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Reengagement Campaigns and How They Benefit Marketers

Reengagement is a powerful strategy for businesses seeking to improve customer engagement and retention rates. By targeting inactive or disengaged users, businesses can potentially increase conversions, improve customer lifetime value, reduce churn rates, enhance brand awareness, and gain valuable insights into customer behavior. As such, businesses should prioritize re-engagement as a key part of marketing strategy.

Top 4 Magento 2 Extensions to Double Your Sales in 2023

In this article, we will explore the top Magento 2 extensions that can help you maximize your online sales and take your business to new heights.

13 of the Best Multichannel Marketing Tools

One of the critical components of a successful marketing strategy is to meet the target audience where they spend their time. However, as people continue to spend more time on multiple platforms, it becomes essential that marketers develop strategies capable of engaging an audience across channels like email, social media, websites, and more. Companies need a martech stack outfitted with multichannel marketing tools and capabilities to accomplish this.Identifying the best omnichannel, cross-channel, and/or multichannel marketing tools is easier said than done. To help, the editors at Solutions Review have compiled the following list of top-rated solutions to help marketers equip themselves with the tools they need to engage, convert, and retain leads. Our editors selected these based on each provider’s Authority Score, a meta-analysis of user sentiment through the web’s most trusted business software review sites, and our proprietary five-point inclusion criteria.

Bloomreach Launches AI Content Generation for Email, SMS, and Push Notifications with ChatGPT Integration

Bloomreach, the world's #1 Commerce Experience Cloud, today announced the expansion of its AI/ML capabilities with the launch of a ChatGPT integration for Bloomreach Engagement. A world-class language model chatbot, ChatGPT will offer marketers using Bloomreach Engagement a simpler way to generate content for emails, SMS, in-app, and push notifications. In removing the time-consuming nature of writing content variations for different channels, this integration will help marketers quickly scale campaigns and reach every customer segment with personalized communications.

4 emails that customers will love — and help them love you

Sending helpful emails lets customers feel more attached to your brand, making it more likely for them to purchase your product or service.

5 Email Marketing Service Providers for D2C Brands

To help you find the right solution for your brand, here are five of the top email marketing solution providers for D2C brands. These providers offer a range of features and tools designed to help you create and send effective email campaigns, track your results, and grow your business. Whether you’re just starting or looking to scale your email marketing efforts, five email marketing service providers for D2C Brands providers can help you achieve your goals.

Adopting Mobile Marketing To Increase Consumer Engagement in 2023-24

Mobile optimisation for websites and apps is crucial to scaling your digital presence. Data from Think With Google suggests that 63% of smartphone users prefer purchasing from companies having mobile-friendly websites or apps. This mobile marketing channel permits a brand to send text messages to users who have agreed to the same. It has the highest open rate at 98%, with 90% of the text messages being read within the first 3 minutes of receiving the message.

Sendinblue Acquires Captain Wallet to Further its Impact in Retail

The partnership blends the best-of-breed features of the leading mobile wallet marketer with the innovations of a trusted all-in-one digital marketing platform to deliver the best customer loyalty channel for businesses of all sizes

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