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Google Unveils RETVec - Gmail's New Defense Against Spam and Malicious Emails

Google has revealed a new multilingual text vectorizer called RETVec (short for Resilient and Efficient Text Vectorizer) to help detect potentially harmful content such as spam and malicious emails in Gmail.

What is technical SEO?

An overview of technical SEO, how it fits into an overall SEO strategy, plus key activities, tools and skills you need to know.

Digital Marketing: A Tool For Raising Brand Awareness And A Direct Avenue For Sales Generation

Digital Marketing

Signed, Sent, Delivered: Mastering Emails

Discover email deliverability secrets and boost customer satisfaction with expert strategies.

Google Merchant Center And Manual Product Updates

Google Merchant Center (GMC) and the quality of the product data in your feed are so important to how well Shopping campaigns can do. Both getting the feed into GMC and the accuracy of the data can be limiting to companies.

Marketers’ Guide To Inboxing In 2024: Meet And Beat The New Sender Requirements

Google and Yahoo are shaking up the email marketing game, and it’s time to get in on the action. The inbox landscape is about to undergo a makeover, with new sender requirements rolling out early next year. Although the two email giants have come forward with a list of standards for bulk senders, the following three require more effort to achieve: Implement email authentication, Provide one-click unsubscribing, Keep spam rate below 0.3%.

From Craigslist Flips To Digital Dominance: The Rise Of Jen Peterson’s Asano Media

Peterson built Asano Media into a one-stop shop for all your marketing and advertising needs.

YouTube steps up roll out of Shorts ads

Marketers have reported seeing the solution on their accounts for the first time, with general availability expected in months.

Network Problems? WhatsApp Email Address Verification Coming, Will Bring Relief


AI-Powered Marketing: Navigating the Digital Frontier

One of the key benefits of AI is its ability to deliver hyper-personalization.

How Modern Technology is Rewriting the Rules of Marketing

Over the past decade, we've witnessed a whirlwind of transformative changes that have redefined the very essence of digital marketing.

Google will start deleting old accounts from this week, but you can save your email

Google is set to begin deleting inactive accounts this week under its revised inactive account policy. Users can save their accounts from deletion by simply signing in at least once every two years.

Google Search now supports discussion forum and profile page structured data

Google can show these as rich results in Google Search and Google also added new Search Console reports.

RB Digital Key Tactics: Holiday Season Marketing

The holiday season is here! This is a huge time of year for businesses and making sure to market your business during this busy shopping season is so important.

CitNOW integrated into My BMW, Mini App customer communication

CitNOW Group is partnering with the BMW Group to integrate its Workshop and CitNOW Conversations platforms with the My BMW and Mini App to allow retailers to interact with customers in new ways and improve operational efficiency.

Netsertive Expands Robust Digital Presence Automation for Multi-Location Marketers

Enhanced offerings now include Reviews Management, Local Listings Management and Social Media Content, seamlessly delivered from Netsertive’s MLX Platform

The Rise of Retail Media – Exploring its Growth

While brands have been targeting prospective customers through social media platforms for many years, the time is now ripe for leveraging retail media. Through this medium, marketers can connect with customers as they are shopping on eCommerce platforms. What exactly is retail media? How has it grown over the years? Read on to learn more about the rise of retail media and its applications for marketers.

7 tips to create PPC text ads that are trustworthy and clickworthy

Your text ads should build trust, not set off alarm bells. Use these trust signals to make PPC ads drive confidence and clicks.

Dummies guide to GenAI for digital marketing

Here's a look at the generative AI Solutions in advertising and marketing offered by big tech.

How To Boost Your Email Outreach Strategy To Close More Deals

Emails are one of the top sources that B2B decision makers rely on to make their purchase decisions. Your sales teams can generate more leads, close more deals and boost overall performance by leveraging email to connect with potential customers and nurture relationships.

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