How to Nurture and Engage Shoppers with SMS Marketing

A strong SMS marketing strategy is more important than ever before.

How AI Will Change Email Marketing Strategy

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the talk of the town these days, and email marketing industry is no exception.

Let’s talk: The best marketing methods for businesses

By sharing advice and tips from our experts we hope to provide you with insight and ideas to support your business’s or organisation’s growth.

Direct-To-Consumer Brands Finding New Ways To Engage With Customers

A lot changed in world in the last few months & 1 of those is marketing space for brands.

iContact Email Marketing

iContact provides a powerful self-service method for building attractive email marketing campaigns while not forgetting about either automation and workflow as well as anti-spam protocols.

Optimizing Email Marketing for Gmail’s New Promotions Tab

In this post, we’ll review everything you need to know about how to optimize email performance to increase your placement on Gmail’s new Promotions tab.

What’s Your Plan for Measuring Marketing Outcomes?

Once it defines the objectives of its business or marketing campaign, an ecommerce company should decide how to measure outcomes.

Google Launches Smart Campaigns Features To Aid SMBs

Google now will allow companies to run Smart campaigns advertising directly from the app, making the process to create advertisements faster and easier.

Google Extends Customer Match to the Display Network

GDN advertisers can now use existing Customer Match audiences or create new audiences to target their ads across all of search, display, discovery, Gmail, and YouTube!