help power future content marketing initiatives:

Email Marketing: Still a Customer Engagement Workhorse

Consumers have never had so many ways to engage with brands, but despite that, a majority of them still prefer the old reliable channel of email marketing. With so much buzz around social media, SMS text messaging, and push notifications, it might seem like the right time to deprioritize email as an engagement channel. But new research shows that would be a huge mistake.

Data Shows Ecommerce Brands are Adopting, Finding Success with Web Push Messages

As ecommerce brands prepare their marketing promotions for the 2021 holiday season, a new report suggests they should use web push messages as part of their mix to drive greater sales.

Retail and eCommerce news from week beginning 16 August 2021

Amplience enables eCommerce SEO optimisation following the launch of Google Core Web Vitals, VitaCup partners with Brightpearl and Shopify Plus, Factoreal’s updates its all-in-one customer engagement suite, Sendlane partners with ClickBank, Nacelle announces $50 million Series B funding

Factoreal's newest feature is the next-level addition to a true all-in-one customer engagement suite

With this new convenient addition, Factoreal will permit marketers to control offsite and onsite messaging, connecting with subscribers at a whole new level for a deep-insight omnichannel customer experience.

Digital Marketers Should Be Aware of These 3 Email Security Threats

Digital marketers should be aware of phishing-based attacks, impersonation and account takeovers and attachment-based threats.

How Walgreens Used AI To Improve Email Engagement Rates

Improving email open and click rates is every marketer’s goal. In this article, Parry Malm, CEO, Phrasee, talks about how an AI technology helped Walgreens improve its email open and click rates and vaccination appointment bookings when it mattered the most.

Most Reliable SMTP Service Providers in India in 2021

The acronym SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, the procedure behind the email flow on the internet. The main purpose of using these servers instead of Common Email Providers is Scaling which is only possible with Dedicated SMTP servers. When a user sends an email, the SMTP server processes the email, decides which server to send the message to, and relays the message to that server. The recipient’s inbox service provider, such as Gmail or AOL, then downloads the message and places it in the recipient’s inbox.

7 Proven Ways to Promote Your Ecommerce Video Content

In the US, 85% of US online users watch video content every month on any device, with their weekly watch time steadily increasing. The question is: where can you find these users? How can you reach that many potential customers and subscribers to see and follow your videos? The answers are right here. Add video to your marketing strategy and promote your ecommerce video content in these seven ways:

CityWest Engagement Rates for Email Marketing Soar 262% Above Industry Benchmarks With Combination of Calix Marketing Cloud and Mailchimp

CityWest is using the combination to create highly targeted, relevant, and engaging email campaigns that boost open rates to 54 percent, 262 percent higher than the industry average of 21 percent.

CityWest Engagement Rates for Email Marketing Soar 262% Above Industry Benchmarks With Combination of Calix Marketing Cloud and Mailchimp

Canadian broadband service provider simplifies the planning, creation, and execution of omnichannel campaigns with the integrated Calix Marketing Cloud and Mailchimp solution, exciting subscribers with targeted emails that yield amazing open rates and greater marketing ROI

120 Types of Content to Use in Your B2B Marketing Plans

If we put the entire journey of a potential buyer, it can be put into 3 buckets: i. Awareness, ii. Consideration iii, Decision. The next question that comes to mind for every B2B marketer is if the content is key then what kind of content should a marketer focus on? Well, it completely depends on the kind of marketing strategy and what your objectives are?

17 important reasons an email list is a must for online success

If you have a business online or offline, or are just thinking of business building, be it a blog, or website, to connect with and influence others, then you definitely need an email list.

The Best SMS Marketing Software of 2021

Pull every lever at your disposal with the best SMS marketing software.

How to Recover Lost Sales (5 Expert Tips)

Our goal today is to go over techniques we’ve used in the past to convince visitors to come back to our website and make a purchase. We will also show you several on-site strategies you can use to persuade customers to stick around when they are thinking about leaving.

New and Improved NetBlaze App Streamlines, Simplifies, and Automates Digital Marketing to Support Small Business Success

App’s ‘Done-for-You Solutions’ Help Businesses Get Found, Get Customers, and Get Results

Content marketing for advisers? There’s an app for that

FMG Suite is giving advisers mobile access to content marketing, which relies on sharing online content to drive client engagement. Digital marketing solutions is slated to be the largest planned increase in net spending for an adviser’s tech stack throughout the year, according to the InvestmentNews Adviser Tech Study.