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What Is Acquisition Email Marketing in 2023?

Email, after all, remains a trusted channel for consumers. And, especially now with brand spend budgets stretched thin, acquisition email marketing deserves a second chance.

Seven benefits of including e-mail in your digital marketing strategy

In today's digital age, e-mail marketing remains a staple for businesses seeking to connect with their audiences, promote products or services and foster customer relationships. While e-mail has been around since 1971, it is anything but outdated, as it remains effective and continues to adapt to trends.

9 Digital Marketing Trends & Strategies for 2024

Here are some tips to help you jump start your strategy to increase your conversion rate and drive business through doors.

Labnify Slashes $1000s on Emails that Don't Deliver into Inbox

Labnify helps you eliminate the hassle and risk of setting up a poorly configured SMTP server by providing a ready pre-warmed SMTP and Mailer for your business with its rich user-friendly interface, drag-and-drop campaign builder, and unique API. Send transactional and marketing emails, leverage high inboxing rate without burning venture money.

Making The Most Of Your E-mail Marketing

Here are tips and strategies for creating a successful email marketing campaign for your small business.

5 Ways To Elevate Your Lead Generation Strategy

I’ll cover some tried and tested strategies to ensure your sales pipeline remains robust and consistently leads to closed deals. Consider them generic? Think again: In times of market uncertainty they sparkled with new shades of effectiveness for my agency. So bear with me while I’ll share these seemingly obvious tips.

HMC CDO’s 10 Practices to Address Digital Marketing Challenges

HSMAI hosted a Chief Digital Officers from hotel management companies during a recent Executive Roundtable. Drawing insights from these industry leaders, this article highlights ten best practices that can help organizations effectively navigate these challenges.

Can't Find an Email? Google Bard Can Now Search Through Your Messages

The latest update to Google's ChatGPT competitor turns it into a search engine for your personal Gmail, Docs, and Drive. It's 'a fundamentally new capability,' Google says.

Nuts and Bolts of Awesome Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing is a time-tested approach to promoting a brand. In fact, 81% of small businesses make use of emails as their primary customer acquisition channel.

Top 5 Best Email Verification Tools

In this article, we’ll explore the core importance of email verification tools and the top 5 best free email verification tools!

Constant Contact E-mail Marketing Review And Pricing

Constant Contact is the best email marketing software for small businesses because it includes all of the essentials for an effective small business email campaign at an affordable price.

How to safelist an email address in Gmail

Tired of important emails going to spam? Learn how to safelist email addresses in Gmail!

Lite14 Launches Innovative PDF Email Extractor to Ensure Seamless Communication

Lite14.us a leading technology company specializing in online communication solutions is proud to announce the launch of its latest product, PDF Email Extractor

SaneBox Review: Declutter Your Emails & Boost Productivity

Out of all the email inbox management tools we've tested, Sanebox came on top. See why in this Sanebox review!

5 Proven Marketing Strategies for Amazon Sellers

Want to boost your Amazon sales without wasting time and money? These proven Amazon marketing strategies work regardless of the size of your budget.

BBC newsletters - find the right ones for you

Stories of true global significance told with expert insight by an unrivalled network of correspondents around the world.

Dynamic Search Ads: Leveraging Automation For Targeted PPC Campaigns

Google Ads’ advertisers are always seeking simpler solutions for ad management while maintaining effectiveness. Traditional Search campaigns can be a lot to manage if the advertiser has a large inventory with very specific, niche products or services or has many items that change frequently. Building and managing a Search campaign for a basic t-shirt sale is much easier than a business with a warehouse full of machine parts with specific part numbers.

AtData Adds Engagement Score to Its SafeToSend® Email Verification and Hygiene Solution

AtData releases a robust machine-learning-based Engagement Score to identify the most engaged email addresses into its flagship SafeToSend email and verification hygiene solution.

Creators To Soon Get E-mail Of Subscribers On X Elon Musk Says They Are Not Trapped Here


Insights on the Global Cloud Email Security Tool Market to 2023 , Industry Statistics, Emerging Demands, Forecast to 2030 , Trustifi, Avanan, N-able, Fortinet

This comprehensive report offers a holistic view of the Cloud Email Security Tool market, providing systematic segmentation and covering every aspect of the target market.

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