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If you’re marketing on ‘Email Island,’ don’t get yourself voted off

Who can email marketers trust when email providers, email users and even their own sales team seem pitted against them?

State officials quietly reveal new ‘All That’ marketing campaign in email announcement

“All That” is the slogan behind Rhode Island’s new tourism marketing campaign, which was quietly announced in an email and linked video message by Rhode Island Commerce Corp. on Wednesday.

25 Most Popular Email Newsletters in the US in 2024

In this article, we will take a look at the 25 most popular email newsletters in the US in 2024. If you want to skip our detailed analysis, you can go directly to 5 Most Popular Email Newsletters in the US in 2024.

About To Send An Angry Email? Please Do This 1 Thing Before You Hit 'Send.'

“If the goal is literally just to tell someone how angry you are or to make them feel bad in some way, think about whether or not that’s going to get you where you want to go in the long run.”

How to survive (and learn from) email marketing mistakes

Learn how to deal with mistakes, analyze what went wrong and move forward from errors while maintaining a candid, accountable team culture.

Operatio Marketing announced expansion into the U.S. market

Operatio Marketing, one of the fastest-growing and most reputable digital marketing firms in Canada, is excited to announce a bold new expansion into the U.S. market. This initiative signals a significant milestone for the company, given the highly competitive U.S. sector, and the need to rely on strong digital marketing solutions to stay competitive both locally, and abroad.

Core Exponent Unveils Data-Driven Approach to Personalized Digital Marketing Services

Discover how CoreExponent/ CoreXponent revolutionizes digital marketing with a data-driven approach for personalized services in our latest release.

From Vision to Reality: Digital Marketer Elie Ndisanze Registers Digital Marketing Academy for 2025 Launch

Elie Ndisanze, originally from Rwanda and now residing in the USA, is embarking on an ambitious mission to connect continents through the power of digital marketing education. His vision involves establishing a cutting-edge Digital Marketing Academy in Kigali, Rwanda, a crucial step in advancing digital marketing expertise across Africa.

Digital marketing strategies for small businesses: a comprehensive guide

Hey there, fellow business enthusiasts! Ready to unlock the secrets of digital marketing tailored specifically for small businesses? Buckle up because we're diving into the nitty-gritty of making your mark in the vast digital universe.

Communicating Email Security Risks to Clients: A Guide for DMARC MSPs

In this article, we’ll take you through ways you can foster a proactive approach to email security among your clients.

Purpose Media: The Black-Owned, Woman-Led PR and Marketing Agency Making Waves in the Industry

Purpose Media: Louisiana’s Newest PR and Marketing Agency Delivering Strategic and Impactful Solutions Based on Honesty, Integrity, Inclusion, and Inspiration

Digital Marketing Strategies Made Simple: Attract, Engage, Convert

Staying relevant with your digital marketing in an ocean of competition does not require great complexity.

Phone and email reign supreme as top ways to contact businesses

Telephone and email are the most preferred ways to contact businesses, according to new research from global outsourced communications provider Moneypenny.

Leveraging digital marketing for community engagement and impact

Digital marketing plays a significant role in enhancing community engagement and creating a lasting impact. It transcends traditional boundaries, allowing organisations to reach and engage with their communities in innovative ways. Through targeted strategies and creative approaches, digital marketing opens a myriad of opportunities for fostering connections, driving social change, and building a more involved and informed community.

How to Write Engaging Marketing Content in 2024

The art of writing engaging marketing content has never been more crucial than in 2024.

Breaking down the Role of a B2B Social Media Marketing Manager

The role of a social media manager is evolving along with the developments in different social media platforms. As such, the responsibilities of a B2B social media manager are also evolving. Here are the main responsibilities of a manager of B2B digital marketing that define the scope of the role: –

Mastering Online Marketing; 9 Strategies To Engage, Influence And Succeed

The goal of online selling is the same as its brick-and-mortar counterpart: Provide quality products and services to your customers. Still, because opinions and feedback shape brand perceptions and influence potential customers on an unprecedented scale, online marketing takes on a greater role. Today, mastering online marketing is not just a strategy; it’s a prerequisite to sustain a positive brand image and build enduring customer relationships.

Craft your perfect email marketing campaign using Squarespace tools

Email can be a vital way to maintain and build relationships with your users. Learn how Squarespace can offer the tools you need to to make those connections

Beginners Guide To PPC Terminology

The Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Pay Per Click (PPC) space is a complex world of intricate moving parts, and with so many figurative buttons to push and levers to pull, it can become an overwhelming process much quicker than you would expect. If you don’t understand the terminology and purposes of the various aspects that go into this piece of your digital marketing puzzle, it’s very likely that your SEM efforts will result in poorly built, inefficient campaigns, wasted ad spend, and a poor taste in your mouth. The first step to getting started in PPC is learning to understand and speak the language, and this brief glossary of terms, definitions, and examples will help you get on the right track.

Email marketing 101: The five basics

Little email things — like signature, subject lines and how to personalize — have a big impact and are easy to overlook.

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