Facebook’s failure highlights why email reigns

How email marketers seized the chance to capitalize on the Facebook/Instagram outage.

Facebook’s outage highlights the biggest marketing priority

By not thinking of an email marketing strategy, you’re putting yourself in serious risk of not being able to communicate to your audience, access or review important data to continue your business operations. And if you still need convincing here are 5 reasons why you need to create an email list.


By collecting customer data from your e-commerce store, you have a jumping-off point for sending valuable marketing information to customers. With the growth of e-commerce, many business owners are now wondering how to grow their customer base.

4 lead generation strategies for your business

Singapore has seen tremendous growth in businesses undergoing digital transformation in the past few years. As of 2020, Singapore remained second in digital competitiveness worldwide with a whopping 98.05%, just next to the top-ranking United States. Today, digitally transforming your business is an efficient way to gain qualified leads, considering the increasing number of online shoppers in Singapore. You can tap into your target audience online, generate leads, and convert them into sales. However, generating leads is easier said than done, which is why OOm would like to share some tips. Our digital marketing agency in Singapore excels in lead generation, thanks to our team of experienced specialists who utilise data-driven strategies.

Validity Enables Marketers to Measure True Email Engagement Given iOS 15 Updates

Today Validity, the leading provider of data quality and email marketing success solutions, announced it will expand engagement analytics within its Everest platform to enable users to proactively address the latest Mail Privacy Protection (MPP) updates from Apple's new iOS 15 system.

The Benefits Of SMS Marketing For Businesses

Everyone from your children to your grandparents has a mobile phone. This makes targeting mobile phones for marketing a great way to get more clients and interact with customers. SMS is becoming increasingly popular with many businesses, so adding SMS marketing is a must if you want to keep in touch with the latest marketing trends. Here we look at the benefits of SMS marketing for businesses and how to start doing it yourself.

Why And How To Diversify Your Business' Online Presence

Naturally, as a business owner, you want to spread awareness of your brand to as many people as possible. Developing an online following — whether of viewers, readers, customers or clients — is a common tactic for doing so.

Benefits of Email Marketing for Small Businesses

People may have little understanding of what email marketing is, so they treat it as rocket science for big companies and transnational corporations. While in reality, it’s nothing like that. According to researches like this one published by Campaign Monitor, email channels satisfy the specific nature of small brands even better.

5 must-know digital marketing tips for small businesses

If we have learned anything about the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, it’s that a surprising range of things can happen virtually: gym classes, meetings, networking events. Business, it turns out, is particularly well suited for digital. Social distancing measures between February and May 2020 resulted in twice as many e-commerce sales in Canada compared to the previous year. South of the border, Americans are seeing similar trends: According to IBM’s August 2020 U.S. Retail Index, the pandemic accelerated e-commerce adoption by five years, while an October 2020 McKinsey report found that digitization of supply-chain and customer interactions and internal operations has been accelerated by at least three years.

7 Inbound Marketing Strategies for 2021 (and Beyond)

In this article, we’ll go over several top-performing inbound marketing strategies for tech companies in detail. Apart from search engine optimization (SEO) and developing landing pages, they also include focusing on content marketing and hosting virtual events. So keep reading to learn more about how implementing inbound marketing strategies can help your tech company.

Top 5 digital marketing trends of 2021

As digital marketing trends continue to evolve, businesses must adapt to stay on top of their competition. Digital marketing, also known as internet marketing, is a marketing strategy that takes place on digital channels. The goal of digital marketing is to reach customers through internet using different techniques and tools.

Running a Small Online Business? Tips for Digital Marketing You Must Know

The concern of every small business is to get more customers, sales, and grow. While some companies successfully rely on the traditional advertisement methods, today, businesses cannot ignore the impact of digital marketing on their business growth. Here are tips for digital marketing that every small business owner must know.

Marketing Automation: the Best Tools for Boosting growth

The best AI-powered marketing automation tools are the ones that make it easy for marketers to create and optimize content, increase sales, analyze data, improve marketing efforts, and get the word out about your business. Let’s take a look at some advanced artificial intelligence (AI) tools and platforms that can help your business reach its full potential.


Fall is here! And that means putting all your attention on upcoming holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas, right? Well, don’t forget Halloween along the way: 68% of adults plan to celebrate Halloween, and experts report that total consumer spending will reach $8.48 billion this year.

How to create a great e-commerce website

Due to this increase in consumer demand for e-commerce, Appetite Creative has seen a surge in interest from brands for e-commerce website design services. As website design experts, we want to share our top tips for creating an effective and valuable e-commerce website.

Post-Pandemic Marketing

Accelerated by the pandemic, people are investing more of their lives online than before.

What Exactly is Digital Marketing?

True digital marketing is a multi-faceted approach to advertising your practice, raising awareness, and engaging your target audience through informative, interesting, and diverse digital content.

5 ways grocers can prepare for the holiday catering season

In 2020, individual and small family meals were in high demand. In 2021, we’ll still see a lot of that, but most grocers also anticipate a return to larger setups, for parties of 10 or more. Here are some tips to help grocers get ready.

How The Pod Structure Can Save A Company

For reasons yet to be determined, sending an instant message or requesting a few minutes for a video call seems like claiming a major portion of your co-workers’ time. In reality, it’s probably more efficient than physically walking over to somebody’s office, but for a team used to working in the same space, communicating digitally was a major adjustment that never successfully happened. There needed to be a push, a restructuring of protocol, to get the team working as fluidly together as they used to.

Think It's Too Early to Strategize for Holiday Ecommerce Sales? Think Again.

Now is the time to ensure that your strategy is well-targeted and measurable.