Insurance and marketing automation: all you need to know

1. What is marketing automation? 2. Why marketing automation is useful to the insurance industry 3. Insurance and marketing automation: Some practical examples

How Text Marketing is Evolving in Today’s B2B Market

Why SMS marketing is growing, Respect consumer privacy, Get permissions first, Never spamming consumers, Lead Generation, Order management, Appointment Scheduling, Reminders and Follow-ups.

The Impact Of 2 Of The Strongest Digital Marketing Channels On Business Growth In 2022

Now that COVID has caused businesses to go online, the need for better marketing to do SEO and SMM has increased more than ever.

How To Retain Customers - Top 3 Strategies You Need to Know!

We believe that building a product or service by solely focusing on the price and quality isn't enough anymore. Understanding your customers' needs and expectations is the key to providing excellent customer service — and a chorus of customers endorsing your brand. 

Invest in These 5 Technologies to Redefine Your Marketing Efforts

Investing in technology is essential for any business that wants to stay ahead of the competition. And when it comes to marketing, using the right tools can make all the difference.

How marketing is key in consumer decision-making, simplifying choices & building trust

Guest Column: Sapna Desai, Chief Marketing Officer, ManipalCigna Health Insurance, writes people who have a good customer experience with a brand are more likely to stick

Kennected Leads Sales Enablement Lead Generation Category

Kennected's flagship product, Cloud Kennect, sits on top of LinkedIn to help automate prospecting and outreach fits the sales enablement bill to perfection. Twomey had this to say about Cloud Kennect, "It empowers sales reps to strengthen customer interactions and use sales tools. Cloud Kennect does the mundane prospecting and list building for you. This allows users to focus on building an omni-channel marketing campaign, with the data that Cloud Kennect allows users to extract. A case in point is Cloud Kennect allows users to pull email and phone numbers for users that accept your request to connect on LinkedIn, when done through the software. SMS, email marketing and more can be done via the data one can get through Cloud Kennect."

6 Ways To Quickly Generate The Best B2B Leads

A customer is the greatest asset to any business, and businesses should invest time and resources in growing their customer base. Most companies spend a great deal of time generating leads. This is important since, without an influx of business leads, any business cannot grow. Professional marketers must invest in lead generation to grow their customer base and increase sales.

5 Best B2B Lead Generation Companies In India

Obtaining a potential lead for your B2B business requires considerable effort and commendable marketing and sales skills. Even if you provide the best services, you will need the assistance of professionals to generate leads.As a result, you need to work with a specialized business to produce leads for your enterprise. Here are the top 5 B2B lead generating companies to know about if you're thinking about outsourcing your lead generation process:

Kennected’s Bulk LinkedIn Messaging Tool Continues to Get Highly Positive Reviews

This LinkedIn bulk messaging tool is capable to sending personalized messages to either new or current connections on LinkedIn. This is an effective lead generation tool because LinkedIn accounts for 80 percent of all social media leads, according to the most recent social media statistics. With the LinkedIn messaging tool from Kennected, messages can be sent to people automatically.

5 Vital Benefits of Marketing Automation for Your Business

For businesses to succeed in the modern world, keeping pace with rapid developments and completing digitizing has become essential. With the pressures of such a competitive market, businesses need to develop real strategies to increase efficiency and achieve more in less time, while also growing their audiences. As a result, automation is a critical component for brands building the multifaceted strategies required when creating a strong online presence. When used properly, marketing automation can help your business achieve great results, whether it's in simple sales processes, customer support, or even content planning on social media platforms.

4 Overlooked B2B SaaS Lead Generation Strategies to Help Scale Your Startup

Finding the right lead generation strategy is just as much about trial and error as knowledge and experience. By building brand awareness through these four overlooked SaaS lead generation strategies, you can gain a foothold in your market despite your competitor's share of the space.

6 Steps to Improve Your Email Marketing ROI

Businesses continue to bet heavily on email marketing for nurturing and converting their leads. According to a June 2020 survey by Ugam, 51% of marketers at major US and UK brands said that their email marketing spending increased, and just 16% of respondents reported a decrease. The only channels which saw higher response rates were chat features (56%) and mobile app functionality (55%).

Zentap Launches Game-Changing Marketing App for Real Estate Agents

With the ability to manage & create marketing materials in one place, to be distributed on all social platforms, Zentap, a SaaS company that empowers real estate professionals with a true all-in-one marketing solution. Has launched a mobile app making it even easier for real estate agents to build their brand and generate new prospects.

A Beginner’s Guide to Understanding and Building a PaaS Marketing Strategy

Thus, marketers must start by understanding PaaS basics and the key characteristics that will help them create a good PaaS marketing strategy.

Campaigns By Pipedrive Aims To Optimize Email Marketing

Pipedrive, a CRM revenue management platform, released Campaigns by Pipedrive, a new tool designed to provide users with a centralized place to manage their email marketing campaigns. The company aims to give customers a chance to better meet business goals and objectives across teams on the same platform.

Thought Leadership Content: What It Is And How To Use It

Thought leadership content can help you earn customer loyalty by sharing your brand's earned insights and secrets.