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How Can Companies Leverage Data To Modernize And Personalize E-mail Marketing?

Engaging with customers and subscribers is key to building long-lasting relationships and driving conversions. Personalization helps your company connect with customers, but the need for data and changes to consumer privacy policies present challenges to personalizing the customer experience. Let’s look at how you can use the data you already have to improve your company’s email marketing operation and nurture relationships with your subscribers.

Guide to Collecting Data on Customers to Use in Email Marketing

In order to build effective promotional email campaigns, you must master the art of data collection and implementation.

How to Write Proposals That Get Accepted and Don't Take Forever to Write

The three questions you must ask before creating a proposal, Key elements to include in your proposal, Putting it all together, A quick pep talk for you

How To Improve Your Healthcare Email Marketing

As a healthcare organization, it’s vital to continuously optimize and improve your healthcare email marketing strategies. As a low-cost, low-effort marketing tool, using email effectively will boost your ROI, grow your patient book, and increase referrals. By taking a more deliberate, hyper-focused approach to email marketing, healthcare organizations can grow their practice in an organic, maintainable, and consistent manner. But if you’re a small healthcare practice administrator seeking to improve your email marketing, and you don’t know the nuances that go into creating a comprehensive email marketing strategy, you risk wasting valuable time and resources. We can help with that. Informed by Gartner insights, we’ve compiled a list of the different email marketing strategies for healthcare professionals to adopt if they want to set up and improve their existing email program.

How to Use AI Marketing to Boost Business Productivity

AI marketing represents a powerful tool for businesses of any size and industry. Its basics involve using AI-based tools to understand customer behaviour, automate processes, personalise marketing campaigns and optimise content. By leveraging AI technology, organisations can collect enriched user data to gain greater insights into their audience’s wants and needs, allowing marketing teams to develop strategies that are more tailored towards their target demographic while minimising the time and resources spent on manual tasks. With Chat GPT and other AI technology hot topics right now, this article will explore how AI marketing can be used to improve every aspect of your business’s productivity.

Ten ways the public sector can improve their e-marketing

Swift Digital has worked successfully with the Australian government and public sector for over 20 years. During this time, they have worked with many departments to help them send newsletters and emails that are effective, engaging and meet key performance indicator’s (KPI’s). Kimberley Key, Swift Digital’s Production and Onboarding Manager, sat down with their design and deliverability team to bring you their top 10 design, layout and email deliverability tips for a successful government newsletter.

GUEST COMMENT Use your existing data resources for next-level email personalisation

Whether it’s providing deals that entice a sale, reminders that motivate action, or keying in on what certain users want, the existing data that any company can access can take their email game to the next level.

How Visual Content is an Essential Digital Marketing Tool

The human brain takes only 13 milliseconds to process an image, while it takes approximately 250 milliseconds to process words. It is therefore essential to use powerful visual marketing to stand out from the crowd in modern business as every second counts in the online world. Digital marketing is one of the most effective ways that a company can rise above the crowds of competitors on the internet. However, it is a competitive field, with every company recognizing the power of search engine optimization, from giant corporations to local stores and small-scale e-commerce operations. In a world where grabbing people’s attention must be instantaneous, visual content is the difference maker. Follow these tips to help you master visual content for your digital marketing strategy.

Sir Martin Sorrell: Performance Is A Lifeline For The Modern-Day Digital Ad Industry

When the economy is good, advertisers spend on branding. But that’s not the case when times are lean, Sir Martin Sorrell, executive chairman of S4 Capital, told AdExchanger. Serious economic headwinds and inflation, plus ongoing international conflicts, all impact advertising spend, and that means companies need to get choosier about their tech investments to keep growing competitively, said the former WPP CEO.

Listrak Benchmark Report Reveals What It Takes to Engage Shoppers

Listrak Inc.’s latest Cross-Channel Benchmark report was built on campaign performance across the company’s entire client base of more than 1,000 brands and retailers. The data culled totaled 112 billion email and SMS/MMS messages, compiled from Jan. 1 through Dec. 31, 2022. The results showed the importance of personalization and how text and email marketing, working in tandem, can drive Customer Lifetime Value, or CLV.

Scaling Up Your B2B Marketing Efforts: Tips and Techniques for High-Growth Firms

As a high-growth firm or one reaching toward that distinction, you are likely to be focused on expanding your client base, increasing revenue, and driving business growth. In order to achieve those goals, your marketing efforts must be aligned with your company’s overall growth strategy. However, scaling your B2B marketing efforts can be challenging, as it requires a different set of skills and tactics compared to those used in the early stages of your firm.

From generative AI to loyalty and personalization, here are 5 takeaways from eTail Palm Springs 2023

Brands were abuzz at eTail West 2023 in Palm Springs this week, talking about tech, loyalty, and integration. Here are our top five takeaways from the event.

Launch Control Revolutionizes REI SMS Engagement with New Approach

Launch Control, which is based in Tampa, FL, is revolutionizing the use of SMS engagement in real estate investment (REI) business with their new approach to software as a service (SaaS), which offers users the benefits of data-proven content and a comprehensive deal generation process. In addition, they are providing users of their SaaS system access to expert REI information and a consultative approach that takes into account their personal success.

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