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Apple unveils Apple Intelligence, OpenAI partnership at WWDC

The company’s new generative AI offering is billed as a personal intelligence system and will be integrated into a number of its features alongside ChatGPT.

Marketing 2.0: Embracing The AI-Powered Future

We are observing a significant transformation in marketing driven by the swift progress of artificial intelligence (AI). This transformation, signaling the emergence of "Marketing 2.0," revolutionizes how organizations engage with clients, understand market dynamics and strengthen their strategies. AI in marketing is not a futuristic concept; it is, in fact, a current reality that is rapidly reshaping the industry.

Changes in Ad Spend and Platform Dynamics in 2024

In 2024, the advertising industry is rapidly changing, driven by technology and consumer behaviour shifts. Marketers must now be adaptable, prioritising consumer trust and transparency while innovating within new privacy frameworks and leveraging AI to create effective advertising in a post-cookie world.

How AI could be about to reshape digital marketing

Technologies branded as AI have rapidly progressed from producing roughly-rendered approximations of human content, into an everyday tool may transform how the creative sector does business. Kate Farrell, head of design at digital marketing agency Sherbet Donkey, explains how AI is transforming digital marketing practices.

From Inbox to Impact: How Email Marketing Can Change Your Business

Learn the techniques for writing compelling messages, engaging your audience, and attaining measurable results. Find out why email has been and still is a great weapon in digital marketing and how best to use it to achieve great results.

Innovations in Barracuda's AI-enabled email protection boost defenses against new and evolving threats

Superior detection efficacy, international expansion, and ongoing advances lead to double-digit growth

The marketer's playbook: Tackling 2024's top email marketing obstacles

This article will help you to learn more about these challenges and some ways to tackle them.

Email Marketing Trends for 2024: Proven Essentials

Email marketing is constantly evolving, so it can be difficult to know where to invest your time and energy from year to year.

Tech tips: How to block spam emails on Gmail and clean storage

Dealing with spam emails and managing storage space can be a time-consuming task for Gmail users. However, with a few simple steps, you can effectively block spam emails and clean up your storage, ensuring a clutter-free inbox. This step-by-step guide will walk you through the process, helping you streamline your Gmail experience and stay focused on important messages.

Wheelhouse DMG Boosts Its Healthcare Digital Marketing Expertise with Key Hire

In a significant move to bolster its already considerable expertise in digital marketing for healthcare clients, Wheelhouse DMG announces that Laura Chase has joined the company as Sr. MarTech Strategist.

The Biggest Shifts in Email Marketing Trends for 2024 [with on-demand webinar]

These have influenced email marketing priorities and are shaping the trends that will dominate 2024. We can see those shifts in the results of our fifth-annual Email Marketing Trends Survey, where we asked some of Oracle Digital Experience Agency’s hundreds of digital marketing experts to rate the current adoption of a range of email marketing technologies and tactics, as well as predict the impact each of them will have in 2024. We then mapped the results into adoption-impact quadrants.

Instagram beats TikTok for video-based user acquisition, survey finds

When asked to split their user acquisition spend between Instagram and TikTok, 79% of respondents allotted at least 75% of their budget to Instagram, according to Zoomd findings.

Digital marketing trends reshaping auto retail

Québec’s Law 25 is a prelude for what’s coming up in Canada, while CDP (customer data platform) is more than just cooler talk among digital marketers. These trends are set to reshape the industry, as consumer data collection takes on new meaning in 2024 and beyond.

Digital Marketing Statistics 2023: How Your Strategy Measures Up

These concepts are growing more powerful, and more marketers are leveraging them every year. And given how many people are active online on a daily basis, that’s hardly surprising!But to make the most of digital marketing, you need to understand what it’s about, how it’s been performing so far, and its key trends. Dive into this article to get these insights, and more!

Email Annotations & Schema: ‘Automatic Extraction’ & Controlling Your Preview Content

To help users get answers quickly, search engine providers display Featured Snippets and other summaries that increase the chance a user won’t actually have to click any of the search results. Google and Yahoo are extending this same philosophy to their email inbox services by occasionally adding previews to commercial emails.

Navigating the latest Google Ad trends for effective digital marketing

For estate agents, harnessing the power of paid ads, especially Google Ads, is not just advantageous, but essential in reaching prospective clients effectively. Nurtur.group’s Ben Sellers explains all.

5 web browsers you should use instead of Google Chrome or Edge

Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge dominate the world of web browsers, but they’re not for everyone. Whether you want a browser that better respects your privacy or need an app that does things a little bit differently, you don’t have to stick to the usual suspects.

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