Tips on Getting Digital Inclusion Right

There are lots of good reasons to jump headlong into digital inclusion projects throughout your company. But the bottom line is that making it easy for anyone to do business with you makes it more appealing for everyone to do business with you.

How To Build A Full Lifecycle Of Email Marketing

Each stage of the lifecycle should target the specific needs of your audience in their buying journey.

How agents apply digital marketing innovations to their listing strategies

From new platforms to content ideas, here’s how to boost your online presence

Cisco supporting partners with digital marketing shift

One of those that were already taking steps to grasp the digital marketing nettle was Cisco, with its Lifecycle Advantage programme, which arms partners with tools to help them deliver high levels of customer experience.

Why Influencer Marketing Takes a Village

Village Marketing’s founder, Vickie Segar, speaks to LBB’s Ben Conway about creating campaigns for presidents, and why relationships are everything in the influencer space

What is lead generation software?

Software to turn prospective customers into sales

A Small Business Guide to Starting a Newsletter [Infographic]

Newsletters have become an increasingly popular way to stay in touch with your audience, be it for brands, individual creators, events, etc. The below infographic provides a handy overview of how to build an effective email marketing strategy, from composition to management.

What Brands Need To Know About Facebook Marketing

How brands can best use Facebook to reach their target audiences. With 2.9 billion monthly active users, Facebook is still the most widely used social media platform worldwide. For brands whose target audience is over 30, Facebook is still an extremely relevant platform to reach and engage customers. Let's take a look at Facebook marketing, demographics, advertising, best practices and insights about how brands can best use Facebook to reach their target audiences.

Marketers optimistic despite headwinds

Four out of five Australian and New Zealand marketers say their work is increasing in value despite macroeconomic and labour headwinds, according to new research from Salesforce.

3 Practical Digital Marketing Tactics for Small Businesses

This article describes three practical digital marketing tactics that are easily understood by small businesses and show how they can be used to successfully market products and services both online and offline.

Adobe : The Engager, Veronica Lazarovici, scales revenue growth without the hustle

Our winner of the 2022 Adobe Experience Maker Award in The Engager category, Veronica Lazarovici, lives up to the mission of her company, Alma, which makes it easier to find quality mental healthcare. "I'm going against the hustle wave," she told me. "I like to think that my productivity hack is just taking regular time off. After a recharge, I work better, have more patience, more creative ideas, and more problem-solving abilities." Veronica sat down with me from her holiday in Romania to share more about what it takes to be an award-winning marketing operations leader.

Why ‘Black Friday’ is more than 1 day for digital marketers

If you didn't start planning for the holidays in July, now is the perfect time to get creative with your marketing. Here are some things you can do right now to prepare for the holiday season:

3 steps to formulate next year’s digital marketing strategy

Step 1: Perfect your online presence, Step 2: Develop a content roadmap, Step 3: Automate your marketing tactics.

Mapping Customer Journeys to Design the Right Digital Experiences

Getting Started: Step Into the Shoes of Your Customers, Next Step: Map Customer Journey Paths and Tailor Your Content, Continually Improve

MarTech Interview with Emerson Welch, Vice President of Marketing at Quark Software Inc

Emerson Welch, Vice President of Marketing at Quark Software Inc chats about a few ways for marketers to create better digital journeys and presence in a crowded market:

BizTips from SCORE: Making the most of Small Business Saturday 2022

Small Business Saturday, created by American Express, falls on the first Saturday after Thanksgiving each year. In 2010, the day that celebrates and promotes small businesses was promoted by American Express through a nationwide radio and television advertising program. Small Business Saturday (SBS) was created to help small businesses gain exposure and inspire consumers to shop within their own communities during the holiday season. Retailers reported that in 2021 SBS sales total $23 billion. It has been and is a great start to the holiday shopping season. Consider the following best practices from those that have succeeded in preparing for this focused Saturday of shopping.

How Can I Generate More Online Leads For My Real Estate Business

Generate Leads By Running Local Facebook Ads, Generate Leads From Email Marketing, Leverage A CRM To Generate More Leads, Google Ads, Build A Lead Generating Website.

Top 8 Reasons Why Digital Marketing is Better Than Traditional Marketing

It’s Cost Effective, Building Brand Awareness, Digital marketing is one of the most efficient and effective ways to drive sales, Digital marketing is a great way to expand your customer base and find new clients, Digital marketing is a great way to run experiments on new marketing ideas and approaches, Digital marketing has revolutionized the way businesses communicate with their customers, Digital marketing is a great equalizer, especially for small businesses.

Getting customers to your business when weather (or the economy) slows business

It’s challenging getting people coming through the door on a consistent basis. If you own a local restaurant or store, you know the problem. People stay home because they do not want to drive in bad weather. They spend less when they feel the economy is unsettled. How you can bring customers through the door:

Division of labor: In jointly owned businesses, couples navigate who does what

We asked four couples about their roles running a jointly owned business, how they divided those responsibilities — and what happens when they disagree.