How Will IOS14 Affect Facebook Ads In 2021? A Guide For Product Businesses

You can get a handle on whether your marketing campaigns are succeeding or stumbling by combining hard data with human feedback.

Calix Sets the Stage for Omnichannel Marketing With Mailchimp Integration, the First of Many Integrations That Will Radically Simplify Campaign Execution Through Intelligent Automation

Today’s announcement marks the first of many integrations with marketing technologies that bring sophistication to broadband businesses of all sizes”

How to Advertise in Newsletters: A Beginner’s Guide

Looking for a powerful way to market your product or service? Consider advertising in newsletters. Here's what you need to know to get started.

Top Five Outbound Sales Strategies To Grow Your Business

Here are some of the outbound sales strategies that have had a positive impact on the growth of our company and that of our clients.

6 types of email subject lines that will increase your open rates with media

Here are six types of email subject lines that will generate curiosity and interest with media:

Building a marketing strategy in the telecom sector

For telecommunication service providers to succeed in this fast-growing industry, it is essential to develop a marketing strategy that enables organizations to build long-term relationships with their customers. The telecommunications industry, like many other industries, is constantly changing. These changes include technological advances, market innovations, adjustments in consumer behavior and more. Telecommunications companies that listen to the market and are not stuck in their old ways are the most successful enterprises.


One tactic that a lot of businesses find to be particularly beneficial is to use email marketing. It allows you to target thousands of customers on a personal level, thereby increasing credibility, brand recognition, and sales. For such a campaign to achieve the best results, though, you need to employ the right tactics. These five tips should help with that.

How To Do Email Marketing – Best Email Subject Line Lines

There's no doubt that email marketing has become one of the most efficient ways of generating traffic to your website. Email marketing is also a powerful way of constant promotion through email. To make the most of it, you need to understand how to do email marketing.

5 Tips to Increase Conversion Rates, Make Sure Your Message is Received

The numbers vary, but the average email open rate stands around 15% to 25%.(1) That means up to 85% of leads (and thus conversions) never have a chance because they are never seen by potential customers. Smart marketers know that conversion consistency is the key to more open rates, and this is achieved by learning about the customer and using that customer learning to fuel what the marketing department is doing. The end result is better performance, i.e., conversions. As Sky Cassidy, host of the podcast If You Market They Will Come, explains, "Some marketers have these flashes of brilliance but they're not consistent with it, they don't have a patented, repeatable methodology. Consistency wins."

Email Subject Lines That Work in Apartment Marketing

Simple ways to make sure emails get opened and read by prospects and existing renters.

What analysing 10 billion emails shows business leaders

Even though fewer people have been reading their emails, (likely due to the economic uncertainty created by the pandemic and reduced inclination to spend on non-essential products and services) the report has highlighted the importance of providing subscribers with more value-added content than purely sales-driven information. Subscribers are looking for a richer journey than what traditional marketing campaigns can provide.

How To Succeed At E-Commerce During A Pandemic

In this article, we’ll delve into some of the latest e-commerce market trends and discuss how to succeed in e-commerce for the pandemic era. One thing is for sure: Online is where it’s at.

About Shopify’s Email Marketing Tool for SMBs

Shopify, one of the most prominent ecommerce shop creators, announced that it is now making its innovative and comprehensive email marketing feature available to merchants worldwide. This release was provided as a way to help small to mid-sized businesses that were struggling with the impact of COVID-19 and needed to pivot to an online platform. Here is what you need to know about email marketing on Shopify.

How to create a successful email marketing campaign?

Email marketing has been an irreplaceable tool for business. Lead generation, outreach opportunities, and turning prospects into customers are the primary reasons why companies use emails within their strategies today.

10 Tips on how to write good subject lines [Formulas + Examples]

If you’ve been working in the field of digital marketing for a while, you already know the importance of email marketing. Emails are a great way to reach people in person who have shown different levels of interest in your products or services. According to a study by Radicity report, on average, business users send and receive about 121 emails per day [1]. The only thing that can help you stand out from the crowd are your email subject lines. This is because the first thing a user can see from the notifications and in their inbox is the email subject line. So, if you’re wondering how to write good subject lines, we have 10 tips that’ll help you increase your open rates.

How to validate email and avoid frauds?

If you are using email for your company's marketing actions, it is essential that you check that these addresses to be real. In this post, we tell you how to validate an email and avoid bounced emails that may affect the statistics of your marketing campaigns.

Marketing Mix: Is Email Marketing Dead? Not If You Stay Updated on Best Practices

Email marketing is a valuable component of any brand or business’s marketing plan. If you are interested in exploring opportunities within email marketing, we have put together a list of dos and don’ts to help maximize your email marketing results.

3 Reasons Your Email Marketing Campaign Isn’t Working

There are a number of ways to boost your email marketing campaigns and get your business back on track. Let’s consider some of the main reasons why your email marketing campaigns aren’t as efficient as they could be.


Use these tips when creating your email campaigns. You’ll increase your open rates—and that means more response and sales!

How email marketing and data go hand-in-hand

Personalisation is key to creating an active and engaged email subscriber base, but in order to reap the benefits of personlisation you first need a good grip on data. Andrew Fragias outlines common issues that impact data quality when it comes to email marketing.