United States: iOS 15 Implements Changes For Email Marketing To Apple Customers

Recently, Apple released its latest mobile operating system: iOS 15. This update contains major changes to privacy features that will impact email marketing to Apple product customers. Businesses should be aware of the changes and adapt their marketing efforts to fit this new iOS 15 environment.

The Future Of Email Marketing In A World Of Data Privacy

As data privacy regulations evolve, marketing communications professionals have a responsibility to adapt their marketing strategies with new best practices as they arise. While the only constant in digital marketing is change, we have yet to see the overall impact of these changes on email marketing. As professionals, we should “block and tackle” the challenges before us that come with regulations, and this is one of those challenges.

Marketing Strategy And Marketing Tactics For Lawyers

In order to succeed in the modern legal market, law firms must have a defined marketing strategy — and most attorneys know this. What many law firms fail to realize, however, is that in addition to a strategic plan, the business must determine which marketing tactics will be utilized to implement it.

Email Marketing Success Lessons from the Pandemic

Most successful uses, Pitfalls to avoid, Selecting the right system and Pulling it all together


Name a better duo than data and digital PR… we’ll wait. On a serious note, there are few things that editors and journalists love more than new research. Not only does it help you gain coverage for your campaigns, it’s a great way to position your brand as a leader in your field, however, conducting a survey can be costly. If your budget doesn’t stretch that far, there are other ways you can make use of free data, you just have to be creative.

Mid-Atlantic Recap - Campaigns: Not just for Politicians

Addis broke down for us how to create an integrated digital marketing campaign strategy, measure goals and evaluate your marketing activities to achieve results and demonstrate value.

HubSpot : 5 Email Unsubscribe Button Ideas That Could Save Subscribers

When it comes to email marketing, having users unsubscribe is a natural occurrence. By making the process as straightforward, simple as possible, you can create a better experience for your contacts and brand.

The Future Of Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation Trends to Look Out For

The Future Of Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation Trends to Look Out For

Open, Open: Crafting Email Message That’ll Entice Self Storage Audience

If you’re not using email to communicate with your self-storage prospects and existing tenants, you’re missing out on a cost-effective platform that can reach a broad audience. Consider the following to craft a message that’ll grab their attention.

Why You Should Ditch No-Reply Emails

Digital marketing is a crucial tool for conversion, but no-reply emails hurt your messages. Find out why no-reply messages are problematic and learn alternatives in this guide.

What Is Opt-in Email Marketing?

This article is for small business owners and marketers who want to build an interested, immersed email marketing subscribers list. It's common knowledge that email marketing has many benefits and is one of the best ways to grow your business. Email marketing has a higher ROI than other channels, and it's an effective way to convert subscribers to customers. But before you can engage in email marketing, you need to build your opt-in email list. Learn what this is and how to encourage subscribers to opt in to receive your emails.

L-Soft Debuts LISTSERV® Maestro 10.0: Keep on Email Tracking — The Right Way

LISTSERV Maestro 10.0, released by L-Soft today, has senders covered when it comes to the new Mail Privacy Protection (MPP) in Apple’s iOS 15. The Maestro opt-in email marketing and analytics platform, the only one based on LISTSERV®, offers the ability to turn off open-up tracking, choose from several tracking levels, including anonymous and personal with consent, benefit from email template tools and built-in permission best practices.

MIKE GINGERICH: Grow your email list using Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms is an advanced WordPress plugin designed to allow digital marketers to create flexible forms for lead capture. Forms are available in three options — Basic, Pro and Elite. All three are easy to configure and customize for your campaign and offer a wide range of features.

Three Digital Marketing Industry Challenges That May Positively Impact Email Marketing

Let’s take a look at a few big changes that could impact email marketing in 2021 and in the future — and how marketers can adapt and identify new opportunities.

Jerry Garner Wins More Listings Using RealtyJuggler Real Estate Software

They keep in continual communication throughout the year with their top 1000 clients in RealtyJuggler by sending new home listing announcements for their neighborhood the same time every month, greeting cards for holidays, friending them on Facebook, as well as sending articles about Jerry's clients that tell the story of that client, highlighting how Jerry works.