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Eyeota & Proximic partner to unlock cookieless predictive audiences

The expanded partnership allows media buyers to create custom contextual Predictive Audiences using Eyeota's full taxonomy of over 1,700+ audience segments.


This Future-Looking Report Empowers Businesses and Marketers With Data-Driven Insights on Cutting-Edge Trends to Amplify Digital Marketing Results

SEO versus SEM: Mastering digital marketing strategies

When delving into the digital marketing sphere, you’ll quickly notice that SEO plays a pivotal role in boosting your site’s visibility without the need for direct payments for ads. Search engine optimisation is all about refining your website to climb higher in the natural or organic search results on platforms like Google and Bing. This involves a series of strategies aimed at enhancing your position on search engine result pages (SERPs).

BlueWhale Research Launches Digital Programmatic Display & Social Audience Solution

“With the launch of AUDIENCE, we are delighted to offer more opportunities for our clients and agency partners to enjoy the dedicated service and positive outcomes that are characteristic of BlueWhale’s offerings. Digital advertising teams are a new focus for us in our customer base and agency partnerships. Our attention to this important and complex function in marketing and broader go-to-market organizations promises to deliver tremendous value for everyone in 2024 and beyond.”

2: Orbee and Anaphora Integrate to Bring a New Blend of Creativity and Technology to Email Marketing

The integration focuses on combining exceptional and compliant creative designs that can be beautiful and engaging yet personalized and scalable

Addlly AI to Offer Digital Marketing Solutions Singapore’s Generative AI Sandbox for SMEs (GenAI Sandbox)

Addlly AI, a Gen AI-powered marketing platform, offers blog and social media tools through the GenAI Sandbox program by Enterprise Singapore and IMDA.

Programmatic Advertising: Where the future of digital marketing is headed

As per dentsu e4m Digital Advertising Report 2024, programmatic buying of digital media contributed 42% (Rs 17,088 crore) to digital media industry by 2023-end, experiencing a growth rate of 37%

Introducing Roger & James: A meeting of marketing minds

Taking their 10-year relationship to the next level, Tampa’s award-winning digital marketing agency Roger West Creative & Code and Orlando’s Digital Brew, an Emmy-winning video production company, have merged.

Constant Contact Review 2024: Features, Pros & Cons

Constant Contact is one of the oldest and most popular email marketing platforms on the market. It stands out for its beginner-friendly features, such as a large library of prebuilt email templates, an intuitive user interface (UI) and insightful analytics. It’s not the cheapest option in the market, but it is reasonably priced with plans starting at $12 per month for up to 500 contacts. Learn more about its features, capabilities and overall value with our hands-on Constant Contact review.

Top Digital Marketing Expert Predicts futures of AI Marketing SGE

Predictions of how AI will change the digital marketing strategies of businesses going forward with SGE, Business Intelligence, SEO, and AI integration.

Consumers Want Their Personalized Loyalty Offers Delivered via Email

The study found that across generations, email is the top way that consumers want to receive these kinds of offers. Sixty-five percent of baby boomers and seniors, 68% of Generation X consumers, 63% of millennials and 52% of Generation Z consumers said they prefer receiving personalized offers via email — greater shares than said the same of any other method of delivering these offers.

The Best Email Marketing Software for 2024

The top email marketing software systems we've tested give you the tools to advertise, conduct surveys, or deliver offers.

Advantages Of B2B Digital Marketing Over Traditional Marketing With BrandingExperts.com

This article will discuss why B2B digital marketing is advantageous over traditional marketing and why it is becoming rapidly crucial for businesses to make the switch

Shortwave Email Ai Features Expanded! Get Instant Summaries, Ai Autocomplete And More Now

Email Ai

A Guide to Retail Email Marketing in India

This guide delves into the transformative potential of personalization, equipping you with actionable strategies and insights tailored to the Indian retail landscape. Packed with compelling statistics, practical examples, and essential considerations, this comprehensive resource will be your compass on the journey to mastering email marketing that resonates deeply with your audience.

Accelerate Media Inc. Announces AI Addition to Digital Marketing Strategies

Accelerate Media Inc., a ground-breaking marketing agency founded in 2005 by Melissa Lord and headquartered in Winnetka, California, is announcing a significant shift in its digital marketing strategies. The agency is integrating artificial intelligence (AI) into its operations, proclaiming a new era of inventiveness and advancement in the industry.

Local search in 2024: Key trends and tactics for marketers

Location-based businesses must focus on five areas – discovery, relevancy, experience, engagement and conversions – to drive impact today.

Zextras Carbonio Community Edition: One of the Best FOSS Digital Workplace and Email Platforms for Private Communication and Collaboration

MILAN--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Zextras, a leader in developing innovative email solutions, proudly announces the launch of Carbonio Community Edition (CE), a cutting-edge, fully open-source digital workplace platform designed to enable organizations to self-host their collaboration environment for heightened privacy and control. Carbonio CE offers unparalleled privacy for businesses looking for a robust alternative to

AI Email Marketing Campaigns

Emotsy Creates Personalized Campaigns for Stronger Digital Connection

Craft your perfect email marketing campaign using Squarespace tools

Email can be a vital way to maintain and build relationships with your users. Learn how Squarespace can offer the tools you need to to make those connections

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