What’s Your Plan for Measuring Marketing Outcomes?

Once it defines the objectives of its business or marketing campaign, an ecommerce company should decide how to measure outcomes.

How to Make Your Marketing Emails More Effective

Avoid the dreaded delete button. Here are creative strategies for engaging subscribers with your brand.

Google Launches Smart Campaigns Features To Aid SMBs

Google now will allow companies to run Smart campaigns advertising directly from the app, making the process to create advertisements faster and easier.

New Open-Source App Facilitates Email Marketing Campaigns

SendPortal, an email marketing app that helps users manage campaigns, subscriber lists and message tracking, is now being offered, according to a Laravel News blog post.

LinkedIn: New retargeting options expand your marketing efforts

MARKETING) LinkedIn announces new features for targeted advertising across more sites.

Text Happy: SMS Is Now A Close No. 2 To Email, Study Shows

46% of consumers prefer receiving brand messages via email on thier mobile devices. Text is chosen by 41%.

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Content marketing has seen an unprecedented rise in the last decade.

Top 8 Channels to Target for Mobile App Acquisitions [2020]

As per the recent data, the average app user acquisition cost in the Asia Pacific and North America region is 85.95 and 122.22 U.S. dollars respectively.

Smart Marketers Leverage Instant Messages and Get Big Pay-Offs

email continues to be one of the most effective marketing channels, especially when you use the best email marketing tools.