7 Effective Tips to Reach Out to Customers & Grow Business

We’ve found that affiliate marketing software tools can be the perfect way to help you automate your processes and get things done quicker. To help you with this, we’ve gathered some of the best affiliate marketing software tools out there right now. Don’t worry – we’ll be updating this list to ensure we are always recommending the best. Here are the tools that we think you should try:

How Privacy Protection is Changing Email Marketing

While there is a future for email marketing, hoteliers need to be aware of what is happening so that they can adjust their strategies accordingly. In fact, hotels that prepare properly can get ahead of the competition and use this as a way to get back to the core of hospitality — creating meaningful relationships with their guests.

A Guide to Creating a Confirmation Email

Unless you’re in email marketing, chances are you don’t give much thought to confirmation emails. But you should. That little automatic email some might consider a throwaway can actually be leveraged into a powerful tool to bring in more customers. Read on to learn how you can create confirmation emails that work for your business.

RFP Automation: What It Is, How it Works, and Best Practices

Automated technologies have cropped up across every vertical, including proposal management. With RFP automation, there are options and opportunities to advance the RFP response process.

Email Marketing Trends for 2021

The increase in internet traffic over the past year saw a significant increase in email open rates but a fall in click-through rates due to the sensitivity of emails with no CTAs, however, email continued to act as a source of communication and connection between brands and consumers throughout the continuous pandemic. So what are the biggest email marketing trends happening now, now that we are more than a year on from the moment the world changed forever?


This week, we are tackling the practice management topics of creating processes, your ideal number of clients and creating engaging email newsletters. Our first piece of the week takes a deep dive into creating standard operating procedures for your business. Our next piece is a video that covers why more isn’t always better. Our final piece provides tips to engage your client contact list.


Unfortunately, personal email accounts won’t cut it, trust me, you’ll need more for the volume of emails you intend on sending. This is where the power of an email service provider will come in handy.

Top tips: 5 insights into email marketing from 2020

How can email marketers extract trends from a year like 2020? Michael Trapani, Senior Director of Product Marketing, Acoustic, looks at the influence that the pandemic has had on email marketing, based on data from thousands of marketing teams.

Hey Advertisers: Here’s What Tracking Looks Like in a Post-Cookie World

The main issue on most marketers’ minds this year is data privacy, not only because of changing legislation like the CCPA, but also because of Big Tech’s changing policies — mainly Apple’s App Tracking policy, and, of course, the end of third-party cookies on Chrome. What’s more, antitrust activity against Big Tech is heating up. A Big Tech breakup resulting in an independent YouTube, Instagram or WhatsApp would change the targeting landscape entirely.

How to Create Order Confirmation Emails for Ecommerce

Alongside order placement, all the purchase-related communication has also moved online. And order confirmation emails have become a significant part of retailers’ email marketing, fulfilling several important roles: Keeping this importance in mind, marketers should create confirmations with much attention, following the best email marketing practices. Let’s see how to do it and how to use confirmation emails to drive revenue for your company.

Does Marketing to Third Party Email Data Work?

As with your email marketing efforts to your first party lists, there are a host of things to get as right and as tight as possible.

iPhones get better video calls, paid privacy protection and virtual driver’s licenses in iOS 15

Here’s what Apple previewed that most caught our eyes:

MarTech Interview With Steffen Schebesta, CEO At Sendinblue

Marketers will have to become more and more transparent with their data practices as consumer trends surrounding the collection of their personal data evolve, Steffen Schebesta, CEO at Sendinblue comments on the changes marketers will have to adapt to in the near-future:

Email Marketing After COVID-19

These are just a few tips to keep in mind as you use email to inspire your clients to return, and to revel in post-COVID optimism.

3 fantastic permanent jobs open in tech companies right now

Now is a great time to make a change. There’s something about the summer air that puts a real pep in your step, so why not really lean into it? You may have been thinking about getting a new job for a while, perhaps now is the time to go for it!

8 Shopify Tips You Need To Be Successful

Ease of access to online selling makes it difficult to separate yourself from the pack.Getting customers’attention through the noise is hard.Luckily,there are some ways to do just that,we’ll get into them here.

Benchmark Email Marketing: Using Your Campaign Data for Good

At first, benchmark email marketing can seem like it’s just for SEO experts and the high-budget marketing departments of major corporations. Not so. With a marketer-friendly email service provider, you can track your campaign performance over time and start driving more traffic with your emails.