Ping Identity Survey Shows Consumers Want Convenience Without Sacrificing Security

A new survey from Ping Identity, the intelligent identity solution for the enterprise, reveals consumers worldwide want frictionless online experiences without sacrificing the security of personal information. With 63% feeling better about services that use multi-factor authentication (MFA) at login, an increase from 53% last year, it’s clear that businesses across all industries must provide convenience without sacrificing security to win over consumers.

The Case For Using AI To Drive Exceptional ROI And Event Success

AI is the future of supplementing human intelligence to work quicker, more efficiently, and with data at the center of decision-making. Rodney Hart, VP of events at RainFocus, makes the case for leveraging AI for successful events and increased ROI. Artificial Intelligence (AI) makes music, beats humans in games that have existed for thousands of years, and even wins art contests. Event marketing isn’t the exception to how AI will impact the world. Instead, the event marketers who learn how to use AI to drive event success and measure ROI will eclipse competitors and usher in an age of personalized, tailor-made experiences.

MarTech Interview with Brian Thomas, VP of Product and Design at

Brian Thomas, VP of Product and Design at shares a few proven product marketing must-dos and best practices in this quick catch-up:

3 Strategies to Earn Consumer Trust in Email Marketing

In 2020, there were 4 billion email users globally, and 59% of consumers said marketing emails influenced their purchase decisions. However, for email marketing to be effective, it must be individualized. Consumers are so adamant about this fact that 72% will engage only with brand messaging that is tailored to them. The question, then, is how can you craft personalized campaigns that avoid spooking audiences and destroying brand-consumer trust? Here are three tips.

3 Digital Marketing Tips In A Privacy First World

Online privacy has been a growing concern as the internet has become more intertwined with everyday life. Emphasis on online safety has increased, leading to a growing number of privacy initiatives. This includes improved cybersecurity, phasing out third-party cookies and better digital hygiene. These are all excellent developments for modern consumers. But they also present fresh hurdles for businesses — and the marketing industry, in particular. Marketers must be willing to embrace innovative new ways to succeed in an increasingly privacy-first online world.

Facebook, step aside for the agency-lead resurrection of Email Marketing

Facebook and Instagram have held the spotlight for too long, with advertisers spending more than US$114 Billion in 2021 alone. These numbers are expected to double in just a few years despite the rising CPC and limitations in consumer tracking due to heightened privacy laws. However, not all advertisers can (or will) dig deeper into their pockets, providing the opportunity for the long-lost hero of the past, email marketing, to make a valiant comeback.

Marketers optimistic despite headwinds

Four out of five Australian and New Zealand marketers say their work is increasing in value despite macroeconomic and labour headwinds, according to new research from Salesforce.

Salesforce Research: 87% Of Marketers Say Their Work Provides Increasing Value

As 91% of CMOs believe they must continually innovate to remain competitive, Salesforce’s eighth annual “State Of Marketing Report” uncovered that the onus of that innovation falls on the shoulder of marketers. But despite the heavier workload, marketers are hopeful — 87% said their work provides greater value now than a year ago, representing a 10% increase from last year’s survey.

What Does Marketing Look Like Without Third - Party Cookies

Exploring the challenges of obtaining first-party data and how the cookieless future will impact marketers' relationships with customers. Consumer awareness and concerns about data privacy are driving data regulations and changes in the tech sector as brands move from third-party cookies to first-party data and other less invasive methods of gathering customer demographics, analytics and historical details. Let’s take a look at marketing in a world without third-party cookies, and how it will impact a brand’s relationships with its customers.

The Top 10 Must-Read Newsletters for Digital Marketers

If you're looking to stay on top of the latest trends in digital marketing, these newsletters will help you do that. Here are some of the best ones.

CM Group’s Selligent Awards Honour Global Brands for Innovation in Relationship Marketing

Selligent Marketing Cloud, part of CM Group, is an intelligent omnichannel marketing cloud platform. With dynamic technology, Selligent provides actionable insights that enable companies to deliver more personalized and valuable consumer engagement. This results in compelling experiences across all channels. With teams in the US and Europe, and a global network of partners, Selligent's mission is to make marketing personal.

Martech Interview with Lynn Tornabene, Chief Marketing Officer, Anteriad

Lynn highlights how marketing techniques have evolved and how crucial it is to have a comprehensive data strategy to make informed marketing decisions.