Omnichannel Marketing: Top 5 Winning Strategies Every Mobile Marketer Can Use

Here’s a quick look at some of the benefits of omnichannel marketing.

5 Marketing Ideas to Go From a Procrastinator to Productive

Here’s the list of the strategies that will be helping you in your marketing campaigns.

C-Suite, It’s Time To Make Customer Experience And Engagement A Top Priority

With physical stores shuttering and e-commerce sales surging as a result of the pandemic, this digital differentiator challenge must now be a top priority for the C-suite.

Calix Sets the Stage for Omnichannel Marketing With Mailchimp Integration, the First of Many Integrations That Will Radically Simplify Campaign Execution Through Intelligent Automation

Today’s announcement marks the first of many integrations with marketing technologies that bring sophistication to broadband businesses of all sizes”

E-commerce Marketing Strategies: Tactics for More Sales

Once you create your online store, you have to decide the measures to promote your brand for your target market. But before creating a marketing strategy to increase sales. It is essential to determine the e-commerce marketing channels to get more qualified leads to your online store.

8 Email Marketing Tips to Boost Your B2B Sales in 2021

Among the many marketing strategies, email marketing is the easiest, most effective method to implement. Not only is it rewarding for B2C businesses, but B2B companies can also take advantage of it. When done right, it can get you to the right market and help you generate more sales.

Unified Commerce: The Key To Winning The Race Against Customer Expectations

Unified commerce can enable the speed of change required for retailers to win the race against rapidly changing customer expectations.

How to Integrate the Social Media Strategy of Your Small Business With An Omnichannel Approach

If you want to provide a better customer experience, you’ve got to make social media a crucial part of your omnichannel marketing strategy. Seamless integration between different channels is better for both your customers as well as your businesses.

4 Reasons Why the Call Center Should Be Omnichannel

The customer journey is omnichannel, and customers expect and demand an exceptional experience through every channel they interact with, so why should the call center be any different? This article will look at the characteristics of a call center that is omnichannel, and will discuss why that should always be the case.

TECH TALK WITH MIKE: Four most effective ways to grow your email list

It is estimated that there are more than three billion email users globally, and this figure is bound to grow past four billion by the end of 2023. This is a clear indication that you shouldn’t miss out on this form of marketing. If you have just started marketing via email and are finding it challenging to build your subscriber list, several resourceful tactics can come handy.

Digital Marketing and Omnichannel Maturity

Consumer behaviors have changed drastically this past year. The pandemic has altered how consumers shop, research for new products and engage with brands. As a result, brands have also had to pivot to meet consumers’ changing expectations and shopping patterns.

GUEST COMMENT Creating a strategy for customer engagement for retail in 2021

The key to a successful strategy for customer engagement for retail is to cater to your customers’ needs. The needs that have been identified so far include being supportive and empathetic to your customers, being where your customers are by adopting an omnichannel approach, and being agile. However, keep in mind that if your end-goal is engaging customers in retail, it isn’t about incorporating these tips and ideas but about practicing them regularly.