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Gmail Revolutionized Email 20 Years Ago

It was Gmail, a free service boasting 1 gigabyte of storage per account, an amount that sounds almost pedestrian in an age of one-terabyte iPhones. But it sounded like a preposterous amount of email capacity back then, enough to store about 13,500 emails before running out of space, compared to just 30 to 60 emails in the then-leading webmail services run by Yahoo and Microsoft. That translated into 250 to 500 times more email storage space.

Overwhelmed by Your Email Inbox? New Gmail AI Will Summarize Messages for You

Google's new Gemini AI tools for Gmail aim to make writing and reading emails much easier.

Gmail’s Gemini-powered summarize email feature is now ‘working’: All The Details


Google’s New Bulk Email Guidelines Incentivize Better Digital B2B Strategies

The digitization of the B2B space, from payments to marketplaces, is well-trodden ground by now.

Gemini comes to Gmail to summarize, draft emails, and more


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