Travel Advisors Talk Problems—and Solutions—at TMP West 2022

During a session at this week’s Travel Market Place West Conference in Vancouver, Canada, Ron Cates, the digital marketing guru, ran the 200 advisors in attendance through a group exercise to find solutions to the problems that have plagued them over the past two years. There are problems that the pandemic caused, but there are also common problems that advisors had to deal with even prior to COVID-19 entering the world’s vocabulary. One that Cates pointed out, which was a problem both inside and outside of the travel industry, was branding and learning why people make their buying decisions.

How to Create an Email Marketing Plan That Works

Learn how to make an email marketing plan that generates engagements and conversions. The Ascent outlines several tips to help you create a high-performing email marketing plan. Email marketing remains a staple for marketers, even with the emergence of new marketing methods. In fact, email marketing beats social media in terms of gaining new customers. Sixty percent of consumers prefer to subscribe to an email list to receive deals or promotions. Moreover, email produces the highest ROI among marketing channels, generating an average of $38 for every $1 spent. That’s why most B2C and B2B businesses invest in email marketing plans to generate more sales and raise brand awareness.

3 Tips For A Seamless Experience Between Email & Product

Too often, email is treated like an afterthought. An age-old tool for sending notifications or batch-and-blasting subscribers with information, hoping something sticks. But think about it: Few other channels exist where people willingly sign up to be messaged, let alone in the same place they receive personal communications. And in my experience as a developer-turned-SaaS CEO, I’ve seen many companies lose out on opportunities to boost revenue, reduce churn, and build customer loyalty, simply because they failed to connect their brand to their messaging. The solution? Treat your emails like an extension of your product experience as a whole. And put the same amount of thought into both.

How To Create A Lead Magnet People Actually Want To Download

When you finally align your lead magnet with the psychology of your readers, your audience will grow like wildfire.