Five Tips To Grow Your Email List In 2021

So if you’re serious about expanding your business, building a robust, healthy email list needs to be a top priority. When used wisely, it can have an immeasurable impact on your marketing campaigns, as well as your traffic and sales. To help set your business up for long-term success, I’ve put together a few handy list-building tactics so you can grow your email list in no time.

Four Tips For Global Email Marketing Compliance

With the emergence of the internet, marketing truly went global. Suddenly, it was feasible and even easy for advertisers to reach people around the world as easily as in their own backyard. This is certainly true when it comes to email marketing.

Email Marketing and the Apple iOS 14 Update

Retailers today utilize every marketing channel at their disposal, from paid search and social to email marketing and direct mail. More often than not, these channels work in conjunction with one another, with data points from one activity informing the next.

Reducing Unsubscribe Rates like an Email Marketing Expert

The unsubscribe rate refers to the metric used to measure the percentage of email subscribers who opt out from an email list. Average email unsubscribe rates vary by industry, with an overall average of .48%. Is your average unsubscribe rate higher than it should be? Let’s take a look at some accessible methods to reduce email unsubscribe rates. You’ll be feeling like an email marketing expert in no time.

Why You Need an Email Database for Real Estate Marketing

Email databases tend to deprecate when users unsubscribe, become inactive, or change their email addresses. It is up to you to maintain your database up to date, and here are strategies you could employ:

What’s Cool About COIL

In terms of opt-in options, you probably think you’ve got them down. But we’re here to introduce you to the overlooked sibling of the family: Confirmed Opt-In Lite. While not yet as famous as the rest, it’s a great way to combine the benefits of rapid list growth of the single opt-in process and the email address validity check of the double opt-in process.So, without further ado,let’s talk about the Confirmed Opt-In Lite process – a.k.a. COIL.

Three Ways That Email Best Practices Can Lead To Better Campaign Performance

While many of these practices (particularly compliance) are must-have components of your email program, they can also play a dynamic role in your optimization strategies and initiatives. Below are three elements of email compliance and overall best practices that can yield tremendous value if you also look at them through the lens of improving recipient engagement and response.