How to Navigate Digital Marketing

There’s no doubt digital marketing is the marketing method of the future. But companies must realize that digital marketing embodies many different methods and there are numerous ways to develop your approach. Digital marketing companies help companies who might not be familiar with the various ins and outs of digital marketing create a complete marketing strategy that accounts for their target audience. This article discusses the various aspects of navigating digital marketing to ensure your company takes full advantage of the benefits it can provide. Continue reading to learn more about how your company can navigate the ever-expanding world of digital marketing.

B2B marketing ROI: 5 questions St. Louis businesses should ask

How are you defining returns?, What channel are you trying to calculate ROI for?, What are you being asked to do with this ROI?, What is a good B2B marketing ROI?, Are you being realistic about what the numbers can tell you?

How The Increase In Consumer Privacy Is Causing A Shift In Investment

Businesses are now committing to investing more in earned and owned marketing channels and Providing better personalized experiences.

How to Start a High-Converting Email Marketing Series for Your Startup

One of the biggest challenges every startup faces is to build a loyal and engaged audience. Email marketing series can help with that. Despite the multitude of marketing channels out there – from social media to Google Ads – email is still one of the most effective avenues to pursue. If done right. This article will walk you through the basics of creating an email marketing series for your startup: what it is, why it works, and how to go about it. Ready? Let’s get started.

15 Top Digital Marketing Tools & Why We Love Them

Looking for new tools to help improve your digital marketing strategy? Check out these popular options and see why they're trending.

6 Email Deliverability Best Practices You Need to Supercharge Campaigns

The 6 best practices for email deliverability that land you in inboxes: Use double opt-in signups, Build your email list organically, Clean your email list regularly, Check your sender score, Test your emails before you send them, Segment and personalize.

Email Analytics: The Top 6 Metrics You Need to Start Tracking Today

Data is a savvy marketer’s best friend. But email analytics is where you really make the difference. There’s no point in generating a lot of data, creating pretty graphs and charts, and then discarding all that valuable information. You need to get actionable insight from your data. To do that, you need to be gathering the right data and working out how to best use that data. Here’s a quick guide to tracking and optimizing the right metrics to ensure the success of your email marketing strategy.

How Marketers Can Prepare for the Removal of Third-Party Cookies

The removal of third-party cookies will force marketers to revisit their advertising strategies.

Amazon Marketing: Allocate Your Budget, Maximize ROI

Budget Planning in the Early Stages, Businesses in the Middle Stage - At this stage, your business transforms and gets brand identity. Now it’s time to drive more traffic and work on long-term strategies, For Developed Businesses - At this stage, businesses need to loop all the marketing activities into the system. I’m a believer in cross-channel marketing where you can attract customers at any stage of the journey. Businesses at this stage can decrease their marketing budget to 6-10% of the total revenue.

4 Steps to Elevate Your Marketing and Reel in Results

Marketing evolved at an unprecedented speed during the pandemic. Technology created a massive digital transformation. Messaging shifted to emphasize authenticity and human connection. Yet by focusing on what’s most important to connect with customers and improve their experience, we create better results. These cost-effective strategies will help lift your marketing:

Soft Bounce vs. Hard Bounce Email: What’s the Difference?

Soft and hard bounce emails can hurt your email marketing campaigns. Read this guide to learn the difference between them and how you can prevent them. Email hard bounces are a threat to your email marketing campaigns. They hurt your email deliverability, wreck your sender reputation, cause you to be blacklisted -- and they keep you from reaching your customers.It’s a plague you absolutely must avoid. Industry standards dictate that a 2% hard email bounce rate is acceptable. I don’t know what your bounce rates are or if you’re even tracking them, but if you get anything over 2%, you need to look closely at your email campaigns and come up with a fix to decrease that number.

Which Growth Metrics Actually Matter for Startups?

The correct answer to this question largely depends on who you're asking, the startup's vertical and maturity and a plethora of other variables.

Leader Insights , Thought Email Marketing Was Dead? Think Again

DIGIT caught up with Jude Duncan, Email Marketing Manager at schuh to discuss the power of email marketing and why it’s far from dead and buried.

The Best Tech Tools for Small Business in 2022

Every small business owner sometimes feels like they don’t have enough hours in their day. In fact, according to a recent survey, most small business owners spend up to 68% of their time on marketing, administrative tasks, and managing operations…instead of strategic planning that would help their business grow. Thankfully, some of the best tech tools for small businesses have rushed in to answer this need!

Best digital marketing agencies: a future for winning marketing

The world has become the hub of the latest marketing that is named the best digital marketing. To beat the competitive arena of digital marketing, digital marketing agencies area unit best steerage for your strategy. Whenever or where you wish to facilitate digital marketing, agencies place the method forward for you and cause you to be able to reach your goals.

Learn How to A/B Test Your Emails to Boost Conversions

A/B testing should be a key part of any digital marketer’s toolbox. If you want to find out which parts of your emails are driving clicks, and what might be driving customers away, then you need to A/B test your emails. The more you test, the better data you’ll get, the easier it will be to create content that serves an audience.

The Essential Guide to B2B Email Marketing

Top 7 B2B email marketing strategies to try

The best way to generate leads using email newsletter advertising

E-mail newsletter advertising is one of the most underutilized strategies in marketing and lead generation. Not only does it offer a streamlined channel to reach new audiences, but it also allows brands to connect with readers in a high-attention environment. In today’s marketing landscape, newsletter advertising is essential to standing out from the competition. However, before you dive in, you’ll need to know the basics of what it entails.

15 Tools for Link Building

Link building is an essential part of search engine optimization. To earn backlinks, you need to connect with influencers and websites in your niche to establish your content and business as a trusted source. The link prospecting and outreach process can seem overwhelming, but there are plenty of tools to help. Link prospecting tools are available for discovering influencers and developing valuable relationships. Some backlink tools will check your competitors’ links for opportunities you’re missing, analyze the quality of your inbound links, and help you remove links that are harming your search ranking. Here is a list of tools for link building.

My Favorite Ecommerce KPIs

I’ve worked in ecommerce since 2006, managing small and large B2C and B2B companies in various industries. I’ve relied on key performance indicators in my journey to keep those businesses on track. What follows are the KPIs I use in my current role overseeing ecommerce for a U.S.-based lighting retailer.