The Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing for Attorneys

Right now, email is one of the most popular marketing channels, and for good reason. HubSpot research says that email generates $42 for every dollar spent. If you’re not currently investing in email marketing, you might be overwhelmed and unsure of where to start. Here’s everything you need to know about email marketing for attorneys.

5 Mass Email Marketing Techniques You Need to Implement

Over the past few years, we've heard conflicting opinions about the success of mass email marketing. Many marketers believe it's an obsolete tactic and prefer social media to increase brand awareness and customer base. Is this, however, the case? Is mass email marketing a thing of the past? The short answer is no. So what lies behind its power, and how can you use mass email marketing as an effective strategy to grow your business and acquire more happy customers? Let's start by understanding what mass email marketing is and why it’s crucial.

How to decide if you need an enterprise email marketing platform

Here are some questions to ask to determine if your organization can benefit from this software adoption.

4 Often Overlooked Ways To Address Email Inboxing Challenges

With nearly 4 billion daily email users, we all know how powerful email marketing can be. But, of course, since an email marketing campaign is only as effective as the people it reaches and the actions they take, strong inboxing rates are essential. While there are technical aspects to making sure an email message gets to its intended destination, it’s important to always keep the consumer top of mind. Here are four consumer-focused tips to mitigate inboxing challenges and optimize email campaigns.

Integrate Debuts Social and Cross-Channel Insights

As part of Integrate's cross-channel activation services, Precision Social joins Precision Syndication, Precision Digital and Precision Events as new additions to the portfolio. Integrate's Demand Acceleration Platform's new cross-channel Insights experience receives data from various products. In-person and virtual events, social media, content distribution, digital advertising and in-person and virtual events data are now all integrated into the single platform for B2B marketers. Deb Wolf, chief marketing officer at Integrate, told CMSWire that Integrate’s launch of Precision Social and Cross-Channel Insights allows B2B marketers to have one platform that brings together data from social, content syndication, digital ads and in-person and virtual events.

3 tips to grow your mortgage broker business

Whenever people want to get a mortgage, they search for professionals who can streamline the process. That’s precisely when your mortgage broker business comes to the rescue. In this article, you will find tips on how to grow your business, as well as five big mistakes that you may be making in the process.

Using digital PR to earn links and rank for your target keywords

Here are the steps you'll need to take to create a winning digital outreach campaign and build links.