How Businesses Can Utilize Email and SMS Marketing to Engage More Customers

The success of brands depends on how they relate with clients. However, creating a loyal customer base takes a lot of work. That’s why businesses need an automated engagement platform for SMS and Email marketing. The move will enhance their brand visibility and boost sales.

A Guide on How and Where to Buy Wholesale Products to sell on Amazon

Amazon Marketing Service (AMS) is a service that allows sellers to run their business on the platform by providing them with access to thousands of products in one place with free shipping benefits. It also allows them to create their own branded store pages and increase sales through email marketing campaigns using Email Autoresponder tools offered by AMS. Amazon is an excellent platform for selling your products. It is among the best spots to sell your products as it provides a wide range of customers from around the globe. However, you need to research before listing your products on Amazon because many other sellers also have an account on this platform. This guide will help you find out how to buy wholesale on Amazon.

5 Reasons People Don’t Receive Your Emails – And How to Land in the Inbox

Not getting many clicks on your marketing emails? Your subscribers may be missing them. Below, we look at five reasons why people aren’t getting your emails and how to increase your chances of landing in the inbox.

Privacy Legislation and an Anti-cookie World: Is This an Obstacle or Opportunity For Revenue?

A Unified Profile Makes Relevant Multi-channel Communication Simpler, A CDP Allows You to Make Highly Personalized Offers Based on Customers’ combined Online and Offline Behavior, Seamlessly Merging Communications and the Loyalty Program, Personalizing Offers Based on Interaction History with the Brand Boosts Conversion Rates and Reduces Churn, Improve Marketing By Choosing the Right Time to Act

Live shopping set to shake up ecommerce

Retail has greatly transformed over the last few years, as more commerce moves online and influencers play a growing role in driving product affinity. In Asia, live stream commerce, or live shopping, is revealing massive revenue opportunities, and that trend is extending to other regions. During a recent live shopping event in Mexico, a large global electronics manufacturer was able to sell more than $1 million in merchandise and engage nearly 12,000 viewers in less than an hour. By 2026, live stream commerce sales could account for as much as 20 percent of all e-commerce according to McKinsey estimates.

3 Things To Help Kick off your 2023 Content Marketing Strategy

Digital content creation has evolved over the years, with brands now exposed to more online marketing channels and methods through which to post content. With the evolution of content marketing there has also been a significant shift in the types of content that audiences now like to consume more of or engage with. Most content marketing teams have to cater to content marketing plans that suit different channels and workflows, to address a variety of needs and buying cycles.

10 e-commerce marketing strategies for your business

Marketers have myriad tools in their belts -- from SEO to influencers to technology and tools. These strategies can improve anyone's e-commerce marketing plan.

Digital Marketing Software Global Market Report 2022: Key Players Leveraging AI to Enhance Offerings and Boost Efficiency

The global digital marketing software market is expected to grow from $56.77 billion in 2021 to $67.53 billion in 2022 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 18.95%. The digital marketing software market is expected to grow to $141.84 billion in 2026 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 20.38%.

Things you never knew about marketing technology

Marketing technology is going through a major evolution. In order to succeed in today's fast paced digital world, brands need to adopt new technologies and strategies at a rapid pace. To help you stay on top of the latest trends, we've rounded up five shocking facts about marketing technology that might surprise you. All these points are essential to remember when you’re building a marketing strategy. The world is changing fast, and the best way to stay ahead is by listening carefully to customers and giving them what they want.

How D2C Beauty Brands are Planning their Marketing Strategy to Promote their Products in a Competitive Market

Direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands manufacture, market, and distribute their products without intermediaries, enabling themselves to reduce costs, directly interact with consumers, and ensure a seamless start-to-finish buyer experience.

Mahtco Announces the Beta Launch of Its New Creative Platform, Qalori

Announcing the beta launch of a new creator marketing platform, Mahtco offers a way to build professional websites, manage email marketing, and automate processes with the release of Qalori.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Might Be Over—But These Little-Known Strategies Will Help You Sell Big in December

Let's consider how to make it happen for your online retail business: Can your website handle it?, Are your prices competitive?, Are you growing your customer list?, Do you have an "abandoned cart" protocol?, Are you taking advantage of the whole season?

Easy ways to attract more customers this Christmas as a small business owner

The Future UK shopping trends report 2022 shows that since the pandemic more of us are shopping online and this trend is set to continue. Not only that, more and more people are window shopping online and doing their research before they buy.

8 Creative Real Estate Marketing Ideas And Examples

As more and more buyers turn online to buy properties, adapt your marketing strategy accordingly with these 8 creative ideas. It’s worth remembering that high-quality lead generation begins with effective marketing. So, in this article, we will discuss eight practical real estate marketing strategies, along with examples to help you generate more leads and foster sustainable business growth.

Using E-Commerce Solutions to Incentivize Customers to Shop In-Store

Thinking outside of the box by getting creative to entice customers will be essential for retail success in 2023. Overall costs have ballooned for consumers — and this can get even worse in the winter as utilities such as heating increase in use and cost. Consumers are preparing to pay more across the board. As a result, retailers must ensure they're imaginative enough to make them want to retain loyalty and keep shopping with them.

Q&A: Anup Khera, VP & GM, International, Attentive

Attentive is the leader in conversational commerce. They help brands reinvent the way they manage their business-to-consumer communication through the use of text messaging.

Anyword Shares Tips to Dominate Black Friday Shopping with Powerful Marketing Campaigns

As marketers look to the bulk of their annual ad budget in Q4, Anyword recommends early prep with these unique strategies for high-performing campaigns. Anyword, the data-driven artificial intelligence (AI) copywriting platform, recommends a slate of best practices for marketers as the busiest shopping time of the year approaches – Black Friday, the kickoff to a projected $1.45 trillion in holiday season consumer spending.

BizTips from SCORE: Making the most of Small Business Saturday 2022

Small Business Saturday, created by American Express, falls on the first Saturday after Thanksgiving each year. In 2010, the day that celebrates and promotes small businesses was promoted by American Express through a nationwide radio and television advertising program. Small Business Saturday (SBS) was created to help small businesses gain exposure and inspire consumers to shop within their own communities during the holiday season. Retailers reported that in 2021 SBS sales total $23 billion. It has been and is a great start to the holiday shopping season. Consider the following best practices from those that have succeeded in preparing for this focused Saturday of shopping.


Maintaining an in-house team of content creators and analysts can be incredibly resource intensive. It could be even more expensive if you are targeting traders across regions. This means you need a way to offer multilingual content, which is neither simple to accomplish nor easy in terms of compliance. Fortunately, there is a simple way to minimise costs while implementing all the above. The answer lies in automation of content creation and distribution. Here’s how.

Machine Learning-based digital marketing tools to streamline ops

As the online market is flooded with competitors and user engagement requiring real-time content, fast computing in digital marketing has become crucial. Here is a list of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence-backed tools that help automate time-consuming manual tasks of marketing.