MarTech Interview with Brian Thomas, VP of Product and Design at

Brian Thomas, VP of Product and Design at shares a few proven product marketing must-dos and best practices in this quick catch-up:


Michele Salerno, director of marketing, assistant vice president, explains how retailers use Celerant to manage their business.

13 Easy-to-use CRMs

Customer relationship management platforms can help businesses manage and track customers, sales, and leads. Here is a list of simple, easy-to-use CRMs for businesses of all sizes. Some are streamlined tools for managing customer activities. Others include expanded features for projects, automated workflows, and more. adds release day email reminders to music pre-saves [EXCLUSIVE]

Now, fans who have pre-saved music using will be notified on release day that the music is live, along with a direct link to the music to drive streams. music pre-save campaigns with email notifications are available for Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, TIDAL, Soundcloud, and Deezer.

Digital Marketers Take Fragmented Tactics to New Targets

Top Digital Marketing Innovations, Digging Deeper Into Digital Marketing

What Is The Best Crm Software

The best real estate CRM software is essential to every agent, because it lets you keep your contacts organized, streamlined and under your control. With the right everyday tools, you can build a system that fits your individual needs and helps you grow your business. However, choosing the right system isn't always easy. While there are many options out there, it's important to consider specific features when shopping for a real estate CRM. Internet searches can deliver a long list of possible software solutions. The challenge is making sense of it all. In this post, we'll help you sort through the options and find the best real estate CRM software.

Invest in eCommerce Marketing You Can Control

The effects of the pandemic are waning for eCommerce merchants, with people eager to return to in-store shopping. Economic forces are also playing a role in consumer spending, as evidenced by major retail brands reporting declines in their eCommerce business. These challenges leave merchants searching for new approaches to boost customer engagement and conversion and enhance the customer experience while keeping a close eye on their budgets. Adding to the mix, paid media campaigns have become more expensive and less effective, especially with leading browsers planning to block third-party cookies and Google removing them in Chrome by the end of 2023. Merchants can adapt their marketing efforts on a tight budget using three owned channels: email marketing, SMS marketing, and native mobile apps.


Maintaining an in-house team of content creators and analysts can be incredibly resource intensive. It could be even more expensive if you are targeting traders across regions. This means you need a way to offer multilingual content, which is neither simple to accomplish nor easy in terms of compliance. Fortunately, there is a simple way to minimise costs while implementing all the above. The answer lies in automation of content creation and distribution. Here’s how.

Iterable Unveils Cutting-Edge Mobile and Cross-Channel Capabilities, Empowering the Next Generation Marketer

Iterable, the most powerful communication platform that helps brands activate customers with joyful interactions at scale, today unveiled new innovations, including Iterable SMS with simplified pricing and AI-powered Channel Optimization, among other features, empowering marketers with the ability to activate exceptional cross-channel marketing capabilities and create lifelong customers.

MHTC Wins Calix Innovations “Giant of Marketing” Award

By leveraging the full power of the Calix Revenue EDGE platform, the Wisconsin-based service provider increased managed services revenue by 700 percent and their Net Promoter by 20 percent in a year by deploying an omnichannel marketing campaign with the help of Calix Marketing Cloud and the Calix Market Activation Program

Role of AI in Digital Marketing

AI has become mainstream to large brands and businesses who integrate technology to their business growth. Breaking the different stages of marketing and identifying the relevance of AI in each of these stages will help businesses propel forward their growth.


Overall, it is clear that brands must be prepared to adapt to what their customers long for and utilize multiple social media channels to reach different audiences to maximize their brand's potential. As for brands who refuse to expand across social media offerings, it is down to them to work alongside their consumers to advertise in the way that benefits both parties best. Essentially, as we move into a profoundly marketing-driven period, brands must stay true to their values and target audiences, making digital marketing decisions that align with these principles.