HubSpot : How Apple's iOS 15 Could Impact Email Marketers

How Email Marketers Can Navigate Apple's Open Privacy Changes

10 Reasons to Use Microsoft Dynamics 365 as Your CRM

Microsoft Dynamic 365 makes managing client relationships simple and cheap while still giving you an incredibly high level of service.

Understand the Relay Function and Master Email Marketing

Although some marketers refer to email communication as a relic of the past, it remains one of the main methods of communication for most.

How to build the best digital marketing team

No matter the size of your organisation, it’s increasingly important to have a strong digital marketing strategy. And finding the right people to create and effectively execute that strategy is key. But where to start, especially if your marketing team is a team of just a few people or even no one at all? Here is a guide to finding the right people and fitting them together so you can reach your marketing objectives with best talent leading the charge.

How Email Marketing Will Adapt To A Change In Privacy Settings

Focusing your attention and optimization efforts on more valuable performance metrics will help you enhance the value of your email program and should contribute even more to a company’s bottom line.

How Mature Is Your Marketing Automation?

Nucleus Research developed a four-stage marketing automation maturity model to help you understand how you’re currently using the technology, as well as the subsequent levels you can move towards to achieve greater return on investment and process automation.

Inbox Monster Releases Deliverability Monitoring Platform

Inbox Monster announces the release of its email deliverability monitoring platform, offering comprehensive insights into the most important email KPIs, unlimited inbox placement and creative rendering reports, and dedicated professional deliverability services.

Salesforce: 90% of marketers report the pandemic improved data strategy

“Eighty percent of marketers say customer experience is the key competitive differentiator,” the spokesperson continued. “Digital channels take precedence as 83% of marketers say their ability to meet customer expectations depends on their digital capabilities.”

How the latest iOS update impacts your digital marketing campaign

These new updates, which come as part of a wider response to the debate concerning consumer privacy rights, demonstrate the need for marketers to adapt their digital marketing strategies to keep in-line with the changes, whilst continuing to engage and resonate with target audiences.

Email Marketing’s Increasing Role as Third-Party Cookies Disappear

The depreciation of third-party cookies will require companies to make significant adjustments. Building out your email marketing program, as well as your SMS, mobile push, and browser push programs, can help you successfully make the transition into a more privacy-aware world where zero- and first-party data are king.