How to Use Marketing Psychology to Influence and Persuade

When used correctly, marketing psychology can be an incredibly powerful tool. No matter what the type and size of your business are, marketing psychology can help you take your online campaigns to the next level. From branding to buyer behavior analysis, marketing psychology can be applied in different ways.

Can BIMI Help Marketers Build Customer Trust?

BIMI (Brand Indicators for Message Identification) enables marketers to add a logo to their emails in the inbox so subscribers can quickly identify their messages and trust that they’re from the right sender. It can do for email marketing what https in front of a web address did for websites.

How to Recover Lost Sales (5 Expert Tips)

Our goal today is to go over techniques we’ve used in the past to convince visitors to come back to our website and make a purchase. We will also show you several on-site strategies you can use to persuade customers to stick around when they are thinking about leaving.