Bi-Weekly Roundup: Latest Social Media News & Digital Media Trends

So, we’ve rounded up some of the latest social media news and digital media trends from around the web. Keep on reading to discover some of the new updates from Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

How Internet Marketing Can Help Businesses Make More Money?

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, internet or digital marketing matters now more than ever. Brick and mortar stores are closed and people are purchasing all their stuff online. Here are all the internet marketing techniques that will dramatically increase your revenue.

Top 10 Real Estate Marketing Trends of 2021

April 2021: The experts’ predictions from the end of 2020 are slowly becoming this year’s trends. Like every industry, real estate must keep up with technological progress and the consumer demands that shape it. Having a website with property listings and advertising on Google is no longer enough to compete and to remain relevant. Marketing evolved to embrace all kinds of channels and technologies that meet potential buyers wherever they are. Here are the top 20 real estate marketing trends of 2021.

How to Find a High-Converting Lead Magnet for Your Email Marketing?

Email marketing is one of the most impactful marketing tools, especially for online businesses. You can use it to attract new leads, nurture prospects, and strengthen your relationship with existing customers.

Top Five Outbound Sales Strategies To Grow Your Business

Here are some of the outbound sales strategies that have had a positive impact on the growth of our company and that of our clients.

Off-Page SEO Tactics For 2021 – How To Gain More Traffic During the Pandemic

Following are the 11 most sought-after and popular Off-page SEO tactics for generating more leads and traffic.


B2B affiliate marketing isn’t as difficult as you think.It yields amazing results but it is important to track yours so that you can make adjustments where necessary.

Why Email Marketing Is Crucial For Businesses

Email marketing is still relevant in 2021, and it will likely continue to be in the years to come. Why? Because you can monetize your list of contacts.

B2B Email Marketing & Lead Nurturing: Planning Tips

Email marketing continues to be a fantastic method for nurturing B2B marketing leads. However, it’s crucial to be thoughtful about the types of emails you send, who you are emailing, and how often you are sending content to their inbox.

Why Your Sales Team Needs to be Trained in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing should be an integral part of your marketing plan and there are specific ways of doing it. Let’s take a look at the importance of training the sales team on digital marketing.

6 effective lead generation tactics for e-commerce business

Leads are the key to successful sales.Without them,it is no sense in business.The first and the most important task for sales is finding leads and converting them into real customers.But how to do this?Dancing around a fire doesn’t help.You are lucky if are reading these words now.We prepare a list of the most effective lead generation tactics.Move further and find out how to increase the # of leads and sell them everything you want.

4 Ways to Refine Your Lead Generation Strategy for Today’s Marketing Landscape

Let’s take a deeper look into how marketers can adapt to the changing world around them by refining their lead generation strategy to optimize funnels for better lead generation in the post-pandemic era.

How to create a successful email marketing campaign?

Email marketing has been an irreplaceable tool for business. Lead generation, outreach opportunities, and turning prospects into customers are the primary reasons why companies use emails within their strategies today.

A Simplified Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing includes content marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, website development and design, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, lead generation, lead nurturing, and email marketing. To ensure your digital marketing strategy is successful, it’s important to analyze each action. This way, you will know if your efforts are reaching your intended audience and if your audience is interested in what presented.

4 Ways to Automate and Streamline Your Marketing With Advanced Tech

Whether you’re nursing a small startup or you have a booming business that’s bursting at the seams, the following solutions could provide exactly what you need at this precise moment in your company’s life:

4 Ways to Collect Valuable First-Party Data in a Cookieless World

While the changes will not impact every industry equally, there are still tactics we can start implementing to try and cushion any major effects from the channels updating their policies—the first of which being to collect more first-party data. In this post, I am going to cover just a few tactics to consider to start shifting your strategy to collecting more of this type of data on your own.

How to Improve B2C Lead Generation Services?

Today B2B lead generation is all about knowing and getting down to the specific details of a consumer’s likes and dislikes. This knowledge forms the basis of B2C lead generation services. One of the main driving factors of B2C lead generation services is a clear and concise pitching of products or service ideas so that consumers get a quick sneak peek into what they can expect.