A Guide to B2B Marketing Automation That Generates Quick Results

If you’re a B2B business, you know how much there is to manage in the marketing and sales departments: content marketing and SEO for your blog, social media management to engage with customers directly, email campaign monitoring for leads, and customer relationships. B2B marketing automation exists to help businesses streamline all of these important aspects of their business so they’re able to move leads through the sales funnel quickly. We work with many businesses to help with their automation so we’ve assembled the best practices you need to know to get started down the path of automation that leads to high-impact results for your business.

Anatomy of an email marketing strategy: from discovery to conversion

How to effectively build content into your email strategy in three steps: mapping the customer journey, collating the right content, and bringing the two together in an email programme.

Genesys Named a Leader in Conversation Automation Solutions Report

As the pioneer of the Experience as a Service® market, Genesys is focused on helping organizations scale empathy across all customer engagements. AI is an important technology that businesses might deploy to anticipate people’s needs and thereby improve their experiences. Conversation automation solutions (CAS) enable sales and marketing teams to use AI-powered virtual assistants and chatbots to automatically engage, qualify, nurture and schedule meetings with leads.

The Impact Of 2 Of The Strongest Digital Marketing Channels On Business Growth In 2022

Now that COVID has caused businesses to go online, the need for better marketing to do SEO and SMM has increased more than ever.

Dorm Room Décor and Marketing Roi: Prepare for Unexpected

There are so many competing channels, tactics and advice out there.

SME guide to B2B marketing

If you’re responsible for marketing within a small or medium-sized enterprise (SME), you will be fully aware of its importance. This handy guide will help you use the right strategies and channels to promote your business effectively.

A Scoop On Digital Marketing Services

To create a successful digital marketing campaign, comprehensive services,and useful tools must be integrated into a solid strategy. Keeping a focus on the big picture while delving into details is the hallmark of the best marketers. The following list will give you all the information you need about digital marketing tools and digital marketing services.

Kennected Leads Sales Enablement Lead Generation Category

Kennected's flagship product, Cloud Kennect, sits on top of LinkedIn to help automate prospecting and outreach fits the sales enablement bill to perfection. Twomey had this to say about Cloud Kennect, "It empowers sales reps to strengthen customer interactions and use sales tools. Cloud Kennect does the mundane prospecting and list building for you. This allows users to focus on building an omni-channel marketing campaign, with the data that Cloud Kennect allows users to extract. A case in point is Cloud Kennect allows users to pull email and phone numbers for users that accept your request to connect on LinkedIn, when done through the software. SMS, email marketing and more can be done via the data one can get through Cloud Kennect."

96% of Marketers Achieved ROI Goals with Out-of-Home Marketing Campaigns, Says New Research

OneScreen.ai, the marketplace provider for buying and selling out-of-home (OOH) advertising, today released its third research report in a series of studies, this one citing nearly all (96%) respondents are satisfied (50%) or very satisfied (46%) with the ROI of their current OOH marketing campaigns. On average, these companies have seen monthly revenue increase by more than 50%. The findings also reported 78% of companies using OOH plan to increase their OOH budget over the next 12 months. In partnership with Kickstand Communications, OneScreen.ai surveyed more than 600 marketing professionals who use digital and/or traditional OOH advertising in 46 states in the U.S. 

10 tried-and-true modern marketing strategies that always work

Some things in life that always work – tried-and-true methods that never fail. The same is true for marketing. Some strategies have been proven to be effective time and time again.

Artificial Intelligence: Its Advantages in Digital Marketing

Experts expect the volume of data gathered across these newer customer touchpoints to become unmanageably large. This will happen in the coming years as businesses continue to add more. As a result, artificial intelligence (AI) is now more critical than ever for digital marketing. The following are a few reasons AI tools and technology can access enormous amounts of inaccessible data. AI can then transform that data into useful insights that influence immediate decisions.

Digital statement delivery can be a key to successful marketing strategy

An often-overlooked area of opportunity to invest in digital transformations is in delivery of statements and notices. Statement and notices make up one of the few physical channels remaining where bankers can leverage direct communication.

The best way to survive a recession? Loyal customers. Here's how to retain them

Yotpo Loyalty allows brands to set themselves up for success with tailored rewards campaigns, VIP programs, powerful segmentation, and marketing automation integrations.

7 marketing tips to effectively explain a complex product or service

If we want to generate leads and expand our business, we must stop confusing our customers and start connecting with them. The first step is to learn how to simply and effectively explain the products and services we offer. Then we need to clearly communicate how we can help customers experience success.

Vuemobi Media Has Developed a Comprehensive Full-Service Digital Marketing Solutions Package to Help Local Businesses Increase Visibility and Growth

The digital marketer’s web design services create high-quality, functional websites one can easily view from different devices like tablets, mobile phones, and computers, among others. They help their clients capture digital customers by using professional photos and visual tours on their websites. The agency works with clients’ vision for their website but has a portfolio of designs to choose from if clients do not have a clear vision of the type of website they want. The designs offer optimal speed, performance, and search engine friendliness.

Building the Perfect Twitter Thread

A Twitter thread is a series of connected tweets, a kind of short blog post to start a discussion or provide info. Threads are among the best ways to grow a following on Twitter. For many businesses, especially those in the so-called creator economy, Twitter is an excellent way to find like-minded colleagues, expand an audience, and make sales.

Are you Making the Most of Both, your Marketing and MarTech Budget?

Here are a few marketing budget truths that can help ease this grey area for marketing leaders: Digital Marketing Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive, Working with Less, Adapting a more Stringent Marketing Measurement Strategy.

Sellzone Marketing Tool for Amazon Review

If you sell products through Amazon or an Amazon storefront, you will want to branch out from traditional SEO software and look at Amazon marketing tools, which target Amazon specifically. Among those tools, which admittedly are limited, is a new piece of Amazon marketing software, Sellzone, that promises to help increase sales, conversions, and make product research easier. In this Internet marketing tutorial, we will be reviewing Sellzone, looking at is pros and cons, and discussing its features for online store vendors.