How to Advertise in Newsletters: A Beginner’s Guide

Looking for a powerful way to market your product or service? Consider advertising in newsletters. Here's what you need to know to get started.

Google Analytics Guide: 35 Key Metrics and Features

The first thing is to create an account and configure it for your website. Then I will explain how the Google Analytics interface (the buttons) is used so that you know how to move and navigate through it. Before starting in the 4 main areas of the tools, I will also explain what are the basic metrics that you will see later in all the reports mean. Are you ready? Let’s go there!:

How Internet Marketing Can Help Businesses Make More Money?

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, internet or digital marketing matters now more than ever. Brick and mortar stores are closed and people are purchasing all their stuff online. Here are all the internet marketing techniques that will dramatically increase your revenue.

What are Marketing Strategists? What do they do?

Overall, marketing strategists are required by every type of business that wants to survive on the market. Whether you have a small business or a large corporation, the bottom line is that you need to sell a product in order to stay alive and successful. By utilizing any of the techniques that marketing professionals use, you will find that it will make things much easier for you as well as your customer base.

Digital Marketing Campaign Performance: 5 Signs You Need a Refresh

Knowing when you need to change up your digital marketing campaign or just give it more time to meet your performance goals isn’t an easy decision. Sometimes your campaign just needs a few tweaks, other times you need to rethink every element of your digital marketing campaign. Moving too quickly to implement a change might kill your market performance since it can take 6 – 12 months to start seeing an improvement in your ROI. Wait too long to make a change and your business might fail. What’s a company to do? Let’s start with an understanding of why you need a digital marketing strategy.

Boost Your Email Engagement in 15 Minutes or Less

Even if you are completely new to email marketing, you stand a good chance of growing your brand if you keep analyzing your campaigns’ performance and encourage feedback. In a nutshell, that’s all there is to success.However, the trick is in getting people to actually open your emails, which is a bigger challenge than the quality of the actual offer and the content of your messages, believe it or not.

Growing Your Best Retail Store Email List

The quality of a retail store email list has never been more important for small businesses and nonprofits. Whether starting from scratch or looking for ways to boost your audience, continuing to grow your list of prospects should remain a top priority.

Four Ways To Skyrocket The Growth Of Your Personal Brand

If you’re interested in creating a personal brand to advance your career, stick around. Today, my goal is to show you several steps you can take to grow your personal brand and put yourself in a more advantageous spot as a professional.Let’s get started!

Building a marketing strategy in the telecom sector

For telecommunication service providers to succeed in this fast-growing industry, it is essential to develop a marketing strategy that enables organizations to build long-term relationships with their customers. The telecommunications industry, like many other industries, is constantly changing. These changes include technological advances, market innovations, adjustments in consumer behavior and more. Telecommunications companies that listen to the market and are not stuck in their old ways are the most successful enterprises.

A Beginner's Guide to Internet Marketing

What is Internet Marketing? Internet marketing is one of the best tools to get your product or service noticed by prospective customers over the World Wide Web. The basic purpose of Internet marketing is to promote businesses through creating a positive long-term impact on customers while also reaching the right audience at the right time. One can use social media platforms for this purpose along with the traditional marketing techniques like search engine optimization, Pay per Click etc.

Five Digital marketing trends every business leader needs to know

As we make our way to the second half of the year, I have put together a forecast for you on what will be the biggest shifts making waves throughout online channels that your business is likely to cross in the coming months.


Business owners have only one thing on their mind, driving clients to their website. No matter the industry, the more clicks you receive, the traffic you will drive to your website. With several strategies available online, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the most crucial component in building a strong online presence and increasing your website visibility on search engines. In this digital world, must use different and unique tactics that can increase traffic and generate more leads for your business. For instance, an excellent web hosting provider can help you achieve your marketing efforts from security to user experience. Hosting Foundry compares and reviews some of the best hosting providers that can work for you.

Understanding a digital marketing audit, step-by-step: part 3

Ideally, before kicking off with a strategy,which should actually be a strategic/tactical plan - since strategies are often just pretty pictures and nice bi-lines.The idea is to stress-test and audit this piece of work independently,especially if you’re an organisation that struggles with change - meaning your strategy needs to guide for a set one to five years.

Patient email retargeting strategies ‘the most underused marketing tactic’

Use email retargeting strategies as a marketing method to reengage previous patients or convince prospective patients to make their first appointment.

What You Should Know About Email Marketing

Email marketing can do more for your business than many people realize. There has been an assumption that email marketing is behind the times, but it isn’t owing to something called CRM. CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. Essentially, especially with large lists of leads, CRM assures you don’t repeat yourself.

How to Use The Inverted Pyramid for SEO Copywriting

The Inverted Pyramid is used in journalism to hook readers and create more engaging articles. Learn how to use it in SEO copywriting.

How Will IOS14 Affect Facebook Ads In 2021? A Guide For Product Businesses

“There are still many unknowns as to the full extent to which these changes will impact advertising in the long term.” says Carly, which is why businesses need to look at steps to take to stay ahead of any dramatic changes.

How to Commit Your Brand to Customer Success

Today, we will go over several ways to improve your profitability and brand reputation by committing to customer success.

9 essential e-commerce WordPress plugins

Watch your online business grow with these e-commerce WordPress plugins.


No marketer can avoid analyzing marketing metrics. With today’s martech and marketing innovations, marketers have access to various kinds of metrics and analytics to have a deeper understanding of their marketing performance. But when you start diving more deeply into identifying the primary digital marketing metrics that should be top of mind, all the time: there again exists a different set of priority metrics based on every marketing team’s specific goals, future plans and core business strategy. While there will always exist a big list of base level marketing metrics that should never be ignored, here are a few that should be given importance to measure overall efficacy and digital marketing performance.