Optimizing Your Email Marketing In 2021

Email marketing is arguably more important now than it ever was before. However, while email marketing is extremely important right now, it can also be difficult to do well. If you want to get all of the benefits of email marketing, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with all of the best practices and stay current with the latest trends.

How You Can Build an Effective Multichannel Marketing Strategy

Consistency and interactive marketing campaigns build sales.

Top 12 Most Common Content Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Google search traffic took a massive leap from a pre-pandemic average of 3.6 billion searches per day to more than 6 billion daily after March 2020. And that trend isn’t showing any signs of slowing down yet.

How to Re-Engage Your Stagnant Email List

There are several reasons why a lead list might become stagnant. Today, we hope to shed some light on some of the common causes of engagement dropoff. We will also go over some of the techniques we’ve used in the past to re-engage our subscribers.

How to build the best digital marketing team

No matter the size of your organisation, it’s increasingly important to have a strong digital marketing strategy. And finding the right people to create and effectively execute that strategy is key. But where to start, especially if your marketing team is a team of just a few people or even no one at all? Here is a guide to finding the right people and fitting them together so you can reach your marketing objectives with best talent leading the charge.

How to Create a MarTech Stack That Supports Your Growth Goals (+ Best Tools)

There’s social media, inbound marketing, and public relations. There are several people working together in each campaign. What can you do to bring it all together in a seamless way? Here’s where marketing technology can come to the rescue.

How To Get Started With Automated E-mail Marketing

Automated email marketing is the best option for sending personalized messages. Thanks to automation workflows, you can send personalized offers to customers at the relevant time, laying the groundwork for increased revenue.

Romanian Marketing Expert Robert Katai Explains how to get most out of our Content

There’s a lot of advice out there on how to grab people’s attention, but there’s one aspect of marketing that Robert Katai thinks isn’t talked about as often: maintaining their attention. The solution, he says, is a combination of content strategy and positioning.

Your Guide to Planning Holiday Marketing Campaigns

Here are some questions to consider as you start to think about your marketing plans for the upcoming holiday season.

6 Tips and Some Tricks to Grow Your Newsletter

With the rise of social media marketing, many people would think that email marketing will become obsolete. Still, contrary to what they may think, email marketing is alive and strong. Email marketing is a fantastic way to share your brand’s message, promote existing content, establish and maintain brand awareness, and many other advantages, guaranteeing you will reach at least a segment of your target market.

How to start a business blog

Discover how starting a business blog can help grow your credibility, brand awareness and profits through the connections you create with customers.

5 Proven Tips To Use Email For Marketing Your Holiday Promotions

You have created a killer holiday promotion -- now it’s time to let people know about it! Email for marketing is the perfect vehicle for your message, but, like all vehicles, you have to know how to drive it.

What are the best benefits and practices associated with the concept of email drip marketing?

An email drip campaign is the topmost quality marketing technique that will be based upon simply sending messages at a specific tempo to the concerned people at any point in time. It can include several kinds of things like daily reminders, Weekly specials, monthly updates and eagerly renewal notices to the concerned consumers in the whole process.

Inbox Monster Releases Deliverability Monitoring Platform

Inbox Monster announces the release of its email deliverability monitoring platform, offering comprehensive insights into the most important email KPIs, unlimited inbox placement and creative rendering reports, and dedicated professional deliverability services.

Don't Be Afraid to Explore the World of Deep Marketing

You may have heard about drip marketing. But, likely, you haven't heard about Deep Marketing. Drip marketing is a way to send emails to your prospects using an email autoresponder that keeps in touch with your leads through marketing automation. Deep marketing is an advanced way to do drip marketing and email marketing. It combines the personalization of sales with the scale of marketing.

Elizabeth Jimney column: Building a website that works for you

More than ever before, small businesses are now connecting with potential customers online. Having an online presence is no longer an option for small businesses. Your online presence is a combination of many things including different social media platforms, a website and email marketing software. These things all work together to accomplish the advertising goals of your business. All marketing efforts you put forth should be goal-oriented, and a website is no exception.

Syte and Movable Ink Partner to Provide Retailers With Hyper-Personalized Email Marketing Capabilities Ahead of Holiday Shopping Season

Strategic partnership enables retailers to maximize email marketing campaigns in a new way that combines hyper-personalization technology with dynamic content displays.

How to Recover Lost Sales (5 Expert Tips)

Our goal today is to go over techniques we’ve used in the past to convince visitors to come back to our website and make a purchase. We will also show you several on-site strategies you can use to persuade customers to stick around when they are thinking about leaving.