Top 10 best Email Marketing Metrics

Among today’s best marketing strategies is email marketing. Nevertheless, to ace the final field of success, best practices need to be followed. You should use your time to create campaigns, fix mistakes that rookies make, and optimize emails for better engagement if you are willing to donate your time to practice for good.

How to Create Effective Advertising for Your Music Album

In the modern digital era, musicians frequently play several roles. Even though creating and composing music represents the most crucial work, spreading the word about your songs requires a marketing approach. Given the vast amount of new songs that are frequently published, how your music is promoted may determine how well it connects with the public. Your problem as an artist is to release your often intensely emotional and personal compositions onto the public in a calculated, deliberate way. These tactics can assist you in getting started whether you are already promoting your music individually or are shortly going to create a new album and will make you become a singer yourself.

Seven Reasons Why E-mail Marketing Is Essential For Business Growth

Personalized Content, Increase brand Awareness, New product Alerts, Abandoned cart Reminders, Promotions and Deals, Reach consumers on multiple Devices, Increase website Traffic, Help your business Grow

Content Marketing in a World of Creators

An audience of content-consuming subscribers can grow an ecommerce business. But in a world of content creators, engaging that audience is increasingly competitive. Sales channels for online merchants typically include Google Ads, search engine optimization, email, and social media. Each relies on putting a message in front of prospects.

Handy Tips For Ecommerce Success

If you’re an e-commerce store owner, you know the challenges of running an online business. There are so many moving parts to keep track of that it can often feel like your business is constantly in flux. In order to avoid feeling overwhelmed by all the different responsibilities that need to be taken care of, here are a few tips for keeping your e-commerce store successful:

Digital marketing leads small businesses to transformational growth

Online Marketing. The SMBs lifesaver

Targeting and transparency: Marketing privacy-forward advertising

As the third-party cookie slowly crumbles, it presents an opportunity for marketers to demand greater accountability. Doug Stevenson explores new solutions for today’s marketers and how they can optimize their performance.

Bright Brain wins MENTORIA Digital Marketing mandate

The firm will ensure that Mentoria’s customer acquisitions increase through content marketing, on-page, off-page SEO as well as full funnel advertising campaigns.

Offline Marketing v/s Online Marketing in Today's Biz Scenario

The sale conversation rate in online marketing is up by a whopping 77.5 times compared to that in offline channels. On the other side, though the traditional media like TV, radio, billboards, flyers, events, etc., are a cash-intensive affair, they have their own set of benefits like brand awareness, mass reach, brand recall, etc. Here is how both online and offline marketing is unique in their ways.

Social media is evolving quickly, and your business needs to also

Social media professionals need to keep pace with all the various new trends and features across multiple networks. It seems like every day there is a new trend or feature introduced in cyberspace.

16 Places To Create A Free Brand Logo

Creating a logo is a vital step toward branding a business. Whether you’re looking for inspiration or just starting out, these websites have great tools to create logos.

Identifying The Right Marketing Channel For Your Campaign

Your marketing campaign should have a clear idea of what channels it will establish. Marketing channels are the medium through which you reach your audience. They help to drive traffic to your website and define the content to increase sales and exposure. The choice of channel affects not just your message, but also the livelihood of the brand. If you think about it, every marketing campaign has one goal: to target customers to get more interested customers.

Knorex Recognized for Digital Marketing Innovation in 2022 MarTech Breakthrough Awards Program

Knorex XPO features a complete suite of capabilities for marketers to fully self-operate, build ads, launch, optimize and measure campaigns across various marketing channels all within a single unified platform to simplify global, real-time personalized online marketing.

How to Launch a Small Business in Today’s Economic Climate

The current economic climate poses obvious challenges for any business, and especially for new small businesses. The country entered a technical recession with two consecutive quarters of shrinking GDP, and more than 80 percent of small business owners anticipate a recision. This is in the midst of 40-year high inflation rates that are impacting business. Small business owners have always been ones to meet a challenge face-on and rise to the occasion. After all, no one would successfully start a business if they gave up at the first obstacle. Some 600,000 entrepreneurs start a business each year, and there’s no indication that this year will be different despite the challenges. If you intend to start a small business this year, these details shouldn’t dissuade you. They simply mean that you need to be extra judicious with your decisions. Here’s how to launch a small business in today’s economic climate.

5 Marketing Tactics for Winning New Business

Marketing is the backbone of any business, small or large. According to Wordstream, the global digital advertising market will be worth approximately $786.2 billion by 2026. While traditional marketing strategies are still popular, digital advertising has taken center stage because it's cheap and has a better return on investment (ROI). If you’re a student entrepreneur, you’re probably looking for affordable marketing tactics that will help your business grow fast. Here are five marketing tactics for winning new business.

Eight Business Leaders Share How They Best Reach Their Target Audiences

Now that websites and social media have become vital for businesses, leaders must develop an effective strategy for engaging their audiences on these platforms.

Jeeng’s New Ad Renderer Lets Publishers Run Native Email Ad Campaigns through GAM & Deliver Flawless Native Styling in Half the Time

Jeeng, the only multi-channel messaging and monetization platform built exclusively for publishers, today announced the launch of its new Jeeng Renderer, the first automated native ad renderer that lets ad ops teams run native email campaigns through their existing GAM (Google Ad Manager) account with a seamless workflow that saves time, reduces errors and delivers superior results.

Thought Leadership Content: What It Is And How To Use It

Thought leadership content can help you earn customer loyalty by sharing your brand's earned insights and secrets.

What trends to follow to improve your brand loyalty

According to 3Cinteractive, 64% of brands have noticed an increase in consumer loyalty memberships, demonstrating prospects are looking for brands they can a trust in a world where they are dominated by ads. With that in mind, we’re sharing the biggest customer loyalty marketing trends and how you can breach the gap between brand and audience.

Klaviyo and Shopify Announce Strategic Partnership

As part of the partnership, Klaviyo will now serve as the recommended email solution partner for Shopify Plus, a plan for merchants with higher-volume sales that offers additional functionality, scalability and support from Shopify’s base-level offering. In addition, Klaviyo will receive early access to new Shopify development features, helping Klaviyo and Shopify accelerate critical new technologies designed to help merchants navigate recent shifts in online marketing. As Klaviyo is already a top solution in the Shopify App Store, this partnership will further strengthen opportunities for merchants to deepen customer relationships amidst a dynamic marketing environment.