A Guide on How and Where to Buy Wholesale Products to sell on Amazon

Amazon Marketing Service (AMS) is a service that allows sellers to run their business on the platform by providing them with access to thousands of products in one place with free shipping benefits. It also allows them to create their own branded store pages and increase sales through email marketing campaigns using Email Autoresponder tools offered by AMS. Amazon is an excellent platform for selling your products. It is among the best spots to sell your products as it provides a wide range of customers from around the globe. However, you need to research before listing your products on Amazon because many other sellers also have an account on this platform. This guide will help you find out how to buy wholesale on Amazon.

Solving a startup financial quandary: Five ways to encourage repeat business


ProTexting adds Additional Users for All Text Message Marketing Accounts

ProTexting is releasing a new feature for clients who want to add additional users to their SMS marketing campaigns. The “Additional Users” option makes it simple to provide permissions to new team members who can access the system and manage texting campaigns.

What is a marketing automation tool?

Marketing automation tools can improve the performance of your online marketing efforts. A marketing automation tool is the software you can use to streamline your marketing by replacing manual tasks with automated workflows. Marketing automation tools are included in many online marketing services(opens in new tab), such as website analysis tools and email marketing services(opens in new tab) like Omnisend(opens in new tab). In this guide, we’ll look at the benefits of marketing automation software and how to find the right software for your business.

Why Everyone In Your Business Wins With SEO

SEO can only help (not hinder) your company's growth. Discover how SEO can collaborate with other channels beyond driving traffic. Because you operate a business, you call the shots. This decision-making applies to the clients you work with. If one of the parties does not hold up their end of the deal, it is time to evaluate other options. Always show the client respect and fulfill your end of the deal. You should also seek to understand the client before communicating with them.

10 e-commerce marketing strategies for your business

Marketers have myriad tools in their belts -- from SEO to influencers to technology and tools. These strategies can improve anyone's e-commerce marketing plan.

Things you never knew about marketing technology

Marketing technology is going through a major evolution. In order to succeed in today's fast paced digital world, brands need to adopt new technologies and strategies at a rapid pace. To help you stay on top of the latest trends, we've rounded up five shocking facts about marketing technology that might surprise you. All these points are essential to remember when you’re building a marketing strategy. The world is changing fast, and the best way to stay ahead is by listening carefully to customers and giving them what they want.

Permission-based Marketing: Top Factors to Keep in Mind

The marketing landscape is evolving at a breakneck pace. And one has to keep abreast of these changes and adapt to them so as to not get crushed by the cutthroat competition outside. Consumers are getting wiser and well-informed. You can no longer softsoap them into buying your product or service just like that. Recent surveys and studies done on consumer behavior indicated that they want to be engaged and interacted with and support the company’s cause. So, it is more important to listen to what your target audience has to say. As consumers have become highly selective in their choices concerning services, products, and experiences, you must moot and adopt permission-based marketing.

Jorge Zuñiga Blanco explains how to get the most out of marketing in the holidays

Jorge Zuñiga Blanco is a leading eCommerce expert who has provided his services to growing organizations throughout the world. He has a diverse background of industries to his credit, giving him the ability to relate and contribute to business owners in a variety of markets. He has more than 20 years in the eCommerce industry and, for the past nine, has dedicated his expertise and knowledge to helping executives and managers develop their businesses.

Email marketing is an important part of any online marketing campaign

An email marketing tool(opens in new tab) is software used to design, schedule, and automate marketing via email. Email marketing services such as Omnisend(opens in new tab) can be used to drive sales through email newsletters, abandoned cart recovery, and automatic emails triggered by customer behavior. In this guide, we’ll answer the top questions about email marketing services to help you decide the best email marketing software for your needs.

Robert Afsari Discusses B2B Marketing Strategies For 2023

Robert Afsari is the founder of Campaign Creators, a web design and SEO company that specializes in B2B marketing strategies. In the following article, Robert Afsari explains how utilizing these strategies promises an optimized sales funnel heading into 2023.

Mahtco Announces the Beta Launch of Its New Creative Platform, Qalori

Announcing the beta launch of a new creator marketing platform, Mahtco offers a way to build professional websites, manage email marketing, and automate processes with the release of Qalori.

8 Creative Real Estate Marketing Ideas And Examples

As more and more buyers turn online to buy properties, adapt your marketing strategy accordingly with these 8 creative ideas. It’s worth remembering that high-quality lead generation begins with effective marketing. So, in this article, we will discuss eight practical real estate marketing strategies, along with examples to help you generate more leads and foster sustainable business growth.

7 Cost-Effective Ideas To Grow Your Business

Offer Discounts for Favorite Products, Offer Vouchers, Start a Flash Sale, List Your Business on Google My Business, Build a Website, Create a Mailing List, Join Local Events

Using E-Commerce Solutions to Incentivize Customers to Shop In-Store

Thinking outside of the box by getting creative to entice customers will be essential for retail success in 2023. Overall costs have ballooned for consumers — and this can get even worse in the winter as utilities such as heating increase in use and cost. Consumers are preparing to pay more across the board. As a result, retailers must ensure they're imaginative enough to make them want to retain loyalty and keep shopping with them.

Zeta Marketing Platform Sets Record With 67% YoY Usage Growth of Omnichannel Digital Marketing

At a time when enterprise retail brands and consumers are uncertain about the economy, Zeta’s record-setting activity levels prove how the efficiency of its marketing platform supports how brands engage and convert high-value audiences across all digital channels

Q&A: Anup Khera, VP & GM, International, Attentive

Attentive is the leader in conversational commerce. They help brands reinvent the way they manage their business-to-consumer communication through the use of text messaging.

Performance Marketing: What Is It and Why You Need One?

With the trend of the world becoming digital, business owners also need to change their approach to get more customers. Performance marketing is genuine and one of the best digital marketing strategies you should definitely go for. It helps to boost traffic, generate leads, and increase sales as well. This will yield worthy results for your efforts and investment.

Four Tips For Making Your Business Website More Useful

When it comes to your business, you shouldn’t neglect your website. Your website will be far more useful to you than you think. Even if your running a business that doesn’t do transactions online (such as a café), you’re still not going to want to neglect this. Having a good website is the bridge that helps visitors become customers. And, it’s great for enhancing customer service too. So, here is everything you need to know about making a helpful website!

Anyword Shares Tips to Dominate Black Friday Shopping with Powerful Marketing Campaigns

As marketers look to the bulk of their annual ad budget in Q4, Anyword recommends early prep with these unique strategies for high-performing campaigns. Anyword, the data-driven artificial intelligence (AI) copywriting platform, recommends a slate of best practices for marketers as the busiest shopping time of the year approaches – Black Friday, the kickoff to a projected $1.45 trillion in holiday season consumer spending.